Improvements Made To YouTube For Mobile

    January 24, 2008

When people try to justify the existence of video-capable phones with large screens, YouTube is excuse number one.  Now, with the introduction of an improved YouTube for Mobile, they may have (more of) a point.

The site that used to exist at was pretty basic; selection was, in comparison to the original YouTube, nonexistent.  This issue appears to have been a top priority, though, because "YouTube for Mobile now features tens of millions of videos, which includes most of the videos already available on . . ." according to a post on the YouTube Blog.Improvements Made To YouTube For Mobile

The post goes on to say that most of YouTube’s social features have also been incorporated into the new YouTube for Mobile.  "You can now access your YouTube account, your Favorites, your own uploaded Videos and your favorite Channels.  You can also share, rate, and comment directly from the mobile website to other YouTube users."

Those last items veer towards the sort of time-intensive stuff that we believe might be better left to computers, but some people are sure to use them, and it’s nice to have the options, regardless.

All in all, the update looks quite thorough.  People who enjoy staring at their cell phones should be pleased.