Identity Theft: Stay Safe During The Holidays


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Identity theft is a real problem and it can be even worse around the holidays. Identity thieves will go to great lengths to get what they need to steal your identity or at the very least use your credit card or bank information to fund their own holiday shopping trips.

Here are some tips to get you through the holidays and keep you safe from identity theft.

Hide Your Card And Pin
After you swipe your card at most stores, you are asked to enter a pin number. Many identity thieves watch from behind or beside you and can get your pin number and see your credit card number while you hold it in your hand. Always cover your credit card numbers when you use it and keep your pin number blocked as well.

Don’t Trust Anyone
Although you might think you can trust that cashier or waitress, any of them could be identity thieves. When you give a waitress or a cashier your credit or debit card, they walk away and swipe it elsewhere. Do you really know if they are also writing down your card information? Always be aware of where you have used your credit card and who had it.

Check Your Car
A lot of people leave important information in their vehicle glove boxes or consoles. While you might not think that thieves would be interested in this stuff, identity thieves often break into cars looking for this information and later use it to steal your identity. Before you leave your car in a dark parking garage or crowded parking lot, make sure there are no important or personal papers in it.

All of the confusion associated with the holidays can make it easy for identity thieves to steal what they need to steal your identity. Do everything you can to protect yourself and follow these tips.