IABC Launches Conference Podcast and Blog

    April 7, 2006

For the IABC 2006 international conference in Vancouver, Canada, in June, Shel and I are co-hosting and producing ConferenceCast, the official podcasts of the conference, as we announced in February.

The first podcast is now available for download, audio stream, and RSS subscription from In Session, the new conference blog that will formally launch on Monday.

The first podcast features interviews with members of the Gold Quill Awards Blue Ribbon judging panel which Shel conducted last month. Winners of this year’s Gold Quill Awards will be announced this month.

The ConferenceCast podcast series will feature interviews with speakers, conference planners, members of staff, members of the IABC executive board, and members who plan on attending the conference. Both Shel and I will be there as well and we’ll be conducting on-site interviews. We hope to podcast a few complete sessions, too.

Do let us know what you think of the first ConferenceCast by leaving a comment on the conference blog.

The new In Session blog has a clear objective:

Our goal with In Session is to engage participants before they arrive in Vancouver for a richer conference experience and to capture the conference experience onsite for those who don’t attend conference.

Both Shel and I are among the bloggers at In Session. Posting will begin next week.

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