Important Google Sales Guy To Quit

    January 4, 2008

Everyone’s always marveled at the Googleplex’s ability to exist as its own little ecosystem.  Now, whether it was designed for this purpose or not, we’re tempted to recommend that Google shut it off from the rest of the world.  We are, after all, introducing the third "a Googler is leaving" story in one day.Important Google Sales Guy To Quit

Granted, David Hirsch wouldn’t be affected by iron bars around Mountain View – Peter Kafka identifies him as "an eight-year Google sales vet who helped open the company’s New York office."  So, if Google would like, we’ll work on that isolate-the-corporation plan.

Hirsch will no longer work for Google as of the end of this month, however, so Google will have to make fast with the sports cars, briefcases full of cash, or what have you.  And Hirsch does seem like a person worth keeping; Kafka writes, "He’s best known for founding and running the company’s B2B ‘vertical markets’ group, and for helping start the company’s efforts to sell offline ads to magazine and newspapers."

The other departures that we’ve documented today are those of Kevin Fox and Nathan Stoll.  This may set some sort of WebProNews record, so we’ll be scouring the Net (for signs of any other exits) to see if we can top it.