IBM To Assist With Cell Integration

    March 31, 2005

IBM announced yesterday they would be assisting others with integration of Cell microprocessing technology. In order to accomplish this, IBM is developing new services designed to help others with the forthcoming upgrade.

IBM offers a description of the upcoming Cell technology in a release, which says:

The Cell processor, developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony Group, is a breakthrough architectural design featuring eight synergistic processors plus a Power Architecture-based core, which provide unmatched performance levels in many computational-starved applications. It has top clock speeds of greater than 4 GHz, as measured during initial hardware testing.

“IBM’s new design services could have significant impact on expanding the number of applications that leverage Cell’s unique capabilities,” said Pat Toole, general manager, IBM Engineering & Technology Services (E&TS). “This is an example of IBM offering innovation on demand — helping manufacturers in a variety of industries solve their most challenging technical problems and create entirely new products.”

Custom design services for Cell from IBM will encompass:

  • system architecture and design;
  • chip, module and board development;
  • expanded blade design;
  • power, mechanical, electrical, thermal, industrial design;
  • firmware and Linux driver development;
  • worldwide regulatory and agency industry standards testing;
  • interoperability and compatibility testing;
  • and manufacturability, reliability and serviceability.
  • More than likely, one of the first consumer devices to make use of Cell technology will be the Playstation 3, which is expected around the end of this year or early 2006, just in time to compete with the new Xbox.

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