I Stand With Phil Petition: Bigotry In Danger?

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When people sign the “I Stand With Phil” petition, what is it that they’re actually standing with? You’ve probably heard the following or seen it written: “I stand with Phil Robertson because freedom of speech is under attack!”

The First Amendment of the American Constitution defines freedom of speech as the following:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Despite American citizens repeatedly saying is our freedom of speech under attack based on the drama surrounding a reality television show, this just isn’t the case. Unless Congress and all fifty states passed laws while we were sleeping.

What is being argued regarding Phil Robertson is really about bigotry in America: The freedom to hate and hate openly. The problem is that yes, you are free to do that. This is why the KKK and other hate groups are able to have parades and meetings, despite a history of murder and terrorist-actions orchestrated by persons related to such groups. Yes, as an American you are free to hate other people for any reason you want to or for no sensible reason at all. No one has taken that right away.

Even certain politicians have gotten it wrong on that front:

Millions of Americans being up in arms about a scripted television show is embarrassing enough on the global stage. But up in arms about something that is not true regarding our very own Constitution? A sign that many are either willfully ignorant or just out-and-out uninformed.

Hate speech is protected by the Constitution until it becomes “fighting words” or something that will lead to imminent harm or violence. This was the decision in the landmark 1992 United States Supreme Court ruling on R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul. American citizens are still free to hold opinions that are unpopular.

However, you cannot hold an unpopular opinion and be unprepared to see consequences for that opinion or actions that back it up. The reality is that we are living in a world where people are changing, and the popular opinions of yesteryear are going. Remember, once upon a time it was seen as perfectly Christian to burn down churches or hate someone for the color of their skin. Now, It’s no longer seen as okay to ostracize people for their race. We are increasingly see sexual orientation as something that it is less and less okay to demean or hate without a negative response. And religion is simply no longer seen as a valid reason for justifying this form of bigotry.

Bigotry, when it falls outside of social mores, is often seen also as bad for business. This is why when ratings and advertising dollars are threatened by unaccepted forms of bigotry, the unpopular bigots tend to go out the window right along with their opinions. This is about money for the powers that be, not Robertson and not the people that support him. Most Americans are not opposed to same sex marriage and don’t approve of homophobia. Even if “Duck Dynasty” appeals to an audience that is fine with discriminatory behavior and opinions, the network has other shows, other audiences, and other advertisers to think about. Whether the angry like it or not, their loud voice is but a whisper in the ocean of money to be made and accolades to be had.

People can write as many petitions for Phil Robertson as they want to: A&E is not the United States government or a state government or even a city government. It’s a television network looking to protect its brand and be on the right side of history (and its consumer base). History is never kind to bigotry. You may be proud to put your name on a petition today, but ask the people in photographs like this or this how history remembers them. You should be careful regarding what you sign and why you think you’re signing it: You could find yourself wrong on more counts than you know.

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I Stand With Phil Petition: Bigotry In Danger?
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  • Bob

    Seems like the activist gays have more hate for Christians than they receive from the Christians. It’s OK to bully Phil off a TV show. It’s OK to bully Hobby Lobby into practicing a religion that is not theirs. It is OK to bully the Catholic Church into doing things that are anti-Catholic. But it is not OK for a Christian to say what he believes with no action behind it enforcing it on others.

    • Noneya

      You have every right to say what you believe as a Christian, but once you have done that, other people have a right to disagree. The right to say what you believe goes both ways.

      For example, if you work for a company, try going in to work the next day and go into your boss’s office and tell him/her that they are a “stupid moron”. How do you think that would work for you? Do you think that you would still have a job? More than likely, you won’t.

      The “activist gays”, as you call them, did not get Phil kicked off the show. That was the decision of his employer.

      Also, who on earth do you think is “bullying” the Catholic Church?

      I am a Christian, but I DO NOT agree with what Phil said, but I also do not think that he should have been fired. If he would have just stuck to what the Bible says, he would have probably been ok. And before anyone says that he did, please tell me what Bible verse goes into discussing how much more a vagina has to offer over a man’s anus.

      Not to mention the LIES that he told about black people in the south during the time he was growing up there.

      For all of those Christians out there defending him, if you wouldn’t repeat those things with Jesus standing right in front of you, the message is probably not based in Christianity.

      • Jay

        You say you are a Christian Lots of people do. When the Lord condemns homosexual behavior that pretty much covers the points Phil made on an anus vs. a vagina. If you were a Christian you would know this. I humbly suggest you spend more time in your Bible and less time on the internet.

        • John

          Right, but what about the thousands of other things the Bible condemns that don’t apply to today’s day and age? As a Bible scholar specializing in the Old Testament, I can point out tons of these for you. For example, examine the ban in Leviticus (11:10) on shellfish – how many crawfish boils has this guy been a part of? What about wearing gold or having menstruating women live outside the home?

          Ultimately, Robertson was not expressing his views as a Christian. He was expressing bigoted views based in ignorance, and using religion to justify it. For shame.

          • yjmcb

            That is old Testament,replaced by the NT when Jesus died.Read it.

          • Jz27wk

            Interesting to note that all the “rules” you mention come for the Mosaic Law of the Jewish religion. Robertson’s objection to homosexuality and his reason for calling it a sin comes from the New Testament writings of Christian religion. That is the reason he quoted the New Testament as his source for his beliefs.

            As a “Bible Scholar” you should know something that simple and fundamental. I have to wonder how much of a “scholar” you actually are not to know something that basic about the Bible.

          • relaford

            The old testement? You do kow the old testement was made odsolete when Jesus died for us to pay for our sins right? The old testement is only used as a teaching tool to help understand why Jesus had to die to save us. And so far everything Phil has stood by is scriptually correct. Homosexuallity and adultery is a sin as well as other sins he did not mention. And PERHAPS he was not exposed to the hate and violence of his childhood. I don’t see, that doesnt make it any less real.

          • thera

            John if you read the new testament you might understand the bible better

          • Mike

            If you are a scholar of the old testament then you must know that we don’t follow the law of the old testament. The grace that we live in today is the same then as it is today.

          • Frank

            What is the difference between old testament and new testament in relation to Jesus’s death when they BOTH were written a few hundred years AFTER HE WAS DEAD. How does one supplant the other when they are both based on something a group of people made up.

          • Jim

            How do you know he was not expressing his views as a Christian? How do you know he was expressing bigoted views based on ignorance and using religion to justify it? Is it really not clear that the bible says that homosexual behavior is wrong?

          • JERI

            Jesus may have died but 3 days later He arose from the dead and HE now lives.

          • Chris Newsom

            If you were truly a Bible scholar then you would know that Christ came to fulfill the old covenant and the the old Testament is not the rule of Christians.

