IBM Testing Health Data Sharing

    April 25, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Aimed at reducing costs and enabling more effective health care, IBM launches Interoperable Health Information Infrastructure test project.

The project should be running by the end of 2005. Researchers at IBM sites in California, Minnesota, and Israel will take part in the test.

Any gains in sharing medical data electronically could help reduce health care costs. National and regional efforts at accomplishing this have been underway for some time, and even President Bush has mentioned this as a national priority.

Neil de Crescenzo, IBM Business Consulting Services’ health care industry leader, said, “Improving health care through the flow of electronic medical information is a national priority,” he said. “Our goal is to facilitate improvement in health care from the inside out, which will require the collaborative efforts of health care providers, insurers, technology companies and other players in the industry.”

Security and privacy concerns will figure prominently; even the most stringent controls may not be enough to satisfy public perceptions of health data security, not to mention HIPAA requirements.

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