Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj Try to Clear the Air After ‘Feud’

    July 6, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Iggy Azalea thinks everyone should just “let it go.”

The Australian rapper finally spoke out following headlines that focused on an apparent feud between herself and Nicki Minaj.

The brouhaha started after Minaj seemed to take a jab at her competitor, who is rumored to work with ghostwriters, during her Best Female Rapper acceptance speech at the BET Awards June 29, in which she said “you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.”

Even though Minaj said that she wasn’t giving “shade” — in other words, disrespect — it came across to many as if she did indeed diss Azalea.

Since then, Minaj and Azalea have both tried to clear the air.

Minaj tweeted on July 2:

After keeping silent on the issue for days, Azalea posted a statement on Twitter and Instagram:

Whew! All’s well that ends well.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

    The white agenda is in full force.They have wanted a white female rapper for so long and they are gonna play the white sympathy card to death with this schit.An Australian with a fake southern accent who doesn’t write her own schitty rhymes.

    • NecksRforSunburn

      You are right, we talked about this in the last white people meeting (you know, the one where all the white people get together and form conspiracies). In order to take over the world, we need to get a white girl from Australia to rap. The world is ours now, muwahahahahaha!

      • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

        Well you did it with Rap(Eminem),R&B(Justin Timberlake) & Rock(Elvis,The Beatles,Rolling Stones,etc).

        • Tony Angelo

          Hey genius…who do you think buys all that crap you call music ? That’s right….stupid white teenagers.

          • http://Islandmix.com/ Adrian Khan (Black Tut)

            Funny how blacks could care less then 2 craps about country music but some how country music try’s using elements of rap in their songs.I can on and on about Reggae,Dance hall,jazz,soul anything blacks have created whites/Europeans have been there to stick your filthy hands on.

          • NecksRforSunburn

            The very instrument that defines country music, the banjo, originates in Africa. White people learned about the banjo from African Americans. In the earlier days of country recording, there were many African American country artists, such as Deford Bailey. This remained the case for quite a while, with artists like Ray Charles, The Pointer Sisters and Charlie Pride. Today, Rissi Palmer, Cowboy Troy and Darius Rucker are among the more famous African American country stars, but there are also many African American band members within the genre. I don’t like country music, but if I did, I wouldn’t be complaining because some people with different colored skin made it…that’s just ridiculous whiny racist nonsense. But what should you expect from a person who has “ho’s aint loyal” next to his name, profound insight from a very cultured individual? I think not.

    • Tony Angelo

      AK you’re so right….black people should be outraged that this pasty white untalented pos is ripping them off. Problem is…….she’s doing it bigger and better than any other black female and 1/2 of the black males. Face it…it takes no talent to grab your nuts and dance around ryhming words. Rap…..is crap….lololololol

  • ♥ท¡૮ѳℓ૯

    White female rapper? That is so corny.
    Shes just your average pop singer.

    • temi

      U call that singing?! No honey its called rap!

      • Bear

        U call that rapping?! No syrup it’s called crap! look up Snow Da Product.

  • Berry

    BET, stands for “BLACK ENTERTAINMENT”! She shouldn’t even have been nominated. A white woman trying to be black.

    • Tony Angelo

      …..I always wondered what a table turning sounded like.

  • Oreo24

    all y’oreoall need to get a life the chick can spit. just cause that what bet stand for dont mean that all that should get an award and stop playing the race card that is so old news. b blessed everyone.