            Robertson was expressing New Testament views of Christ and the Apostles. Doesn’t make it hate. Just means that we don’t condone sin no matter how accepted it is in society.

          • Lynn

            Christians follow the New Testament, not the old Jewish laws (the Old Testament) concerning the eating of shellfish, menstruating women etc.

          • http://Yahoo Tisha

            The law of the Old Testament was given to Moses to physically protect the Jews from disease and harm, to morally protect them from the heathen practices of those peoples living around them and to spiritually keep them in right standing with God. Homosexuality was a common practice of the Sodomites who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, and God destroyed whole cities with men, women, and children because He considered this behavior so vile. Then, Christ came. He offered Grace and forgiveness for sin. But the message about God’s hatred of the act of homosexuality remained, and His (not ours) last word about the eternal consequences of participating in that activity is stated in no less than five places in the New Testament. Phil’s comments were crude. I don’t condone or excuse them, but the point that God views homosexuality as wrong and in all respects harmful is Biblically sound.

          • dwdude

            for shame? what are your credentials? you need to do some re-reading.
            Jude 1:4
            For certain individuals whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

          • fred Camacho

            For those quoting the Old & New Testaments understand Christ did not replace the OT but to testify to it. God’s law is not replaced but laws having Israel look to the Messiah were replaced by Christ.

          • Billy

            John, you need to go back to school and catch up by becoming a scholar of the New Testament. There, my friend, is where Phil was quoting from, or more precisely, paraphrasing from. As for your other comments about bigoted views, again, read the New Testament because Phil believes completely that ALL of the Bible is inspired directly by God, so your assertion that Phil’s views are bigoted are inaccurate, my friend. You need to attribute it to the real author of the passages from the book of Romans, chapter 1, verses 26-32. That author is none other than God, the same God that is the author of the Old Testament of which you call yourself a scholar. And as for your whole post, how can you call yourself a scholar by nitpicking on the examples of shellfish, wearing gold, and menstruating women without mentioning the significance behind all of those? My guess is that you’re an armchair scholar who thinks he knows what is going on and tries to fool others by blasting the Bible without offering any explanation of the Bible’s writings and its meaning. The OT has plenty of things that do not apply to our culture—but they DID to the Jewish culture and some of them are still highly revered even today. IF you ARE an OT Bible scholar, you need to get a refund because you obviously didn’t learn anything!

          • Marty

            So you’re a “Bible scholar” and you don’t even know that the New Testament did away with the Old Law? Seriously?

          • MiBones

            Homosexuality was just not a sin in the Old Testament. Many, for their own reasons, would have you believe so. Here is the list of New Testament scriptures ….Romans1:8-32…1Timothy1:8-10 1Corinthians6:9-11Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people-none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God. Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. (NLT)

          • George L Campbell

            You equate every one of the 613 commandments of the Jewish Torah/Old Testament? Neither Christianity nor modern Judaism do. Christians only accept those laws that refer to God (the Divine Law) and those relating to morality: sex, robbing, lying, etc. Phil said he preferred a vagina to an anus. That is his choice, so how would that be condemnable? He said that for Christians homosexuality and some other sexual acts were sinful. That is Christian and New Testament doctrine. He paraphrases 1st Corinthians ch 6 correctly. So how is that offensive? Is Christianity offensive? Then you are a bigot. It is ingenuous to say that A&E did what was their decision without the hatred that GLAAD showed by pressuring the company to fire him. These homosexual radical groups promote hatred against Christianity. Queer Nation and Act Up INVADED St. Patrick’s cathedral in 1989, took and spat out communion, and disrupted a mass by screaming and shouting. THAT is bigotry and it is fascism in action. The San Francisco city council condemned the Catholic Church’s doctrine about homosexuality, which is the same doctrine that Orthodox Jews, Evangelicals, most Protestant churches, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Mormons, and Muslims have, so That was bigotry inspired bay homosexual fascists. They are the Haters.

          • http://yahoo jmazzone

            Not only the bible but the constitution

            The right to bear arms in defense of the country against foreign governments written in the time of muskets and cannons does not mean you have the right to an assault weapon to mow down innocent bystanders.
            I am white and straight and I am disgusted by bigots and bible thumpers ( not true Christians but those who interpret the bible for their own ugly agenda) and they have no right to spout their hate on television and influence younger generations who grow up and perpetuate this filth.

          • http://Yahoo Gary

            Read Romans (New Testament) and that will cover the homosexuality issue for you. The Old Testament is pretty much Jewish law, we were talking about Christians. Root word Christ, and Jesus Christ is a New Testament figure.

          • Merri B

            John – Your last paragraph said it all. Most bigots’ views are rooted in ignorance and they always try and use religion to justify it, which is why you probably got a lot of thumbs down. I think you hit just a little too close to home for them.

          • Dp

            You as a Bible scholar should know that God’s laws and views do not change to accomodate the opinion of the majority! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Be very careful Bible scholar of the things that you espouse as out dated when it comes to the scriptures and deeming it out dated. As far as the different types of foods mentioned, if you look them up in medical or nutritional journals, you will find that those foods mentioned are responsible for a lot of the health issues we as humans deal with only a daily basis.

          • Mark Hamel

            John, Hopefully I can clear this up for you and others about the Old and New testiment ( although I don’t claim to be a bible scolar, I have been studying both for many years ). In Leviticus where it speaks about men lying with men, God calls this an ” abomination “, where the other things you speak of,although it commands them not to do so, he doesn’t refer to them as an ” abomination “. This is the key, what God calls an ” abomination “, is, and always will be, an ” abomination ” to God!. He never changes!. The other things that you mention, God never called them an ” abomination ” ( if he had, then they still would be an ” abomination ” today, and none of us should be doing them ), but since he never called them this,these pratices were done away with, when the New Testiment through Jesus Christ was ushered in ( the book of Hebrews says these other things that you mentioned, were types, and shadows, and patterns of Christ, and were done away with, when he died on the cross for our sins ). Just remember this simple rule, what’s an ” abomination ” to God, even all the way back in the Old Testiment,is,and always will be, an ” abomination ” to God. GOD NEVER CHANGES!. And we have several scripture verses in the New Testiment that varifies how God still feels about homosexuality. One being the text in 1 Corinthians that Phil used ( which I agree that he could have been a little less discriptive in his discribing the body parts of a man and women ),which when you search this scripture, it speaks of homosexuality as a sin. You don’t have to agree with the bible, but please don’t try to stop the rest of us from agreeing with it, this is all we are asking for!.

