IBM Supports Geronimo

    August 10, 2005
    Chris Crum

Yesterday, IBM announced that it now offers support services for Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Geronimo open source application server software.

IBM’s support services are called IBM Support for Apache Geronimo, and include two levels of support to help customers resolve technical issues concerning applications that run on Geronimo.

According to a press release, corporate developers may be more likely to choose Geronimo technology now that it is backed by support from IBM. This may lead to Geronimo software becoming more mainstream.

“Today IBM is extending flexibility for Apache Geronimo, not only for support service options, but for the choice of code being used,” stated Robert LeBlanc, general manager, WebSphere, IBM Software Group.

“Developers that want pure open source technology can choose Geronimo, and those that want an open source-based solution with value added features can opt for Gluecode. Now both are backed by support services from IBM.”

IBM acquired Gluecode Software back in May. Gluecode software can help Java developers, small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) and departmental users reduce the complexity of application development by pre-integrating the most common services for building mainstream Java applications.

In addition to the new services, IBM today also announced that it has contributed some of its Gluecode software to the ASF Geronimo project. Called the Gluecode Management Console, the software provides a user interface that gives users a centralized location to manage, monitor, and configure components of the Geronimo server, making it easier to use.

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