In-N-Out Discrimination Suit Alleges Unfair Hiring Practices

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In-N-Out Burger, a longtime fast-food staple on the West coast, is being accused of discrimination when it comes to their hiring practices, and they’re fighting back.

When two African-American men, both aged over 40, applied for jobs at the restaurant recently, they were both turned down despite being qualified. Now, they have filed a suit against the chain for discrimination on the basis of race and age. Out of thousands of employees, the men claim very few are either black or over the age of 40. They are seeking a change in hiring policy as well as monetary compensation for individuals who have been unfairly denied employment.

The attorney for the two men, Steve Tidrick, said the suit alleges that In-N-Out Burger has “a pervasive policy of discrimination on the basis of race, color and age” in its hiring practices and seeks to end those practices through injunctive relief. But the restaurant owners don’t agree.

Arnie Wensinger, vice president of the company, said, “We hire from our local communities and our restaurants reflect the demographics of that community. The company will aggressively defend itself against these baseless and irresponsible allegations.”

In-N-Out Discrimination Suit Alleges Unfair Hiring Practices
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  • Terry

    no blacks??? go to any fast food joint in the south! please give up the racist attitudes and stop thinking because you are black the world owes you. same goes for browns, whites, reds, and any other color you might be.

    • JMC

      So by your idiotic ideals, because in the south there are plenty of black people working in places such as this, one should turn their eye from the business who has unfair hiring practices? WTF? Are you REALLY this stupid?

  • Mel

    I & O has a corporate-wide policy & rules for their company and when that is followed it is not called discrimination. When I lived in California I usually ate at least (3) times per week on Mon. through Fri. plus a lot of times on weekends. I always appreciated the friendly service from the clean looking employees who were from different races and cultures. Thanks I & O and I miss you.

  • Jake Johanson

    In-n-out does discriminate. The will accept bad food, bad service or lazy employees.

    I love you In-n-out!!!

  • Jane

    Whites are simply trying to “reverse” this country, considering they havej just about lost the whole damn place. They are attempting to “stick together” now and get away from helping non-whites to basically take over (Mexicans/Indians/Asians). Too little too late but I don’t blame them. If I were white I would only hire white too and fuck the rest of y’all. Whites in this country are in big trouble and they know it.

  • Brown Eyed

    Once again, stick to the subject and stop pulling in others who have nothing to do with the topic other then to justify your own racism, Kent.

  • Brown Eyed

    The fact of the matter is that there are some people who will do anything to make a fast buck like in this situation but there are also people who are envious of others’ success that they try to ruin their happiness by hatred and racism. Those who call themselves TRUE AMERICANS but at the same time try to stop the progress of America are the real problem to the situation here in America today. Any body in this country who owns their own business can hire and run their business how ever they want but there will always be that risk of a lazy no good for nothing person trying to take what you worked for and playing the race card seems to work for some but that is also how we got our president and as long as it is accepted at the top it will never change.

  • Rusty

    The qualified men should have gotten the job. I’m sure they would have made better tasting food compared to some young, smelly, pimply faced kid with a couple months or years under his belt.

  • http://yahoo Jim

    The reason you only see white people at in&out is because they might be the only ones welling to work @ the place get over it I”m sure there are people of color black brown what ever where needed no white people will be working in watts or black part of Oakland dumbass!!

  • Steve

    In-N-Out will have to provide employment records in its defense. The truth/proof will be in those records. Until then, it’s all speculation whether or not they discriminate. From personal experience, I’ve never seen any black or older people working at In-N-Out.

  • http://yahoo Phil

    sounds like a coulple of ignorant ass black people from oakland, the towns a piece of shit and shouldnt even be allowed to have an in n out

  • ruben

    If they even allow this ridiculous suite, this country is in much worse shape then we thought. Telling employers they have to pay back wages because they were not hired??? Who thought that law up? I know two people that I would never hire, if I were paid. Too hard to get a job when litigation via scumbag lawyers makes a better living, to our citizens detriment.

    • http://webpronews The Misses

      Learn to spell Ruben, it’s suit not suite, law suit. o.k.

  • Beverly Cerniglia

    Hello. I have two children that work at IN n Out, plus I have a brother who is Africian American who works at a different In N Out. I myself am caucasian. My two children work with several Latino employees. This lawsuit will not even make it to court.

    • robert

      Ok well i do know for sure that in and out wont hire people over 40. I was with my dad and yes he is well over 40 and when he asked for an app. they told him that he was too old to work for them

      • Greg

        Dude hae you ever seen how fast and hard those kids work. I am 52, love In and Out and their is no way on earth I have the energy to work their for an hour.

    • Ryo

      Of course it will because these douchebags cried injustice and are playing the race card.

  • stephan

    Thats not true, come here to Dallas, Tx or area’s around here, and they have few blacks working. You will not see a black, mexican or asian mgr. at any food places. If you go to where the upper class people have an In and Out, no minority works there. And the employee’s look at you crazy if you come in there. Thats why i only went once and never will i step foot in another one.