          • christine

            To those yammering that the Old Testament was replaced by the New and the gentleman is wrong on his biblical scholarship; You are aware that Leviticus is the text used for condeming homosexuality and that Jesus didn’t mention it? That was why the man used the example of the Old Testament. YOU people are using it to validate your beliefs. Or didn’t you know that? And while we are on the subject, I’m assuming none of you ladies cut your hair or attend Church without a headcovering? Or sit with men? It’s in the New Testament. Or if you only want to follow what Jesus himself said, He didn’t mention gays, but he did forbid divorce personally. Twice. Overriding the Old Testament. So I’m sure none of you are divorced.

          • OKieWonderWolf

            Isn’t it funny the Religious nuts can spout the Old Testament all the time UNLESS someone points out how they are not following it. Then these nut jobs are all like “Thats the Old part we dont follow that no more.”

            You are right John. If your going to push something that is in the Bible especially from the old part then deny it you are denying the WHOLE part.

            Robertson lied & attacked a peaceful group of people for NO REASON. Yall dont like same sex relationships? THEN DONT HAVE ONE!!! Yall need to fix YOURSELVES & stop judging others like yas do & please stop attacking others. That is NOT CHRISTIAN!!

        • Jack

          I humbly request, Jay, that you spend more time in a library or university than investing in a spirited defense of an imaginary deity. (You can DO it! My daughter figured out imaginary friends weren’t real at 5).

          • Captain Sidney

            Poor, Poor Jack. There’s an old saying from the Farmers Almanac and it goes a little something like this: Rod did not believe in God. Rod now lies beneath the sod and God does not believe in Rod.

          • jwa


            Prove to me scientifically that God does not exist. Even if we stipulate that the Big Bang was the beginning of our universe, where did the matter and energy involved originate?

            Until you can prove that God does NOT exist, then my faith is every bit as valid as your denial.

          • James


          • jonhn

            found proof of the big bang theory, did you? do you believe in love? no proof it exists either, probably just a genetic response to the need to reproduce, right? I went to high school on a college campus, so I could watch objectively what goes on there really, the biggest brain washing experiment in the world

          • George L Campbell

            Let me see, you are a raging atheist, and your 5 yo daughter “figured out” that there was no God. What a brilliant connection with daddy spouting his ideas. You’re not much better than Frank with his wrong idea that the New Testament was written hundreds of years after Jesus. All scholars or almost all place all the writings of the NT within the first century, although a few writings are thought by some to be from the second century. There are references to several of the New Testament writings in writings from other Christian writers of the early 2nd century. It is not surprising that a 5 yo spouts whatever her daddy says like a parrot.

          • Gary

            You see, Jack, YOUR freedom of speech ends when “christians” don’t like what YOU’VE said.
            Pot, kettle, black. The hypocrisy of “christians” never ceases to amaze me. They believe in the bible because actually thinking about the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the bible makes their heads hurt. It’s far easier to simply believe an erroneous myth than it is to critically think about said erroneous myth.

        • Noneya

          @Jay…Thanks for the suggestion. I suggest that you follow your own advice and also practice your reading comprehension skills.

          What Phil said was referring to preference and to which one of the two (vagina vs. man’s anus) has more “to offer”. This has nothing to do with what the Bible is referring to. The Bible does not say that it is a sin because the woman’s vagina has more to offer. Phil further illustrates this when he says “There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying?”. That is not of the Bible…that is of the “flesh”.

          If you take the words that Phil said and compare it to what God said in the Bible that you are reading and they MATCH, then I suggest you try a King James Version Bible. The one you are reading apparently has some “additions” not found in any other version that I have read.

          • wisernow

            King James Version is not the only version. God made man and woman to continue our species… this cannot be done in a homosexual relatioship. That is what Phil meant by “more to offer” Maybe if you tried any other version, you would understand it better.

          • Noneya

            @wisernow…that is not what he meant. That is what you want it to mean because you feel like that will make it “more clean”.

            He was not saying “There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes!” because he was talking about a woman’s ability to have children.

            I understand it just fine. As a matter of fact, I own at least 4 different versions of the Bible. I also understand that the fact that you feel the need to try to clean up Phil’s words for him instead of just admitting that those statements were not based on the Bible, speaks volumes.

          • Ari1973

            @Noneya You keep saying Phils comments are not in the Bible but you are not saying what the Bible actually says about homosexuality. You claim you are a Christian as do many on here so let me be clear. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination before God and punishable but eternity in Hells fires. It does not say its alright part of the time or because you will lose money on advertising for not promoting it. If you own 4 bibles you should maybe go to a bible study or something before telling us how much you say you know.

          • Charlie

            Noneya, Poop does not come out of a vagina. The anus has a purpose, as does the vagina. Poop is gross.

          • Noneya


            “Noneya, Poop does not come out of a vagina. The anus has a purpose, as does the vagina. Poop is gross.”

            I think you are confusing the issue (Just like Phil). You are talking about what you find to be gross as a human. I have never seen in the Bible where God said that it is a sin to have anal sex because “poop” comes out of it. As a matter of fact there wasn’t any explanation given. What you just mentioned is YOUR explanation. If I am wrong, please quote the scripture that says those exact words.

            Also, you do know that there are great numbers of heterosexual men who like having anal sex with women. If your position is that anal sex is the sin, I suggest you start spreading the word to all your straight male family and friends that if they do this (even with a woman) then they are committing an abomination.

          • Noneya


            “@Noneya You keep saying Phils comments are not in the Bible but you are not saying what the Bible actually says about homosexuality. You claim you are a Christian as do many on here so let me be clear. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination before God and punishable but eternity in Hells fires. It does not say its alright part of the time or because you will lose money on advertising for not promoting it. If you own 4 bibles you should maybe go to a bible study or something before telling us how much you say you know.”

            Yes, the Bible does say that. The Bible says a lot of “Thou shalt nots…”. Do you defend them all so vehemently or just the ones that allow you participate in “mob behavior”? Also, did you read the part of the Bible where it says that our righteous deeds are as “filthy rags”? If sin is what has the potential to send us ALL to Hell then that means that your sin is just as likely to send you to Hell also. What right do you have to point fingers at another human being…ANY other human being…and tell them that they are going to Hell for their sin? You ever heard of somebody called JESUS?

            “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

            Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

            Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

            Just because you believe that someone has committed a sin doesn’t give you the right to tell another person that they are going to Hell because as long as you are a filthy sinner like the rest of us, you may wind up being their roommate. That goes for ALL of US.

            Lastly, I wasn’t telling anyone what I “know”. I was responding to someone else (not you) about what I read.

        • Russell

          I find it funny in an odd way that people of the age of 15 – 75 seem to know more then a book that has lived and survived thousands of years and a multitude of wars. Poor, sick, young, old, rich, and even non believers still turn to it in there time of need. Not a scholar or a great Christian but I do know that Leviticus 18:22 is pretty self explanatory “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination”

          • Noneya

            You do know that there is more to Leviticus, right?

