In The News: More Blogging

    September 20, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

ABC News and the Washington Post have embraced blogging as a way to better connect with their online readers.

While CBS has gotten a lot of attention with their “online first” initiative for, MediaPost notes how two other major news outlets will utilize the services of dedicated and part-time bloggers to augment their online presences.

The Washington Post has devoted a considerable bit of space on its main Opinions page online to Andrew Sullivan. MediaPost cites a Washington Post editor as calling the blogging feature a “showcase” for Mr. Sullivan’s writing on Daily Dish. The article quotes the Post’s special projects editor Hal Straus:

“Our priority was to find someone who is actually making arguments, and who isn’t just collecting opinions, but coming up with them,” he said. “He’s someone who has been doing this for a long time, he does have a bit of a Washington focus, and we think he’s an interesting figure.”

Three ABC reporters have been placing blogs online. Their work covers Washington, science, and Supreme Court issues and will have a few days’ worth of posts from each reporter viewable via the ABC News web site.

The actual blogs themselves seem to be having some technical difficulties, though., the subdomain where they all reside, could not be accessed as of press time.

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