    • D.

      Good! Then they won’t have to put up with an uneducated person. Re-read what you posted and then take a class in basic English.

  • Scorpion

    I’m Black, and even I get tired of hearing Black people whine. Why don’t these men start their own burger restaurant? Why must they always beg Whites to hire them? I hope these men lose the lawsuit. Blacks are a non-productive people who don’t manufacture anything. All they do is beg for jobs. If they created jobs they wouldn’t need to beg Whites for anything. I rarely hear of Asians filing lawsuits like this. Of course, Asians have sense enough to create their own restuarants rather than begging for a job.

    • ACIII

      First of all, you’re not black. Second, applying for a job is not considered begging–begging is begging. Third, and perhaps most important, to say that blacks are a “non-productive” people is by far the most crass statement I’ve read. I’m 28 and black, and together with my wife, I operate a small but very lucrative business. What have you done, black man/woman?

      • Melissa

        YES. High five.

        • Melissa

          To ACIII, obviously not Scorpion, who has let the media and the often bigoted public skew his views on his own race. Although maybe I shouldn’t be blaming the victim.

  • Dan

    Why dont they Just call Obama? Thats what they always say.

    • Mike

      Shut up Dan and read over your post before clicking post comment

  • joe

    i really wish they would open a resturant here in La.

  • Brybre

    Like Jack in the Box, Jessie and Al will pop up their ugly heads any time now. “Pop goes the weasel’s”.

  • ace driscoll

    The reason that In N Out is so good is they they dont hire bad folks. Whatever policy they have now works great for the customers and these 2 clowns just want an undeserved piece of the action.

  • flatbedbill

    Scorpion: If you’re black, then I’m Samoan.Any time someone starts out
    immediately qualifying their race, then they’re almost always lying. Your
    first two words of your post are “I’m black.” Second, I both know personally
    and know of several very successful black people who are quite
    productive. And lastly, NOBODY is THAT big of an “Uncle Tom” as your
    post would make you sound.
    Are you that bored you have to stir up this kind of nonsense?

  • jacob

    unfortunately, even though society in general has become more “politically/socially correct,” there is still a stong presence of discrimination; however, at the same time, there remains a large pervalance of what some believe is “owed” to them “as a people;”

    of course what most don’t know is that it is mainly caucasians that are on social security, welfare, food stamps; ironically, most social workers do tend to be minority; it’s just come to be “a social norm” that some positions will be held by minorities and others, by mostly caucasians…

    that said, you can easily find large corporate chains, whose workforce consist primarily or of caucasians, especially in managament, no matter even if the given demographic in the populace is made up of mostly minority; just observe the 4 main chicken chains, you will easily be able to see the differences in managament and workforce between them; this is NOT to say that, yes, given the population of an area, that the populace might be majorly dispraportionate…

    the same can be seen amongst our school systems STILL today; but what is expect, a “forced hours long daily commute” on chidren, just to appease social and economic “correctness?”

    is there still discrimination today? is there still hate in our society simply over color of skin or religious beliefs or sexual preference? YES! will THIS always be so here, YES! is this pushed by BOTH sides? YES! what can we all do about this? deal with, accept it, move on, and just maybe, maybe, some point make things better for our society as a whole…

    as far as these two men go, were they discriminated against? well, that might depend, whether or not the chain in general DOES have some minorities in managament? that in areas where the population is primarily made up of minorities, than those locations “should” show a reflection of that, given that most people working fast food chains, DO NOT enjoy long commutes to work, let alone have the finances or resources to reflect such a commute…

    of course in some areas, there is a “legal set of laws/system” that states that work contracts “have to be given” to so much a percentage of minority workers; should these contracts be based on merit alone? possibly; if this was to be done, would it reflect equality to all, or will there be obvious racial discrimination? perhaps someday, this will not be an issue, but until then, this will simply have to be accepted

  • mike

    shakespeare was right about the barrators,now regarding these two
    clowns and all you other bandwagon jumpers,skin color is NOT why they
    were passed on ,look i’m under fifty by 2 and those kids work their
    butts off and not all of them are white.the person who had the power to hire based their decision i trust on the basis of can you keep up the pace get it right and have a good attitude.or maybe the positions wre already filled and these two schmucks omitted…. that detail

  • Abbie

    If these companies don’t hire people who look like you, don’t give them your business. The majority of business owners and HR depts do take race, age and disability into consideration when hiring. For this reason alone, we black people need to start our own businesses. People over 50 regardless of race, start your own business, etc.

    Quite frankly, the hiring decisions aren’t even made based on a candidate’s qualification. For example, I know a woman who is working in a position for which she has no previous experience or educational background. Yet, they hired her and trained her from the bottom up. Whereas, I have both experience and education and I’m not granted even an interview. She brings this up often when I see her, but that’s when she’s not complaining about how boring she finds the work.

