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It’s safe to say the benefits of an effective social media marketing campaign are well worth the effort and commitment, but how about pairing these campaigns with traditional marketing (including online) efforts? Can a joint approach improve the exposure of the product you are trying to draw attention to?

In a word – absolutely… In fact, considering the excitement surrounding user-created content and how it can boost exposure, it’s almost foolish not to. The question is, how do you combine these efforts effectively?

Thanks to an SEOmoz post (which was also discussed by Cameron Olthuis at Pronet Advertising) executing a successful joint-campaign shouldn’t be that hard at all – provided you are capable of creating socially compelling content and are targeting the most socially relevant section based on the demographic you are trying to attract (like Olthuis indicated, why develop Diggable content if you are targeting housewives and soccer moms).

Obviously, one of the most effective methods when it comes to social marketing is an intelligent use of blogs. Talk about the product or brand you want to market or perhaps write a thorough guide showing how to use and enjoy your product. These types of blog posts combined with a well written, intelligently placed press release can have resonating results from an exposure point of view.

However, it’s important to be sure you are targeting the correct social area of the web. There is no point being Dugg if you are marketing to the senior citizen crowd (not that seniors don’t use Digg – it’s just that Digg IS targeted toward the younger, geek-style user). Be sure you know what social circles your target audience is using – something Olthuis emphasizes has well.

Make sure you do some research on your target audience. If you are going after the mom equation, be aware there are a lot of blogging mothers who post a great deal about their adventures in motherhood. These mommie bloggers are also quick to acknowledge products that can be beneficial to their child or their motherhood efforts; conversely, they will also crucify products they deem unsafe.

A good example of the veracity of PO’d moms comes from noted SEO specialist Jennifer Laycock and her Lactivist blog. Last year, a Delta Airlines flight attendant voiced some issues concerning open breastfeeding on the aircraft, something that didn’t sit well at all with the active mom bloggers out there. The social media’s reaction was swift, loud, and angry – especially from Jennifer.

Delta’s actions and subsequent reaction from the mom bloggers led to a great deal of negative press for the airline, something they had to respond to. Events like these demonstrate clearly the power of social media, even if it’s from an area that would be considered niche. These word-of-mouth reactions (coupled with a nurse-in at the Delta counter in Burlington, VT) caused Delta to publicly acknowledge their screw up. This is power you cannot buy.

Now imagine if these mom bloggers actually like a product you are promoting…

When you couple the potential reaction from whatever social media circle you are targeting with traditional online marketing techniques and you should have the making of an extremely effective marketing campaign. Just make sure you know which online social circle your target audience hangs out at and try to leverage them with good content.

Ideas For Social Marketing
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