          • Russell

            absolutely, well of course but those that offended don’t seem to think it’s biblical. I’m pretty sure Mr Robertsons comments went farther to explain the rest of Leviticus but apparently only that small group that were described in Leviticus 18:22 seem to have an issue with his comments. Of courseother comments seemed to bother a race monger like Jesse Jackson.

          • Confused

            I’m very confused..can someone here help me out..I’m reading this thread where there were comments that the New Testament is what what Christians follow, so it means that all those Mosaic laws that prohibit eating shrimp don’t apply once Jesus rose from the dead..

            But Leviticus is quoted as the Christian source that prohibits homosexual behavior. As near as I can tell, Leviticus is the Third Book of Moses, or part of the Old Testament.

            What bible verse from the New Testament prohibits homosexual behavior? Can somebody here quote that instead of using the Old Testament Leviticus?

            Thank you very much.

          • Browncoat

            1 Corinthians 6:9

          • George L Campbell

            Leviticus also mentions incest, adultery, and bestiality besides homosexuality as sexual sins punishable by death. Is that what you are referring to, or are you talking about ancient social, ritual purity, and dietary laws that are no longer observed by many Jews and by very few Christians, since they were abrogated by the Council of Jerusalem and general Christian use?

          • George L Campbell

            Copnfused: Jesus condemned “immorality” (“porneia” in Greek), which for Jews was the morality laws of Leviticus 18 (not the other laws). Also St. Paul condemns homosexuality in Romans 1, 1st Corinthians 6, and 1st Timothy 1. Look them up. In Romans 1, he is pretty hard. Phil paraphrased 1st Corinthians which condemns a series of sinful behaviors and not only homosexuality..

        • Katydid Harper

          I’m going to go sit right down and search the bible for the part where the great anus vs vagina parts are. Thank you for the lesson on the bible. I am going to spend much time studying that

          • JERI

            As a man speaking about male and/or female sexual body parts. I can see why Phil would like a vagina better than an anus. Just saying. A real man that has areal woman I wouldn’t think he would trade for an anus or something up his.

        • 2eREP

          And if you weren’t so “HUNG up” on aunus’es I wouldn’t suspect you were Gay.

        • dave

          You bible thumpers STILL don’t get it. YOU have the right to your own opinion.NOBODY is saying YOU don’t. Are you so special that only your opinion is right and everybody else is wrong??.This is the very reason religion and govt. are separated.Please stop acting like its your job as a believer to judge other peoples behavior,IT IS NOT ?? Nor is it phil’s either!!Why do the ones who act like they’re holier than thou keep trying to run other peoples lives?? Please read the bible you quote so often and so incorrectly about judging others.!!

          • Lynn

            Trying to keep you out of Hell Dave, eternity is a long time to burn in it’s fires. How do you sleep at night?

          • Scott

            All Phil did was give his opinion based on what the Bible says. So many non-Christians always throw around the term “judging” Like they are some kind of a Bible scholar. didn’t judge anyway.

            Fist of all, the Bible does not teach us NOT to judge but to use righteous judgment. That is, righteous based on the Bible. Secondly, Phil didn’t “judge” anybody. He simply repeated that the bible says homosexuality is a sin. PERIOD.

          • Getterdone

            Our nations very fabric was built on Christian values…If you don’t like it, MOVE OUT !! I’d die for your right to dishonor those that gave their lives to make this the greatest nation in the world. Though not perfect, we are a helluva lot better off than anyone else !!!
            Army – 27 years and still proudly serving !!!

          • Doug

            You are correct that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but let me try to give an overly simplified example of why Christians get upset in these situations.

            Suppose Gene is a famous rock star and he is notorious for having sex with a different woman in every town he ever visits (and he is in a different town 360 nights a year). Gene says that he has such machismo that he can have any woman he wants in bed within fifteen minutes of meeting her. Gene has a reality TV show where he talks about his adulterous (non-Christian) lifestyle every episode and he openly professes that he is happy he is an Atheist and doesn’t believe in all that “God” crap. Christians may comment about Gene’s conduct, but no group makes an effort to have Gene’s show pulled from TV.

            Bob has a reality show too, but Bob’s show is a silly scripted show about family values and has a dopey little moral message woven in every episode. Bob’s show itself never knocks others for what they do, but one day a reporter asks Bob what he thinks about the state of the world. Bob says that adultery is the thing that is ruining the world and that the Bible says adultery is a sin and that unrepentant adulterers will burn in Hell. Bob also says that the Bible says that those who do not believe in Jesus will go to Hell. Several pro-adultery groups go to the network that airs Bob’s family based TV show and say they will boycott the network and the network’s advertisers unless Bob’s show is pulled from the air for stating these awful things about those who wish to have sex outside the sanctity of marriage or choose not to believe in the Christian God. The network does not want to lose the revenue from these groups that make the threats, so Bob’s show gets cancelled.

            Bob’s supporters, wrongly, state that Bob’s freedom of speech is being infringed upon. What they meant to say is that an unfair standard is being applied to Bob, but they are not lawyers and stated things incorrectly. Everyone understands what Bob’s supporters are talking about, but they would rather point out that the technical error in what they are saying than deal with the reality that the sentiment of his supporters is correct.

            It boils down to this: things that are offensive to Christians are allowed to be expressed without consequence, but a Christian is not allowed to express his/her religious views without being called a bigot or a racist or a hater and other consequences being applied.

            Robertson replied to a question and gave his honest answer. Rather than to let people judge for themselves if they would like to keep watching a scripted reality show featuring a person with these views, leaders of GLADD and NAMBLA and NAACP and whoever else goes to the network with threats of sponsor boycotts unless Robertson is punished for stating his views.

            I personally think Duck Dynasty is a stupid show. I don’t tell the network to pull they show because it is stupid, I just choose to have my TV dialed into another network when DD is on the air. Gene Simon’s Family Jewels is also stupid (IMO), but I do not advocate it being taken off cable. Bill Maher is a jerk, so I just change the channel if he is on instead of insisting HBO ban him.

          • craig lowell

            Evidently Phil doesn’t have the right to express his opinion. You may want to consider why Alec Baldwin can use gay slurs and get a pass, and Phil comments on sexual behavior that is prohibited in scripture and is hammered for it.

