Important AdSense Guy Leaves Google

    November 16, 2007

Gokul Rajaram’s name may not among those most commonly associated with Google, but as a key figure in AdSense’s development, he was a pretty important person within the company.  Emphasis on “was”; although Rajaram’s past accomplishments will continue to stand, he’s left Google.

The search giant apparently favored Rajaram with a going-away party and a large plaque, so it seems that there are no hard feelings.  In fact, Rajaram appears undecided as to exactly what he’ll focus on next, so it’s not as if he’s run off to help a competitor kill Google.  Still, Google can’t be happy that “Another One Bites The Dust” is becoming its unofficial anthem.

Gideon Yu, Benjamin Ling, Salman Ullah . . . they’ve all left for greener pastures in the relatively recent past.  Google used to be the place where everyone wanted to work, and even if that’s still somewhat true among outsiders, many current employees are coming streaming out.