    I am finally wide awake and see that many of these companies are not interested in competence or talent as much as they are interested in maintaining a homogeneous environment and the racial pecking order.

    I believe most men would like nothing more than to have the workforce include only men. After all, a woman hired has taken a position that could have gone to a man. I believe most white people would like nothing more than to have a workforce that was all white for the same reasons. The same with able bodied people and those with disabilities. Most HR dept & managers won’t admit it but they really don’t want to look at someone who has a disability let alone provide reasonable accommodations.

    • Really?!

      You are what is wrong with racist problems in America. There is probably some other reason that you did not get hired and your constant badgering of your co-worker led her to just agree with you instead of having to argue for the sake of a decent work environment.

      Being a student of the HR field I can tell you that there is nothing we hold in higher regard then equal hiring rights.

      It is important that people understand that if they keep trying to play the racist card in all of these suits when they are upset at themselves about not making it, they are just driving struggles for equality backwards in this country. The only thing to gain from any of these cases is money. Anyone that says they are suing for equality or equal rights are just shading the fact that they only want cold hard cash.

      Stop blaming other people for your problems

      • Brad

        How many Blacks work at Chinese restaurants … none hire people for the culture of food burgers aree white American food when I want soul food Iwant Black people when I want Mexican I wants Mexicans making itso lame fuck of pC racsist

    • Timothy

      Abbie, no offense intended, but wake up and realize… you are a bigot, and a race whore. Get over your color and join the millions of us who accomplish life without labels. Be free from guessing and simply LIVE. Thank you.

    • Pat McGroin

      Wow! You are not only racist but also sexist. Good luck with your life, Vicious Hag.

    • JCL


      So I’m guessing you also believe that BLACKS would like a work force that was ALL BLACK.

      If there is still predjustice against blacks in the USA, it is due in large part to the fact that many blacks maintain a separate cultural identity and have no interest in integrating into mainstream American culture. I have seen many who have and they are quite successful. But those who speak “Ebonics” and act “Ghetto” don’t understand why they are shunned and rejected. People will only accept diversity to a point.

      Look at blacks in Great Britain. Listen to them with your eyes closed and you cant’ tell if they are black or white. Listen to many blacks in the US and there’s no doubt.

      It’s not so much a race thing as a fitting in thing. Look at white kids with Mohawk haircuts and 20 earrings in their ears, lips, nose. You don’t think they’re blown off? The key to being successful in business is knowing how to fit in and until you figure that out and make the required changes you’re going to be met with rejection and disappointment.

      GET A CLUE.

    • D.

      Abbie, I think YOU are the racist. If this country were as discrininatory as you claim then we wouldn’t have an arab in the White House. And no, he is not black, but half-white and half-arab.

  • Jamie Sullivan

    This is so stupid. Do you think two white guys over the age of 40 would be suing if they weren’t hired in a predominantly black working environment? NO. Maybe they didn’t hire you because they didn’t like you. They say they had all the right qualifications..you’re applying to work in a fast food chain restaurant. Obviously you’re not qualified for much. Just another sad, sad example of cheap people looking for a way to get money.

    I agree. People like this are what is wrong with our society today.

    • exploitoo should be the new Yahoo

      actually white, latino and asian work in black restaurants in CA. So yeah you are right there is no discrimination suits filed because they have JOBS in places that are predominated by minorities. We don’t know these men and we haven’t read their resumes to determine their past job history and experience. We don’t know the actual procedures that were or weren’t taken regarding to the interview process.So Good Luck to them on finding a Job and their case. Good luck to employee and manager that sued Panera Bread and Good Luck to the Poshtoon Indians that sued FEDEX and Good Luck to the employees that sued WalMart

  • jay crowder

    Why didn’t they apply at Popeye’s? Probably didn’t get the job because they are a-holes who go around suing people over a hamburger job!!

    • JCL

      Sounds like they just got “Jackie Chiles” to try and go after some easy $$$.

  • snooks


    • Brad

      You are the racist white christ lovers make
      great burgers

  • Arjay

    I and O has the absolute BEST fast food and service. When they are forced to relinquish control of their product and business, they will go the way of Sambo’s (founding partners Sam and Bo), who bowed to NAACP and ACLU pressure to change their name and then went out of business. A hollow victory for NAACP and ACLU.

  • D.

    BOGUS! In ‘N Out has blacks and hispanics working at their facility near UCLA. We’ve been there and seen it. The two men involved in this lawsuit obviously just saw “deep pockets” and wanted an easy scam. When will so-called “minorities” quit whining and accept that now they have to EARN their way, get an education, and make the grade like everyone else! A discriminatory country would not have a black man as president so now they no longer have an excuse.

