IE 7 Planned As Automatic Update

    July 26, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Windows users on the XP operating system need to be aware that Internet Explorer 7 will be arriving later this year as an automatic update.

An announcement on the IE Blog provided an update on the planned distribution of Microsoft’s next version of the Internet Explorer browser. After the final version of XP has been released, Tony Chor, IE Group Program Manager, said IE 7 will arrive as a high-priority Automatic Update.

Millions of machines will likely pick up the update and users will go on with their browsing under IE 7. For business users, the Automatic Update may be problematic, especially if they have customized or proprietary applications tied into IE 6.

Microsoft has shown some foresight with regards to those users. Network administrators will want to note Chor’s commentary on this:

We are also providing a Blocker Toolkit for our enterprise customers who may want to block automatic delivery of IE7 in their organizations; this blocker has no expiration date. Enterprise customers can download the free Blocker Toolkit from the Microsoft Download Center today. We’ve also made additional information for IT administrators available at the Windows Update/Microsoft Update site on TechNet.

Even though IE 7 will arrive as an Automatic Update, end users can still control its installation on their systems. The process will notify those users that Internet Explorer 7 is ready to be installed.

Users can choose to proceed with the install, reject the install, or postpone it by choosing “Ask me later.” All the settings existing for IE 6, like favorites and toolbars, will be retained, and users who experience “updater’s remorse” will be able to roll back to IE 6 from 7 if they wish.

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