IBM And Network Appliance Agree To Partnership, Targeting EMC

    April 8, 2005

With the promise of offering a “Lifeline to Clients Locked in by EMC,” Network Appliance and IBM have agreed to a partnership, which see IBM offering storage solutions based on the Network Appliance attached storage architecture, including the related software.

As for NetApp’s part of the agreement, they will present an enhanced integration of NetApp applications by using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. NetApp will also position IBM as its preferred supplier of tape systems in its solutions for their customers.

Andy Monshaw, General Manager, IBM Storage Systems, states, “The IBM relationship with Network Appliance is a prime example of how two industry-leading companies, both of whom actively support open standards, can team to offer information on demand solutions.

“The choice for customers in the management and storage of information could not be more clear — open solutions from IBM and NetApp that provide systems level innovation versus proprietary point solutions from EMC.”

According to BetaNews:

The partnership is perceived by industry analysts to be mutually beneficial. David Freund, Practice Leader, Information Architectures Illuminata, told BetaNews, “The alliance looks to be fairly symbiotic. IBM’s logo, along with the support that backs it up, will help place more NetApp gear into more Fortune 500 enterprises.

“At the same time, having “NetApp Inside” will catapult IBM’s new NAS products into its reseller channels with relative ease. Neither would be good news for EMC.”

Expect IBM to begin applying its brand to NetApp solutions in the second part of this year. Dan Warmenhoven, Network Appliance Chief Executive Officer, offers these final thoughts, “We expect this relationship to be mutually beneficial long-term as we roll out our joint solutions over the coming year.”

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