IceRocket Ices BlogScour Rumors

    August 1, 2005
    Chris Crum

Last week, it was reported that IceRocket was to become BlogScour, but it turns out that the information was false. IceRocket CEO Blake Rhodes told SearchEngineJounal the facts.

“BlogScour is something that was widely misreported. We bought the name and are possibly thinking about a blogs only spinoff,” SearchEngineJournal quotes Rhodes as saying.

“We changed IceRocket’s default search to blogs. Demand for our blog search forced us to make this change,” Rhodes added.

The misinformation apparently began with a ZDNet article about a speech that was given by Mark Cuban, who partially funds IceRocket. He spoke during the AlwaysOn Conference at Stanford University. Here is a sample from the ZDNet article:

So the man who resurrected the Dallas Mavericks and took on Donald Trump in the reality TV game said he will soon relaunch his IceRocket search engine as BlogScour. Similar to Technorati or PubSub, Cuban’s BlogScour will search for the latest postings across the so-called blogosphere and return a list of results. The revised IceRocket is expected to be unique among the other search engines in that every search entry has a thumbnail of the home page of the listing.

Cuban, an avid blogger himself, said what he is looking for is a balance of relevant and timely information.

So for now, IceRocket just has a blog search function and is not rebranding itself, but look for more blog related stuff coming from them in the future. Right now, IceRocket’s blog search function powers Blog Search Engine and blog results for

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