If You Spam Digg, Learn English

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Gaming Digg.com has gone international. Or perhaps just retarded, as traffic-minded spammers shuffle in with broken English and a generally poor master plan.

Okay, so it’s just the one case I know of, but with spammers, just like cockroaches and mice, where there’s one, there’s more. This is just one that caught going for the extra scrap of cheese.

You won’t find the thread about ambatchmasterpublisher or the ambatchmasterpublisyoutubevideo.blogspot.com (wouldn’t recommend going there, I didn’t, for fear of what nasty things might await) blog on Digg anymore. We only mention it because it’s a humorous case study of a Digg spam plan gone wrong.

This particular spammer didn’t polish up his English (or his brain) before submitting the text of a seemingly real news story, interlaced with that ridiculously nonsensical word, or whatever it is every other line in all-caps. The headline was the above gibberish followed by the gibberish blogspot (splogspot) URL.

103 Diggs it got, from a number of enthusiastic users who thought the site listed was "on dot," and users who "have become surprised with joy and thought how great it is."

Dave Chen has the screenshot and some more great quotes. Sounds like this spammer needs to work on his 1337….or those incredibly annoying and idiotic kitten sentences.

Digg-gaming’s not new – some have even made a business of it, getting paid for diggs and buries. This was just one humorous instance of one being obvious.

Many have doubted the benefits of Digg traffic. They argue that the Digg crowd doesn’t click on ads, and unless you have something incredibly Digg-demographic specific, they’re not going to buy anything.

However temporary a Digg traffic surge can be though, get that traffic often enough – even to the point you win some readers there – and the traffic numbers alone can be a boost to the bottom line. So don’t expect the gaming to stop until the traffic stops.

If You Spam Digg, Learn English
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