Idol Winner Has Download Success

    June 2, 2008

Since "American Idol" for the first time has made downloads of performers songs available on iTunes, winner, David Cook has enjoyed great success.

Cook’s "The Time of My Life," has been downloaded 236,000 times, reaching the number 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs chart and reaching the number three position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Cook has 14 songs from the "American Idol" season on Hot Digital Songs, with "Dream Big" at number 7 with 110,000 downloads and his cover of U2’s "I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For" at number 9 with 98,000 downloads. All together Cook sold 888,000 downloads of his songs in a single week.

"I loved my time on the show, but I’ve been looking forward to just being able to get back to the creative process of writing and recording," Cook told Reuters. "It’s going to be interesting to be able to play a song and not have to wonder where ‘camera A’ is."

Cook will rehearse most of June for the upcoming American Idols Live tour, which includes the top 10 finalists and lasts for close to three months. The tour kicks off July 1 in Glendale, Arizona, and ends September 13 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"It’s going to be more of a mini-concert for everybody," he says. "There will be some group numbers (and) some duets, but for the most part I think everybody gets to do at least three songs. I’ve always loved the idea of waking up in a different city every day, so to be able to do that on this kind of scale is going to be an experience."

Cook is slated to release his debut recording on the RCA label in the fall. "I don’t see myself straying too far from what I was doing before, which is kind of a rock vibe with some catchy pop choruses," said Cook.