Ice Cream Sandwich Not Coming To Xperia Play After All

    May 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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We reported back in March that Sony was starting up a beta test program to see which Xperia phones could take on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). One of the hopes was that Sony’s flagship gaming phone, the Xperia Play, would see an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. That appears to not be the case anymore.

In a post on the Sony Mobile blog, the company says that Ice Cream Sandwich wont be coming to Xperia Play after extensive testing on their end alongside the testing performed by those that participated in the beta test. It was found that the Xperia Play could not remain stable while running ICS and that it had a negative impact on the performance of games. Considering that the Xperia Play’s main focus is games with its d-pad controls and PlayStation style buttons, it’s a big deal if the phone can’t remain stable during gameplay.

That’s the only bad news, however, in a post full of good news. ICS will be hitting a wide range of other Xperia phones soon. The company announced that ICS would be hitting the Xperia S, Xperia P and Xperia U in tiers at the end of June. Three Xperia phones – Xperia Arc S, Xperia Ray and Xperia Neo V – were all updated with ICS last month. The other Xperia smartphones that Sony released in 2011 will receive ICS at some point during this year.

At this point, it seems that it’s only the Xperia Play that’s being left out of the ICS update. Sony probably made the right choice since an unstable OS would be disastrous for a mobile phone whose main purpose is to play games. The lack of ICS could also be pointing to a successor to the Xperia Play with advanced functionality. One of Sony’s most valuable assets is its PlayStation brand. Being able to market a smartphone that at least looks like a PlayStation device weighs heavily in Sony’s favor.

It appears that Sony is still allowing Xperia Play users to unlock their phone and install ICS to the device if they so wish. It should go without saying, but the software is unstable on the device. If you must have ICS on your Xperia Play device, you can still install it. Just know that it’s not Sony’s fault if your device breaks. You’ve been warned by a lengthy terms of service agreement.

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    When is it coming to the Galaxy Note? (Bell Mobility)

  • Richard Walton

    This is a total (probably not permitted to swear here) move by S/Fony. I bought my XP a couple of months ago because of the commitment given by SE to update it to ICS. To now cancel it with a half halfhearted beta release and an insincere statement is just typical Sony doing what they do best; alienating their few remaining customers foolish enough to place trust in them in the first place… count me on that idiot list.

    Is Sony seriously telling us that what they promised is actually technically impossible? its bs to suggest that they can’t improve upon the supposed gaming problems. Lets say some of the problems can only be resolved by the publishers releasing an update or fix, if they do that down the line then great, otherwise the buck stops with the publisher. Its nonsense to suggest Sony would be slammed for that. What Sony is responsible for is updating its own games (PS/pocket Store), encouraging publishers to do the same, and fulfilling its commitments.

    Lets say that Sony can’t (or more likely won’t) release the promised ICS update, what’s stopping them from releasing a value pack and the source code so that other devs can prove it possible and their own dev team just incompetent/unwilling. I mean, other than their long cherished stubbornness and couldn’t give a damn attitude? Never mind, I guess I answered my own question.

    UK consumer law should now mean than I’m entitled to return my handset for a full refund, and I fully intend to do just that. I loved having a real gamepad to play my games with while maintaining the functionality of a mid-range smartphone., which needles to say beats the awkwardness of playing games by poking my fingers at the screen, but I’d frankly rather have all my fingers chopped off than keep a dead phone or buy another Sony product again. The only question left is what next, Samsung or Apple.


  • http://www.facebook.com/sonymakeforget Richard Walton

    For those Xperia Play users our there, make sure Sony knows you won’t forget this and won’t just be walked over.


    Join the boycott. #SONYmakeforget

  • Chris


    I’m so glad that I have an exchange window on this device after a complaint process with O2. Definitely getting rid of it now there’s no ICS.

    Frankly Sony have done nothing but piss me off as of late – a while back they dishonoured a Vaio I bought because it was mispriced. Then they refused to service my W170 camera despite it having a blatant manufacturer fault. Avoided their products since. It’ll be good to get rid of something else Sony.