          • john russell

            Doug and Craig Lowell stated the case the best. Doug said that things offensive to Christians can be expressed without consequence but Christians cannot express their own religious beliefs without slurs (bigot, racist, hater,etc), and Robertson answered a question with his own opinion (quoting the Bible). He said “Rather than…let[ting] people judge for themselves if they would like to keep watching a scripted reality show featuring a person with those views, leaders of GLAAD and NAMBLA and NAACP…[and others]” threatened the network sponsors with boycotts if Robertson was not punished for stating his views. Craig said that he considered the show to be be stupid and Bill Maher is a jerk so he just changes the channel instead of insisting that HBO ban him.
            In the current World of Political Correctness in the US, “Progressives” demand the Right to Silence anyone whose opinions they dislike. Basically ignorant about individual rights (a cornerstone of American society), they either are not aware of
            Voltaire’s famous quote, “I do not agree with a word that you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Or they understand it and and reject it, preferring a figurative or even possibly a literal auto da fey. Liberals changed the name of their collective group years ago to Progressives signifying that they are the antithesis of Classic Liberals and now seek to impose Soviet rules on Americans. Personally I have never watched the Duck show, watched Maher a short time, am not a Christian, do not consider the Bible a reliable source, do not agree with Phil.
            Is it so hard to just change the channel on something you do not like? That’s the purpose of the gadget. Why can’t Progressives and their ilk use it?

        • Jimmy

          Where exactly does the Bible expound on the pleasures of vagina versus man anus?

          • Confused

            Do you recall the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?
            An Angel(in the form of a man) came to warn Lot and the crowd in Sodom saw the Angel and wanted to gang rape him (his ass I presume)..Lot offered him his virgin daughter..but no they wanted to bang the Angel’s butt..thus proving how decadent they were..

            Afterwards, Lot’s virgin daughter and her sister became pregnant by Lot..which seemed to be OK because Lot was asleep at the time..Genesis 18:30-36 Genesis is the First Book of Moses..Old Testiment

            However this is all Old Testament, which doesn’t apply to the current question..to here the people on this thread, only the New Testament applies, and they like to quote Leviticus, the Third Book of Moses..also Old Testament.

            Leviticus also prohibits eating shrimp and pork, among other things.

        • bill

          I am NOT a christian and I suggest you pull your head out of your fairy tale book and realize what’s going on in the world… bigotry and racism are alive and well with the redneck quaker clan… btw I’m a Veteran, father and law abiding citizen.

          • Mike

            A veteran, huh? EVERYONE’S a vet–so? Were you in a righteous war? WWII? Or were you a pawn in Desert Storm or Desert Shield. You guys make me laugh. “We risk our lives so you can say all this!” Idiot. You risked your life to protect foreign interests. Our freedom hasn’t been threatened by anyone but our government since… the American Revolution. A veteran….. hahaha

          • Mike

            Oh–and libs.

        • Enrique

          Let me stop you right there. The lord, as far as you know, never said that. You were neither there, nor present, and seriously, the printing press was barely even around. If you want facts, I got you brother. Fact: The bible is full of propaganda. Written as words passed on from man to man, you may tell your kids to never believe rumors because they get lost around the way, but you believe your bible because it’s the “right” person? Holy crusades, where the Pope insisted it was SERVICE TO THE LORD to commit genocide on a large group of people. Also, please read ancient Egyptian stories. The Iliad. Anything on the stories of Ancient Greece. Or on the Roman Gods. Better yet, reread your bible, because it’s all the same story. Fact: Easter is a pagan holiday. Celebrates the equinox. Seeing as how this festival existed in B.C. times, it must have come before the bible. Unless Geology in untrue and you don’t believe the linearity of time. Easter in your book is what High School Musical is to Grease. Lion King to Hamlet. But of course, you think what you will. You have your image of Christ, and you pray to who you want, but I believe in the power of no hate…because Jesus never hated. He loved all. Your fear is much stronger than your belief.

          • Noneya


            “You have your image of Christ, and you pray to who you want, but I believe in the power of no hate…because Jesus never hated. He loved all. Your fear is much stronger than your belief.”

            Wise words.

        • DONNIE

          RIGHT ON JAY.

        • PghBruce

          Ah, an extremely common misconception. The condemnation of homosexuals is in the Old Testament and the views of Paul in some of his epistles. But not in the gospels of Christ. The Bible condemns homosexuality; not Christ. Believing homosexuality is a sin is NOT a Christian value. It is belief in the Bible, and I as a Christian have little value for the Old Testament. Jesus is the New Covenant, come to wipe away the old laws. Ignore Leviticus; it’s as outdated as Plessy v. Ferguson.

          • ken

            lie!!!! christ does say homosexualty is wrong,if your going to quote the bible at least be right!

          • John

            2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: Also John 1:14 JESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD. You can not separate the two.

        • David

          could not find the Biblical ref. to vagina and anus. there was a lot of silly stuff about missing the plank in my own eye while seeing the speck of dust in my neighbor’s.

          • Cathy


        • Gage Dent

          To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

          “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’
          “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

          Luke 18:9-14

      • Surveyor

        #1) The activist gays did call for him to be punished in some way, preferably by being suspended or fired, and they (GLADD) called several of his sponsors in an attempt to stop them from sponsoring him.

        #2) He did state what the Bible says, and he stated why he did not understand why any man would be attracted to another man, in a rather coarse way. I think I would have limited it to scripture.

        #3) He told no lies at all about black people in the South. Please read his comments about them again. He very implicitly said that with his own eyes, he never saw one black person mistreated. He was poor, and grew up working the cotton fields right along with them, and apparently had great respect for them by the compliments he gave them. The NAACP along with several other people (including you) have attempted to say that he was commenting about the treatment of black people all across the South, when, as I mentioned above, he specifically stated, so as to leave no doubt at all, that he was only speaking of what he saw with his own eyes. Not one person commenting here on the internet knows what he saw, other than what he has said, so no one can know if he is lying or telling the truth. However, I tend to go with innocent until proven guilty. Also, his family was so poor that they had no electricity, which means they had no TV or radio to see what was going on across the country at the time. Their world revolved around Podunkville, LA, and all 500 of its residents.

        • tracy Smith

          To Surveyor, so he didn’t read newspapers either? Even by word of mouth you will hear what goes on with the mistreatment of black people, come on now.

          • jj

            @Tracy smith: The interviewer asked what Phil Robertson’s personal experience had been.. and Phil’s answer was limited to that.

            I never saw blacks mistreated in my youth– the reason I knew there was racial unrest in the 1960’s was because of TV– newspapers did not give a lot of space to the civil rights movement.

          • Surveyor

            Our local paper didn’t publish much outside our county. Even today it only comes out once a week.

      • http://wbpronews.com Leanne Wheless

        I’m sick of those who keeping saying the lies Mr. Robertson said about the south. What lies? Did you live his life? Did you experience or saw the things he did? No you didn’t. I was raised with Jim Crow laws. I was born at home because the nearest hospital wouldn’t take “our kind” My father was drug out of our home by the Klan and beaten. Swastikas were painted on my sister & me. Crosses burned in our yard, yet we were happy. We saw the hate that made others miserable & we celebrated our blessings. It makes me sick to see how far the race baiters have fallen. Go back into your hate filled holes with the rest of the Klan because you have no clue in which you speak.

