Important Product Director Moving From Google To Digg

    November 30, 2009

When Google’s current director of product management arrived at his desk this morning, he did so for the last time, according to a new report.  Keval Desai is supposed to be leaving Google in order to start a position at Digg.

Google LogoDesai – who’s been with Google for about six and a half years – didn’t exactly do unimportant work.  In fact, he led the development of AdWords, which is one of the search giant’s most recognizable products, and was also a force behind TV Ads, which has outlived Audio Ads and Print Ads.

Previously in his career, Desai cofounded a company with Michael Arrington and put in some time at Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, too.

As for what Desai’s supposed to do for Digg, Arrington wrote this afternoon, "He’ll be Digg’s first head of product, a responsibility that has been shared at various times by founder Kevin Rose, CEO Jay Adelson and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Maser."

It seems Desai’s headed almost to the top of the organization, then, and will probably exert a big influence over whatever "ballsy" changes are on the way.

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