    • CAPS

      All of what you just said is your opinion of minorities. We do earn our way in society, just like everybody else. Always have! Just lets be honest enough to say that racism & discrimination still do exist against us “minorities” If those guys knew they were qualified & felt discriminated against because of their race & age, they are well in their rights to file suit. Stop hating on US! I major in success & in life not minor! If you understand what I mean! Those who have an ear let them hear! Amen!

      • inouteater

        a job maybe open but one applying for it might not get it.
        being black does not entitle one to a particular job.
        u got to earn it.
        report to the interview with a positive can do attitude.

      • Jhodge

        racism exists everywhere dumbass, black people these days are just as racist as white people. And like someone said before, you don’t see people filing law suits against chineese or mexican restraunts with all their employees the same race. It’s not different here, black people just try to play the race and victim card. No wonder so many of them are broke or on food stamps. They say they are their own culture and their own people and that they don’t have to act like white people do as a whole. Sorry, I’m not okay with a race based on ignorance and unintelligence. The clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the way they speak, etc refelcts in a very unintelligent way! This of course is not speaking about ALL black people, but a hell of a lot yes. There is nothing intelligent about acting ghetto.

        • Dorian

          ^^^^^Prejudice at its finest! Calling the Black culture “unintelligent” is quite rude and you wouldn’t dare say it to a Black person’s face. Just because you don’t like the type of music or clothing Black people like doesn’t give you the right or authority to say what is or isn’t “intelligent”. Not all Black people are “broke or on food stamps” and not all of them speak ebonics. It’s quite disrespectful to the race as a whole to assume that because someone is Black that they’re unintelligent. By the way, you spelled “reflects” wrong, asshole.

          – An intelligent Black Dude

  • Dennis

    Hey, we hired a guy who was black and unqualified. His race had nothing to do with his lack of qualifications.

  • Michael G Pritchard

    Let In-N-Out prove that they do not discriminate against any group of people. The proof can be found in their stores. If one goes into their stores and see only one race/ethic/gender etc as the norm, then something may be up. If they are sincere in their hiring practices, then they will be able to prove it. It benefits all of us to have all of our adult citizens employed so that the middle class taxes do not increase to support unemployed Americans or Americans forced to attain welfare. To my knowledge, employees are given a 90 day probationary period to prove themselves. If they do not perform, the employee can be let go. All adult Americans need to work to survive in this country. We must all understand that. Currently working citizens can not afford to have any able-body American out of work. Let’s ensure that all Americans that want to work have. We are one huge American family. Thanks for reading my comments.

  • Brad

    So I can go to a chinese restaurant and I see chinese people working who complains? no one, I go to a mexican restaurant and mexicans are working who complains? no one, I can’t have a white people christian restaurant because now that’s bad? silly…. come on freedom baby, I see no blacks at chinese restaurants who cares. White christians are allowed to to make us burgers, stop the PC divide us nonsense. e than Maybe I want nice white christian kids touching my food more than crack addicts or un washed new immigrants.

    • Nicole

      most chinese restaurants hire family members or friend`s they don`t hire people outside their culture ,they also own the restaurant,the same with mexicans

    • Reina

      Brad…. You might want to take a look at In-N-Out Burgers executive team. The company is now run by a MEXICAN AMERICAN 28- year old woman who is the grand daughter of the founder of the company. They are quite diverse in their hiring practices and most of the managers at each location are in their mid-30s….. They hire from within and promote people based on store performance….
      The company is extremely charitable and co-op with their vendors and pay more than McDonalds or Walmart and actually provide benefits and flexible schedules to MANY MANY students!!!!!!!!!
      What next!!! Are you going to start a class action law suite against UPS!!! For what? Not hiring UGLY people!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Williams

    What is the definition of ghetto? Ghetto is a word used to degrade and disqualify African Americans in mainstream America. A country that remains without remorse and repentance towards the treatment of African Americans. These two men have the right to seek justice if they know IN and Out Burger did not hire them based on race. Some African Americans are not what America expects them to be hint hint White or Anglo Saxon in culture. So, for all the racist comments and neo-nazism ideals……get used to African Americans. We are here to stay. We are not seeking your acceptance or friendship. Don’t get happy because a few bad apples are making mistakes. That does not define the rest of us. Some of you say this country is in a terrible condition because of President Obama. This country has been in trouble since it was formed on the ideals of racist bigots who enslaved Africans Americans. IN and Out is a prime example of institutional racism. Individual racism is wrong. However, instituional racism is next to HItler. Some of you sound like your father Hitler. He is the epitome of evil and wickedness. For the ones that are saying, they are playing the race card. They are standing against institutional racism which is extreme now that President Obama is in office. So this is the message to all bigots and baby Hitlers living on neo-nazism ideals……get used to African American, Hispanics, Asians, Iranians, Arabians, all classes and forms of people who comprise the Red, White, and Blue flag with the stars who in this day and age fails to honour and accept all of God’s creation. Oh i forgot, it does not honour him either. You said it won’t stand up in court? The court will accept this lawsuit due to the fact that institutional discrimination based on race and age is a factor. If your African American and your reading this article, read all the comments that have been posted. I have not seen a comment that says go for it bro. The reason it is going to court is because that is the only way you can stop discrimination by making a total display for the entire world to see.