        • Noneya

          I think that we can read your comment and conclude that you are most likely a liar, just like “Mr. Robertson”.

          Blacks “celebrated their blessings”, but they did NOT celebrate being killed, raped, maimed, beaten and etc. They also did NOT celebrate the fact that if these things were not (at that present time) being done to them that it could be done to them or their children, at any time and for any reason at all.

          Just to be clear THAT is why I feel that you are lying…because for someone who claims to have experienced what you claim in your comment above, you do not seem to be able to differentiate between the two.

          Lastly, since you seem to be psychic, please tell me what period of time I grew up in and whether I am going to have chicken or fish for dinner tomorrow. Thanks!

          • Surveyor

            How did Phil lie? He only commented on what he physically saw in his little community. No one on this board was there to see anything. How can you accuse a man of lying when you have no possible way of knowing what he saw or experienced?

        • Jimmy Krac Korn

          You are so full of crap the closes thing to the Klan you ever saw was the clean sheet on your bed people like you make me puke making up all the lies you can while playing your video games get a new controler. If you are black and donot like what is going on grab a gay and both of you go back to Africa. I am white and have seen more discrimination to me done by blacks and gays then the other way around everyday you can say anything you want against me but if I make a comment against you it racist the gays can tell you where they want the comment stuck up. LOL LOL

          • Cathy

            Maybe it’s because you call yourself Jimmy Krac Korn

      • wisernow

        Did you grow up in the south? I did and I never saw any black person mistreated either. In fact we played with the black kids as well as the white kids. Maybe the very wealthy had servants,but some of those were white. Even MLK jr. said the town that had treated him the worst was Chicago, not the south. Unless you were here, do not comment

        • Rap

          Wisernow, I guess, in your mind, if I shove your kid off the bus with “No whites allowed” that you would tell your kid to quit crying cause that isn’t him being mistreated? Your kid, told he can’t eat at the counter because his skin color makes him too unacceptable and you would be *proud* to tell him to buck up because he’s being treated decent by the black folks in that they didn’t beat the snot out of him for even entering the restaurant?

          Stand up and proudly say you’d tell your kid how he *wasn’t* being mistreated.

          • tracy Smith

            You know if it was them, they wouldn’t be the racists that they are.

          • ironworker

            you all act liked it happened to you it did not maybe to your ancestors not you man up and go on thanks

        • Dana

          Well Phil really stirred up a mess. However the only way I see to resolve the problem is for the gay community to prove him wrong with the bible. I think if they could show him were he quoted the scripture wrong it may stop all the hatred they say he has..

        • John

          when i was on greyhound bus in 1963 going from pittsburgh pa to houston tx i stopped in a middle south station where there were colored and white bathrooms and places at the counter marked colored only. the bathrooms for the blacks were outside, the white only bathrooms were inside. the blacks were moved to the back of the greyhound bus when we crossed mason-dixon. if you stupid shit didn’t see that, you were hopefully only blind.

      • Cliff

        Your right the employer has the right to respond to his comments and the people can respond to the employers response. Then you can respond to that and I can respond to you, GOD bless the Constitution. A&E will decide what is best for them when the numbers come in. I bet that they decide in favor of what benefits their bottom line. FREE market in action.

        • relaford

          I can say one thing , Cliff, if A&E decides to not bring him back, it will cost the nearly $400 million dollars in lost revenue. I’ve already heard some stirring about other channels will pick them up right away. Money can make things all better!!

        • Noneya

          @Cliff…that is right. Everyone has a voice. If you read what I wrote, I said very plainly for everyone to read (for those who can), that I did not feel that he should have been fired. A white southerner who has views such as his is nothing new. Bringing him back maybe the best course of action if that is the only show on their network that brings in any real money. Only time will tell.

      • relaford

        You are right. If he did walk in and call his boss a moron he should be fired. However, dork, he was talkig to someone else thar told others what he said. That would be like someone seeing me shooting shots of whisky on Facebook, then running to the boss aying I’m a raging alchoholic.
        Maybe if he would of said the A&E homchos were a bunch of idiots or something directed at them I could see all this happening. But to say he doesnt agree will inapropriate behavior??!! C’MON MAN!

        • Noneya

          His job is to be in the PUBLIC eye on behalf of the show. The whole reason why GQ wanted to interview him is because of his EMPLOYMENT WITH A&E! Without the show (i.e. employment with A&E), GQ would never have even known he was alive. When he held that interview he was doing so as a representative of A&E because he is associated to them because they own the show that he is on. Without A&E, no Duck Dynasty.

          • Tom

            GQ…what about GQ? Phil is not exactly GQ material so why on earth did they want to talk to him anyway. idk but I smell a GLAAD-GQ setup

          • James

            Then they should not have asked him for his “OPINION” that’s personal, And besides, mabe you should read the whole statement. You can talk all you want, but just because you do all the “talking” does not make you right.

          • Papa Jeff

            Noneya Did you even read the GQ interview? Drew Magary interviewed Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty gang for GQ to find out “How in the world a family of squirrel-eating, Bible-thumping, catchphrase-spouting duck hunters become the biggest TV stars in America” not because they are spokesmen for A&E. The Robertson Family have three main stipulations in their contract with A&E, and one of them is that they are free to discuss their religious beliefs. Phil’s interview was clearly not done as a representative of A&E, and it is safer to say Without Duck Dynasty, no A&E because “A&E isn’t going to walk away from ‘Duck Dynasty,’ they can’t afford to do it,” the insider said.

            Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv-movies/ae-network-executives-messed-duck-dynasty-article-1.1557868#ixzz2oYv1rg2U

          • Noneya

            @James…that is what they do in an “interview”. They ask you for your opinions and thoughts.

      • Jim

        as far as I can tell, no one says that others can’t disagree. But, GLAAD is researching to ensure that Robertson can’t work in the future. This “retaliation” in order to intimidate those who don’t agree with you was a favorite tactic of the Brownshirts in 1930’s Germany.

      • John

        1st it was an interview w/GQ not an A&E management office.2nd GQ asked a question, they got an answer. That’s when the activist groups got involved and put pressure on A&E to can Mr. Robertson. OK fine. So when the family says can’t go on without Phil A&E figures they are going to lose a lot of money. Bottom line is everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to disagree with it. I am tired of someone that disagrees with homosexuality being labeled as homophobic or a bigot or uneducated.

        • Browncoat

          I’d be ‘happy, happy, happy’ if they’d come up with something besides “homophobic”. I’m not scared of homosexuals. It’s the radical PC police that gives me pause… but it’s not fear.

          • David

            not how latent homosexually works. look it up.

