Ian Turner Issues Heartfelt Thank You

    July 6, 2005

SEO expert Ian Turner, whose disappearance generated a hail of genuine support, has issued heartfelt gratitude for the support given to him during his ordeal.

Using Nick Wilson’s Threadwatch.org as a vehicle, Ian expressed his vast appreciation for the various web-based grassroots efforts to locate him during his unpleasant episode.

During his post, Ian indicated he would like to thank everyone individually and personally for their efforts in locating him:

Please accept my profound and heartfelt thanks for all your efforts in attempting to find me during my recent troubles and for all the support given to my wife and family during a very distressing time for them.

I’d like to particularly thank Nick for all the work he has put in on my behalf and the support that he has given Ali and my family on this. I’d also like to thank all members of the Threadwatch community for all their work, it has been a most humbling experience for me. You realise that their is a community spirit on the internet, but never could I have imagined just how great that community spirit could be before the events of last week…

Visit Threadwatch to read Ian’s entire post.

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