    • Mark

      Jonathan, your ignorance is amazing. Ghetto is a reference most often used around the world to Jewish communities. Dating back to the 1800’s. Ghettos were where most of the jews were rounded up before being murdered by the Nazis.

      Ghetto really just means an area where groups of like ethnicity gather and live together. So if you look at the African American communities pride in being ghetto, then you would see they are actually segregationists who do not want other races in there “hood”. Look at the violence that occurred in New Orleans after Katrina. A large segment of the African American community went to Houston and never returned. As the Hispanic community tried to move in and fill the void it lead to increased violence that continues today as the African American community tries to drive the Hispanic community out.

      • Jonathan Gartner

        Good observation. Over 3,000 people are murdered each year in Chicago 30 of them in one weekend recently. Yet for some reason this never gets in the lame stream media.

      • Nicole


        The definition of ghetto has changed over time. We understand what the word previously represented but ghetto is not being used in that sense of meaning today. So, if you want to reference definitions and/or meanings of terms,here’s a suggestion: try to stay updated…

    • Jonathan Gartner

      Interesting rant. Lets take one of your misinformed ideas. Africans were sold mainly by other Africans to Arabs which sold them to Whites. Still going on today. As for the courts accepting the complaint the ninth would accept that Gays and illegals have rights over citizens of this country. Now for Obama he is nothing like Hitler for if he was not anti-Jewish and did not start WWII would have gone down as a great leader taking his country from nothing after WWI to a economic power. Something that Obama is not able to do. By the way Obama is 50% White, 43.25% Arab and only 6.75% Black.

      • http://webpronews The Misses

        So!! Some Afr-Am’s still dislike each other for various reasons, same as other cultures. I mean there’s always infighting on some level within the same culture. Yet, out of all of that, there is still an element of discrimination that is uniquely, and specifically aimed at Afr-Am’s within certain ethnic groups. Does it occur all of the time, again I say of course not. But, if it is blatant, surface, petty, or extreme I feel that there should be recourse. If the playing field where even (using only race, color as the barometer), then we would’nt have a problem such as this, we’d have other ish to address. But, when it’s not level it should be handled appropriately. If it calls for a law suit then sue, if it calls for addressing then call it out. All bs aside, I don’t believe in letting anything worth fighting for to languish. Bottom line, racism and dscrimination be it color based, creed, sexual etc.. is a reality. Racism as far as ethnicity is the most pervasive. I guarantee that if every time it occurs, it’s met with equal agressive action be it legal or otherwise, one can be assured that it’s activity would be increasingly limited. Keep fighting until it freaking stops. It’s enough already.

    • Daniel Adcock

      While I want to agree with you, I just can’t agree with some of your premises’. The founding fathers weren’t bigots, at least not broadly speaking. Maybe there were a couple, but for the most part it’s apperant that they weren’t. If they were then the constitution would have stated all white men are created equal. I’m sure they knew in their heart slavery was wrong, and proceeded to use language that could eventually right that wrong. It did take too long to get “right”, but it’s better now eh? And to say that in today’s America we’re all bigots is quite a stretch as well. I’m sure it exists, but to extend that upward to the entirety of american society is just conspiratorial… Can’t say I blame you though, if I was black I’d probably think like that too. As for the case, they should at the very least hear it in court. If lawsuits over coffee burning someone cause it was too hot aren’t frivilous then nothing is.

    • Reina

      Ghetto? You really need to look up the definition of the Ghetto!!!! and the history of the name and what OTHER ethnic backgrounds were where that word was used…….GHETTO doesn’t only refer to BLACK PEOPLE!!!!! You might want to dig further and actually be brave enough to take a college course on ETHNIC studies……. you might learn something…. not just what is said in AMERICA

  • http://yahoo.com jim

    I’ve been putting in applications at dozens of large corporate run businesses for about a year now. I have skills and experience that “overqualifies” me for most of the jobs I’m applying for. Yet I haven’t gotten anywhere near the interview room. I’m pretty sure that the explanation for this situation is that, the companies that I’m applying to don’t have as many openings as they do applicants. Either that or they are just discriminating against me…

    • James

      Jim, I’m a high ranking manager for a fortune 500 company. You may not know this, but for even the lowest wage job we are having often times over a hundred applications for one position. For higher paying positions that number has been over 200! With the internet today, lack of jobs, it really is lethal out there. Trust me, it’s not your race or age, it’s that you have millions of people vying for very few desirable jobs

  • jim

    There are more White people on wlefare than blacks – which makes sense since they account for a smaller percentage of the population. The reason there is always an issue is because they are the squeky wheel that we cant replace. I have worked with many black people and never even noticed their color – because they work just like me. I have also worked with black people who at every opportunity remind you they are black. that is the problem. If these guys are such qualified hard workers, then they can get a loan and start their own burger chain. Dont ruin a great burger chain because they cant get it together. Let me add so famous democrat quotes:

    “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    “The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.”
    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    • Bob

      The world isn’t in a “democratic donkey” frame. I now am old too and I see the same thing all over the place. I am very glad these two men are bringing this to attention. It’s bad enough that 23 million of us can’t find work but worse when if there is a job an old white guy can’t get it. Then they want retirement age to go up. Are you kidding me???? No one will hire me now what when I’m 68??? Go Mittens Go man Go.

