IBM’s PC Business for Sale

    December 3, 2004
    Chris Crum

IBM’s PC Business is up for sale and could go for up to $2 Billion according to the New York Times.

Although it is rumored that they have had discussions with China’s Lenovo Group, IBM Spokesman Edward Barbini told the New York Times that “IBM has a policy of not confirming or denying rumors.”

According to an InformationWeek article, Lenovo Marketing Manager Guo Tongyan claims not to know anything about these discussions, but said, “If Lenovo wanted to further expand its PC capacity, I wouldn’t be very surprised.”

“We decided on a strategy of ‘reinforcing the PC business, focusing on the PC business’ in a strategic meeting early this year,” Guo stated.

The sale will most likely include all IBM desktop, laptop and notebook computers.

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