      • Jimmy Krac Korn

        You cannot be a Christian if you donot believe in what Phil said he is quoting from the bible and that is what true Christians are supposed to go by. That is whats wrong with fake Christians they only want to have the bible say what they want not the truth. It is a abomination to be gay and it is in the bible and I guarantee that if you ever get to heaven which I serious doubt you will not see any practicing gays there they will be somewhere else I believe is called HELL no judgement here just true facts.

      • Betty

        How can you say you are a Christian and NOT believe with what Phil said. He did indeed stick to what the Bible says and as a Christian you should know that. Leviticus 18:22 says “You shall not lie with a man as with a woman, it is an abomination.” “If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death.” You as a Christian can also look up Romans:26-27, 1Corinthians 6:9-11 and 1Timothy 1:9-10. After reading these scriptures there is NO WAY you can call yourself a Christian and not believe Phil is right in what he said. As for your other questions, there is nothing in the Bible about these things. They would fall under the fact that God gave us “free will”, that is why people “bully” others and treat them the way they do.

      • http://webpronews ken

        Phil never said any of this was IN the bible. What he said about prefering a vagina to an anus, was simply that his preference.Never said it was from the Bible. He was stating what he thought, not declaring it as God’s word. As for lies, what did he lie about? I gre up in the north, and in grade school many childred of migratory black workers filled our school.many be it was simpler times, but they were happy. I have several black friends now, and they are always bemoaning their plight in the country. Certainly you would agree that the times are better for the African-American, but some are not happy. I think this is what Phil was trying to say. his main defense was he was not saying it as part of the show. this was a private interview for a magazine. My gay friends are bent out of shape over these comments,but feel it Ok to hate and be anti-straight, , its mind boggling

      • Russell

        Did you actually read the article about what he said about black people or are just regurgitating what you’ve been told?

      • tracy Smith

        That is so true, they just don’t get it!

      • tracy Smith

        This is so true, they just don’t get it!

      • Mister Dontgiveadamn

        There is no God. And if there were, you would be one more confused sheep. The “bible” stands in stark contrast to queers, gays, dikes and greasers. It has to be the most contradictory mass of jumbled bullsh ever known. For the record, never mind Phil being a religious zealot, he exercised his constitutional right to free speech, and now he is a martyr for it. Welcome, my friend, to false prophets and false democracies as well.

      • subduedjoy

        Most likely it the “activist gays” or Phil’s boss who got him kicked off the show. Most likely Phil’s boss was pressured by the company’s sponsors to fire him. We now live in a world in which we are told what to do by those above us. I have trouble more with the fact that Phil got fired than by what he said. If someone above us doesn’t like what we say, we are ostracized. Fine, he said someone anti-gay. What if he had said something anti-government? Today, he might not get fired for it, but what about tomorrow? If we can have people fired from T.V. shows from saying something anti-gay, then we have have people fired for saying something anti-government. It’s only a matter of time.

      • jj


        Phil did not tell LIES about black people nor did he deny racism existed– he was asked: “Did you see racism when you were growing up?”

        To which he replied that he personally had not seen or experienced racism towards blacks.. Phil grew up in rural Louisiana in a poor, white trash family who worked in the fields alongside blacks– and Phil personally never saw racism or saw blacks who were unhappy at being black.

      • sheesh

        what she said.

      • http://yahoo Crystal

        Noneya I feel that you must not have read what he said. When he spoke of blacks he was talking about what he personally saw. What he personally experienced. The problem with a lot of people today is there is this idea that whites can’t even talk about their experiences in regard to any other race whether good or bad. His memories where of his family working and worshipping along with them. That they were all Godly and happy. What was the harm in that. But as being white perhaps in this nation I shouldn’t even discuss it.

      • James

        Sounds like you are a “Lukewarm” Christian. mabe you should go back to the book of Revelation chap 3 vs 14-17.
        You are supposed to love the man but hate the sin. And if the sinner refuses to change then be away from them.
        Homosexual falls under 1 Corinthians chap 6 vs 6-10.
        GO buy you a Bible and read it. Obviously you profess Christianity and don’t own a Bible.At Judgement we will see how THAT works out for you.

        • Noneya

          I am not sure if you are referring to me, but if you are and if you have any reading comprehension skills you will know that I own at least 4 different versions of the Bible and I also read and refer to them.

          Yes, at Judgement we will see how it works out for ALL OF US SINNERS.

      • Chris

        Were you alive in the 1940’s south in the neighborhood he grew up in? every part of the south wasn’t as bad as the “race baiters” like Jessie Jackson bring up every time they need a few donations. Some slave owners took care of their slaves and treated them like humans. but the Reverend Jessie Jackson can’t let that believe stand it doesn’t fit with his agenda. Also how can someone call themselves a reverend and then defend homosexuality no matter how much you want to skew the dozen verses that condemn homosexuality you can’t find 1 verse where it was condoned or supported by god.

        • Noneya

          Yes… So, slavery was good especially at the hands of the good kind-hearted slave masters, but homosexuals are all going to hell. Riiiight. Got it! Thanks for the Bible lesson.

          • Mark

            Noneya, explain to me which plantation you worked on and how many stripes you have on your back by some white slave owner who beat you?. Most ( not all ) of the black people who cry out against racism today, only know about it by what they have been fed by their parents or elders who was fed by someone else. As long as Black people keep this slave mentality, they will always be slaves. Yes racism still exist, but I find it in blacks more then I do whites now days. It seems to me that black people don’t mind racism, they just don’t like racism that is directed towards them. Racism is wrong no matter what color it is directed towards, Black, white, brown, red,its wrong and should end!. I have often thought about what Martin luther King jr. would think about, if he could see the way his race has turned out and the racism that is seen in and by them today!. Fact, Almost, if not, every race has experienced racism at some point in their past. The key is, are you going to keep living in the past, or move on and enjoy the future you can have. Your decision!.

      • Randall Jewell

        “I am a Christian, but I DO NOT agree with what Phil said, but I also do not think that he should have been fired. If he would have just stuck to what the Bible says, he would have probably been ok. And before anyone says that he did, please tell me what Bible verse goes into discussing how much more a vagina has to offer over a man’s anus.”
        No way you are a Christian. This posting isn’t even worth more of a comment than I have given. Oh, I lied. One more comment. The anus is for getting rid of, expelling stuff, not accepting anything. Check out basic biology

        • Noneya


          “No way you are a Christian. This posting isn’t even worth more of a comment than I have given. Oh, I lied. One more comment. The anus is for getting rid of, expelling stuff, not accepting anything. Check out basic biology”

          I already answered this kind of response by somebody named Charles.