  • D

    I’m sure it’s all a scam. I owned a business where a guy came in, filled out a resume, and demanded that I hire him or he’d call his lawyer. I said “You may or may not be qualified but I don’t hire people who threaten me or are assholes.” I never heard from him or his lawyer.

  • http://yahoo Mary Williams`

    I am so tired of the race card. I have put in thousands of applications over the past year and have only had one interview. The people on the other end have no idea of my race or my age and I can’t get hired. I am more than qualified for the jobs I am applying for and nobody is calling. Stop with the race card. Its old and tired and frankly you need to be just like the rest of us, looking for a job and trying to find one without pulling any B.S. Come on people……

  • jeff

    if you’re black and you don’t get a job, it’s discrimination. that’s so ridiculous, when is everyone going to wake up? work hard America, keep trying no matter what obstacles are put in your way and good things will come. stop feeling sorry for yourselves and looking for others to blame and this country will embrace you. this life is what you make of it, not what others give you.

    • http://webpronews The Misses

      Where did it state in the article that if you’re black and can’t get a job then it’s discrimination?? I did’nt read that at all. I do know however know, that racism can be a factor, and that it definetly does exist, if it were not so, then there’d be no word to describe it. Does it exist all the time? of course not. Yet, it is a truth, and a fact that it definetly does occur. There really are people in the realistic, practical world that I dwell in that, do discriminate and hate Jews, Blacks, Latinos, whites, etc.. Is’nt that amazing? Discrimination, racism sweetie, is not ideology, it’s a tangible existence, not an excuse for personal failures, nor is it imagined, it’s real. Take it or leave it, believe it, or not, it really does happen. To real people that is.

  • TC

    I am actually suprised they are black and not hispanic. I asked a friend who worked at IN and Out why most of the employees were white in a area that was about 50 % Hispanic? He said you had to fill the application out there on the spot and it was in English, so no taking it home at letting your cousins kid fill it out for you. I remember thinking that someone would think that was racist, I applaud them for their guts in doing this. I wish them luck in the lawsuit, I hope they counter sue.

    • sanah

      I totally agree…what a great plan….at the call center i work at I often have to speak to the listed person only…so many times they have a child come on the phone to speak for them and I can’t complete the call and have to mark it as ‘Language Barrier’. If they want to live in the USA and take advantage of what we have to offer they better damn well be speaking the langauge.
      tired of ‘press one for english’

  • Pedro

    I went into a KFC in Harlem.
    I didn’t see any white people working there.
    Can I sue?

    • exploitoo should be the new Yahoo

      I went to Panda asian restaurant and saw all illegals mexicans working there could I sue??

      • talim

        How did you know they were illegal? Did you ask to see their papers?

        • exploitoo should be the new Yahoo

          No because they couldn’t understand english

  • Denise

    Ridiculous, we have eaten at In-N-Out so many times and there is no shortage of African Americans working there! Get a life and I’m so sick of blacks blaming discrimination on everything. Get a job and stop whining!!

  • DA

    This is exactly what is wrong with America today. How many people do you think didn’t get that job? Think about that for a second. Our country is in deep shit people. Racism does exist in America and always will as long as people like this are around. Heres an idea go to the business across the street and apply there. Making In N Out pay you because your too old to work in a fast paced enviroment is just life get over it and take a look in the mirror and you will see what the true problem is.

    • sanah

      I am old and have a much better work ethic than the kids I see working today…. I have an assigned shift, I show up when I am supposed to, I call-in if I am going to late, I work hard and complete the tasks correctly within my assigned shift, however it might not be at the speed of light…. You don’t see me hiding in the storage room texting my friends, goofing off during cleanup/closing or giving away food and drink to buddies who stop in. I am working and supporting the company I work for. There is something to be said for the older worker.

  • Shonelle

    Black Americans need to look into their own hearts and know their own truth. We fought so hard for integration but now that we have all the opportunities available, what do we do? We want to be separate and not be a part of. We still pull up the victim role handed down thru generations of our own because it got us to where we are today. Today is a new day. We are not victims. We need to stop this. We need to stand up and be thankful for all who have helped us to rise to an equal level in all areas. We need to stop buying into that old thing that we can’t accomplish because we are ‘discriminated’ against. Prove yourself to yourself first by showing some integrity, intelligence, right choices. Show honor and gratitude for living in this country and not in some third world without opportunity, leave that old history and accept today’s open path to whatever it is you can do to secure a right future for yourself and your children. Don’t keep passing on that old stuff that holds us all down and limits our own accomplishments. Make respect a priority for yourselves through earning it. You are responsible for you!

