Ideeli Luxury Shopping Site Attracts $3.8 Million

    December 18, 2007

Christmas is coming, and at any given company, "cash" is likely to be high on the corporate wish list.  So Ideeli is doing quite well, having received $3.8 million as something of an early holiday present.

Ideeli debuted its "red-rope online shopping community" on the same day, turning this is an important time for the company.  Things will be all the more make-or-break since it intends to attract a rather elite crowd.

IdeeliWe’re leaning towards the "make" side of the continuum, however, as Ideeli’s executive team has connections to Ralph Lauren and Gucci.  Also, an invite-only structure should maintain an air of exclusivity (and hopefully not emptiness).

"ideeli’s multiplatform shopping experience provides more than just an opportunity to get luxury goods at great values — it’s engaging and fun," said ideeli founder and CEO Paul Hurley in a statement.  His shopping experience might also be valuable to outside corporations; Hurley later continued, "We’ve been able to translate member excitement into a deeper connection with established and up-and-coming brands."

The floundering economy might act as a bit of a damper, but otherwise, we foresee those connections growing as fast as the invite-only system allows.