IBM Frees A Version Of DB2

    January 30, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The Express-C version of the DB2 Universal Database Express Edition became freely available from IBM for application developers.

With the release of DB2 Express-C, users can “download, develop, deploy, test, run, embed, and redistribute” the database.

IBM posted versions of DB2 Express-C for the Linux and Windows platforms, running on 32 or 64-bit hardware. The software can be installed on machines with up to two CPUs and 4GB of addressable memory, IBM said on its site. They do not limit the database size or users.

The release gives IBM a freely available option to compete with similar offerings from Oracle and Microsoft. Like those competitors, IBM hopes to attract developers to its platform.

As developers begin to use DB2 Express-C, the desired result would be to win over those developers, especially those within enterprises. A successful enterprise application built on Express-C, ideally, will require some added features as it grows.

Naturally, IBM has multiple licensing options via DB2 and Websphere to scale those applications. But it has to turn the potential userbase into advocates for the Express-C platform first. To help get them there, IBM also opened a support forum for new testers of Express-C and DB2 Express.

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