    • Arthur

      I appreciate this outlook alot, it’s becoming a broken record. African americans are not the only ones who have been discriminated against and used as slaves, etc. Native americans were treated this way as well when english men came to settle the land. I don’t know what’s worse, being taken from your home country as slaves or being enslaved within your own.

    • Old Vet

      You go Shonelle! Pay attention folks, Shonelle will make it in this world by not being tripped up by the first bump in the road.
      Persevere and things will fall into place.

      • fartman

        Hey, Thanksgiving is over no go home, he he he.

    • http://yahoo Jean

      Shonelle you are one smart girl.Your parents must be really PROUD of you.

    • Barry

      Bravo Shonelle

      Bravely and honestly said. Thank you for being the person you are. I wish more people both Black and white, Could follow in your footsteps. you sound like an educated person. And thank you for not throwing the oh poor me or the ignorant get off your lazy ass line.
      All Black White Latino and anyone else You all need to strive and be the best person you can be. Show the world your not that ignorant uneducated person people try to make you be. Only you can prove any different. And if that fails maybe its not you its the person your trying to prove it to. Then for that person there is no hope. Because maybe they are the ignorant ones. Again Shonelle Thank you for your enlightenment on this matter

    • sanah

      hear hear… I was passed over for a job because the company needed to make their quota of non-white employees, the person that got the job bragged she was hired because she had such a good test score, 84%. In the mean time the hiring supervisor was apologizing to me for being forced to pass me over with my 97% test score.

      • meg

        reverse discrimination alive and well….but…..what can we do about it???

  • antonio

    This suit is long overdue! Inn-N-Out DOES have & for years has had a Corporate Culture of discrimination against African-Americans.

  • BcdErick

    I always knew “In And Out” was going to get sued for “degrading women”.

  • Beverly Williams

    Discrimination is alive and still as sick as can be in America. Do you look at TV or listen to any news? If not, do you not see how our president is being disrespected? Get real!

    • BcdErick

      He’s disrespected because he’s an incompetent fool. Other than that, he’s a nice guy.

      • Danica

        Wow and you actually think Romney is so competent. If you do that you are the incompetent fool. Go ahead and blame Obama for the economy. Do it then you are a bigger ass than Romney is.

      • Denise

        And what was George Bush? And what about the others before him? Case closed!

    • Pat

      Hey Beverly – maybe it’s his white half we don’t like?

  • Arthur

    May i add that as a half white, half native american male it is impossible for me to get even a fast food job while they are hiring.

    • http://webpronews The Misses

      Well, just drink yourself to into oblivion then Dear Arthur.

      • sanah


  • http://yahoo Darell Lange

    i’m white and can’t get a job in a black fast food place either
    so what’s your point

    • Veronica

      your a liar. where are these black fastfood places? because there arent many.

      • CJ

        it actually all depends on where you live. there actually are alot. there is one by my old house called “Iowa Cafe”

      • sanah

        You are stupid….

      • Gina

        good point D.L….I can’t imagine getting hired at a Chinese Restaurant,…I’ve never seen anyone other than Chinese ppl working in those places…& I know that I’ve experience discrimination not only my own race, (white) but others as well..seems if your over 30 in this country they want to put you out to pasture and I’m far far from ready to go out into the pasture…The worst part about most American managers,they tend to be easily threaten by a competent person…which is not only a sign of their own inferior complex but just a backassward small minded mentality…Cause any “smart” manager knows to hire the brightest & the best ppl will make your life “easier”, stupid ppl will get you sued & or cause you major headaches & you’ll work harder fixing their mistakes…so stop being so damn insecure & hire the best & go play golf knowing your biz is in good hands…this isn’t Big Brother the reality show where you want the lamest joker to be up against to make yourself a winner, …its simply isn’t going to work in the work place so stop the insecurity game & grow up!…hiring a competent staff will only make you look better & age you slower.!!!

        • Denise

          I agree Gina. Black, White, Yellow or Brown, hiring the best party no matter what color they are is the most fair way of doing things. The problem comes in where as you stated earlier, we have too many small minded individuals. They make it bad for the rest. Had it not been for racism and discrimination, this country would never had had race quotas and affirmative action, which some view as reverse discrimination. Each side seem to understand one side, which happens to be the side that they are on. This is very unfortunate, because both sides could benefit if we would just all work together for the better good of mankind.

        • Denise

          In my city, the chinese restaurants have several chinese working for them, but they also have several caucasions and a few african americans and mexicans in the kitchen. Once or twice I have seen a waitress of color. Because I have no idea how many others have even applied for a position with these restaurants, who am I to say that they are being racist. Could it be that no many others feel comfortable working in these restaurants, or that because asians are said to be perfectionist, some may not want to work under those conditions?

