Icahn’s Men Join Yahoo’s Board

    August 15, 2008

Yahoo’s 11-member board of directors is set at last.  In a slight change from what was expected, Carl Icahn’s friends Frank J. Biondi, Jr. and John H. Chapple will fill the last couple of available spots.

Biondi was pretty much a lock since earlier this week.  Chapple’s appointment comes as a bit of surprise, since Edward Meyer looked more likely to join the leadership club.  All three men are liable to follow Icahn’s lead in any vote, of course, so there shouldn’t be any appreciable difference between them in that respect.

The one way in which the changeup may matter relates to Chapple’s background.  Chapple’s a telecommunications pro, with a resume listing recognizable names like Nextel and AT&T among others.  Since mobile search and marketing is supposed to be the next big thing, this could prove important.

Meyer, meanwhile, didn’t have much Yahoo-relevant experience aside from some strong connections at Grey Global Group, an advertising and marketing entity.  As for education, Chapple went to Syracuse University and Harvard, while Meyer went to Cornell.  Meh.

Call it a side note or connect the dots as you please: Yahoo’s stock edged up a bit today, gaining most of a percentage point.