IBM Unveils Email Archiving For SMBs

    August 1, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The CommonStore eMail Archiving Preload runs on an AMD-powered blade server and works with Exchange and LotusNotes to provide email search, storage, and management functionality.

IBM plans to launch CommonStore later in 2006. The product provides the means to maintain email and retrieve it as needed to suit compliance audits and legal discovery.

The company has aimed CommonStore at the small and medium business markets. It works with Microsoft Exchange and IBM LotusNotes. IBM said CommonStore offloads email and attachments from messaging servers while preserving them in a DB2-powered archive.

Chipmaker AMD also has a role in CommonStore’s development. The company’s Opteron processors have been finding favor with server makers like IBM, HP, and even global PC leader Dell, which had never used AMD chipsets before this year. The Opteron will be at the heart of the blade server hardware carrying CommonStore.

“This preloaded e-mail archiving solution is an example of how IBM and AMD are working together to help clients address some of their most pressing business needs,” said Terri Hall, vice president of Software Alliances and Solutions, AMD. “By offering the ability to manage e-mail archiving from a single tool based on IBM BladeCenter servers powered by AMD Opteron processors, IBM is delivering another high-value solution to the small and mid-sized market.”

CommonStore provides the Tivoli Storage Manager and the WebSphere Application Server to complete the email archive management requirements. A BladeCenter server running an AMD Opteron chipset has the CommonStore software pre-loaded for quicker installation; IBM estimates it can be implemented in less than a day.

IBM thinks its new software, E-Mail Search for CommonStore, will benefit any SMB that has rapidly growing email archives and a need to retrieve an archived item on request. The system can place emails on hold to prevent any time-based disposition of them as set by the sender.

The solution provides email archiving and retrieval while removing the load on native messaging servers in the business. For entrepreneurs with growing companies and a prudent fear of litigation, it may make sense to investigate what CommonStore offers.


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