      • Jason Crider

        I live in Indianapolis! I do not see white folk working at the White Castle on 16th Street or at Church’s Chicken for that matter! Also, We have an eater called Mississippi Belle and NO WHITE FOLK THERE!

        • Denise

          The question is, have any applied? Do any feel comfortable working there for some reason? In this article, it states that the gentlemen applied and were qualified, that counts for something.

    • sanah

      I am white, over 40 and can’t get a job at Carl’s Jr because I don’t speak their language. I can’t get anything except a call center job after being laid off from a 20 year career in IT. I think the age thing is a huge factor especially if it is a college town. The ethnic thing really depends on the area.

      • Jean

        Age discrimination is alive & well!…and its really bad in certain parts of the South where they think your over the hill at 25! I was shocked by all the teen pregnancy, so I guess if you’ve had 4 kids by 20, maybe at 25 you would feel over the hill…I went on a job interview at Chili restaurant & was asked…how would you feel working around all these young ppl??? What?!!!I never felt I was old, so it shocked me that the Manager who was old asked me that!…& what blew me away was that they all asked my age over the phone despite the fact that it is illegal..coming from Calif I was shocked to see such a bold breaking & total disregard of a labor laws…its was like they had never knew labor laws existed….so if your woman over 30 don’t move to the South that’s all I’ve got to say, unless you have Ph.D or Masters degree, you “might” fair better…I’ve also heard first hand horror stories about the horrible treatment that goes on at the infameous Waffle House…those girls only get paid $2.00 per hour!! and they have to do “EVERYTHING” & I do mean EVERYTHING!!!a career waitress I spoke to had a nervous breakdown there & had to quit…she was working at the Louisiana Waffle House & they made them bus, clean, cook, ring up checks on their 1920’s cash register that didn’t even do tax so the waitress would have to use a calculator to figure out the tax!!, plus she had to mop, take out trash and clean the bathrooms…if you don’t think slavery is alive and well in the South think again…I couldn’t get out of there fast enough…I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…theirs no place like home!…& for me that is Calif…we have our problems but I’d never seen anything more disgusting than the way woman are treated in the South..it was truly scary!

        • Denise

          I too live in Louisiana, but grew up in California all of my life. When I moved to Louisiana several years ago, I applied for a vacancy in an apartment complex and the lady actually told me “WE DON’T RENT TO NIG–ARS!” If I knew then what I know now, EEOC would have been all over her. It is very true that racisim is rampart in the south, but that is so everywhere, including California. Look at the Rodney King incident, which totally blew my mind. Go on the internet and read the history on the Signal Hill Police Department in Long Beach, California. In the south, blacks are just as discriminatory as whites. So many of these people are so stuck in their boxes that I fear that they will never come out. Why can’t we just all get along? Pray America Pray!

    • Rachel

      THANK YOU DARELL! Black people OPENLY discriminate against white people constantly.

    • Denise

      If you have a ligitimate claim, file charges just as these gentlemen did. Are you truly not getting hired because you are white, or is it because you never even applied in the first place?

  • glenn grab

    they probably had prison records…

    • Jan

      …you are dumb and ignorant. Believe it or not, this type of thing does oocur..

    • Denise

      On what did you base your comment on? The article stated that they were “qualified”. Did you read that, or can you read at all because you are so blinded by your ignorance?

      See what happens when you ass u me?

  • daron

    They are a private business, seems like they should be able to hire whoever they want. if they just want to hire tibetans with pink hair that are under 4 ft tall, why not. their burgers are good

  • Truth Hurts

    ANY time you have to select one or two from a larger group, some form of discrimination occurs — discrimination is the process of selecting candidates based on any number of selection criteria. As long as race, gender and age are not the only selection criteria, the process of hiring is legal. It is not what traits they have which caused them to not be selected as long as the people hired are equally qualified or better candidates. If the store is in a predominantly hispanic community, it makes sense to hire hispanics over asian, caucasian, black, etc for langguage reasons. Same could be said for a location in a predominantly asian or black community.

    • sanah

      I agree. There are so many people applying for every job opening there has to be sme guideline employers have set to eliminate some of the candidates. When appying for University jobs I know they sometimes specify they want someone with some type of University experience, doesn’t matter what it is. It is just and elimination criteria/process.

  • Rachel

    I find it highly unlikely that corporate tells their employees to avoid hiring black people. This is idiotic.

    • Denise

      What planet have you been living on? This is happening everyday. Apparently you have never been the victim of discrimination and therefore, can’t identify with those who have. The words don’t actually have to come out of the mouths of those in charge; however, the actions and implications are there. So with all else said, the understanding is only implied to protect the guilty parties in case the matter ends up in litigation. Not many are actually ignorant “enough” to actually mutter the words. ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!

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