Icahn Won’t Make Yahoo Meeting

    July 31, 2008

Carl Icahn seems to think a lot of himself; the billionaire even quotes one of his own statements within the header of his blog.  And, for better or for worse, this attitude has led Icahn to announce that he’ll skip Yahoo’s shareholder meeting.

Icahn (or a ghostwriter) stated, "I will not be attending.  The proxy fight is over and it will not do shareholders or Yahoo! any good to have the annual meeting turn into a media event for no purpose."

Icahn may be right about his presence creating a hubbub – seating arrangements were a matter of great interest, and bookies were probably taking bets on whether he and Yang would get into a scrap.  In fact, it’s for reasons like these your WebProNews writers are sad he’s not attending.

Still, it’s interesting that the new board member would skip the first meeting after his long, hard-fought battle.  As Yahoo’s stock stands only 80 cents above where it was six months ago, his no-show is surely something shareholders will want to consider.

They may also want to think about the appropriateness of referring to oneself in the third person.  Icahn (or his ghostwriter) managed to do that once in the bailing-out blog post.