IBM Geronimos Into Small Business

    May 11, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

IBM acquired El Segundo, Calif., based Gluecode to pump its open source sector. Committing to participate in Gluecode’s Apache Geronimo project, the deal will help IBM to reach a previously difficult to penetrate small business market.

Known for skillful development of Java applications, Gluecode’s software is based on open source technology from the Geronimo application server.

The acquisition will offer an IBM alternative to other open source applications like Jboss, as well as a cost advantage by challenging the pricing of J2EE platforms.

“The acquisition of Gluecode by IBM recognizes the value of software solutions that are built in collaboration with the open community. We are pleased to enable a new business model for IBM that allows them to address a broader spectrum of business needs,” said Chet Kapoor, Gluecode’s CEO.