        • Papa Jeff

          Randall, The GAY Police are not pissed off because Phil said he thinks that sin is not logical and he provided a graphical example. They are having there hissy fit because he was asked What, in his mind, is sinful? and he answered by quoting the Bible which includes adulterers, idolaters, prostitutes, homosexual offenders,greedy people, drunkards, slanderers, and swindlers. That quote is what they are pissed off about, they feel guilty about their sin and don’t want anyone to point out they are sinners that choose to continue to sin.

        • David

          have you ever seen what comes “out” of a vagina? totes McGroats

          • David

            My daughter came out of my wife’s vagina. Pretty awesome moment.

      • Diver2456

        Well when people misquote people you get the wrong information. If you look how the question was framed and his answer. Next were you there when he was working side by side with blacks I think not. Again should their be repercussions for his beliefs no. Should the Gay and Lesbian groups be making such a fuss over what he said no.Remember opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

      • Billy

        Noneya, Phil DID stick to what the Bible says…and more people agree with me than they do with you. Phil was saying a paraphrased quote from Romans chapter 1, verses 26-32. As to your other non-sensical assertion, his talking about a vagina and an anus was speaking purely from a natural distinction between a man and a woman and of the natural inclination to want to mate with each other instead of man to man, woman to woman. This was also in GQ magazine, a magazine devoted purely to male concerns and that also has a decidedly high male readership…it was kind of like “locker room” talk, which a woman just simply wouldn’t understand the crass and crude remarks that guys typically engage in…kind of like a guy simply wouldn’t understand the “girl talk” that happens when they get together. And as for the “lies” you say he told about blacks, did you read the article? At no point did Phil EVER say that his observation and experience with blacks in his hometown was typical of EVERY PLACE in the country…for goodness sake, get over yourself and read what is actually there!

      • MiBones

        GLAAD went to A&E and complained about Phil quoting scripture. Also Rainbow Push. For some reason saying homosexuality is a sin and you can go to hell bothers them. Phil did not preach any kind of violence towards gays in fact, he loves everyone and will let God sort out judgement. He told no lies about what he experienced with blacks in the South. I know people who had the same experience. Back then in the rural South, poor was poor, white and black they both hoed the same fields. Life was not the same as in the cities at the time.
        The complaint is that A&E knew that Phil preached the gospel. He even has a sermon on You Tube along the same lines. This whole ruckus was from a GQ interview with the A&E pr people there. No one complained and if A&E was so outraged, why are they running Duck Dynasty marathons over the holiday and Phil is already in nine of the ten shows that have already been taped for next season. Hypocrisy reigns supreme at A&E, GLAAD, and Rainbow Push.

      • Methos

        Romans 1:24-27 , Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts , to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
        Who changed the truth of God into a lie , and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator , who is blessed for ever . Amen .
        For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections : for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature :
        And likewise also the men , leaving the natural use of the woman , burned in their lust one toward another ; men with men working that which is unseemly , and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet .
        I Corinthians 6:9 & 10 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God ? Be not deceived : neither fornicators , nor idolators , nor adulterers , nor effeminate , nor abusers of themselves with mankind ,
        Nor thieves , nor covetous , nor drunkards , nor revilers , nor extortioners , shall inherit the kingdom of God .

      • George L Campbell

        Phil spoke about the black people he knew as “white trash” who worked in the fields with them and were his friends. He did not give an overall historical view but spoke of HIS Experience.

      • Jim Honaker

        No you are wrong about a lot of people not minding same sex marriage.
        lt’s the other way around.
        A LOT OF PEOPLE –DO NOT== Want or like, same sex marriage.


        • Cathy

          How do you know what “our” Lord wants?

      • larry

        If your going to talk about morons you probably shouldn’t be one. If you check your facts you will find the uproar started over the GQ article. FACT The criticism came BEFORE the GLTB and GLADD HAD EVER HEARD ANY THING ELSE. The spokesman for GLADD call Phil Robertson a bigot and racist even before they had found the interview and sermon in which said he didn’t see the mistreatment of blacks when he was growing up. I d think you should do some research on Jim Crow laws and as where and how they were uses in different parts of the south. In LA it was dramatically different than say AR or AL. What he said he saw may very well be true.
        Same goes true in the northern states. I lived in rural Ohio and never saw the mistreatment of blacks. That said many black living 20 miles away probably saw a completely different situation. That however doesn’t excuse the oppressed community mistreatment of segments of society that weren’t directly involved in the original oppression.

        Just because Joe Blow mistreats you doesn’t give you the right to mistreat me. Period
        That is the type of situation you and the GLTB and GLADD are doing.

      • Joe

        You need to find out the difference between being a Christian and Catholic.
        The Catholic church has been under attack for years. For The reason of tearing down morals,values,families and THE VOICE OF PEOPLE.Separate people and you conquer them and control them.

      • dm olsen

        just plain bs from those offended by his remarks.

        no tolerance at all in their hearts.

        does the church consider it a mortal sin leading to damnation if there is no repentance: yes it does.
        like hell pressure was not brought to bear on A&E…. get a grip

      • Terry

        And why did A&E fire him I ask you because they were bullied into it by the gay and lesbians so shut the F up until you know what the hell your talking about moron..

      • Name

        Phil was asked a question and he answered it honestly. Calling him a bigot for believing that homosexuality is sin, not understanding the appeal of homosexuality, and for saying that the black people that he knew in the 60’s were happy is frankly stupid. He talked about his own beliefs and experience and nothing else.

        It may not be a first ammendment issue, and his employer has every right to handle the situation however they want, but calling this man a bigot, a racist, and accusing him of hating these people is a slanderous and false accusation. You also have to ignore the fact that he said it’s not his job to judge anyone, but he loves all people.

        The only reason he said the things he said is because he was SPECIFICALLY asked about them. If GQ didn’t want the answer, they shouldn’t have asked the question.

      • FRANK


      • Thomas

        Why do you say he LIED. He said he did not see any racism or beatings, he worked along side them in the fields. He did not say that it wasn’t happening, he said he didn’t personally see it himself. So you LIED, not Phil.

    • EK

      You mean the same Christians who called for boycotting TV stations that showed Ellen? Give it a rest..there are consequences for actions. This is not a 1st amendment issue this is an employer/employee issue…

      • dave

        Most of these so-called christians seem to have little compassion or ability to separate their religious beliefs from reality.Even the bible says love thy neighbor,not hate him/her because you don’t like what he/she is or does.!!

        • Chris

          We don’t hate gays we just know that if they are not shown the error in their ways they will burn in a fiery hell for all eternity.

          • Jules

            This thread is very sad and obviously the author hit a nerve. Truth hurts. I can’t imagine who would want to believe in a god who is followed by the likes of the folks on here. The buybull is fiction but the hatred on display here isn’t…unfortunately.

        • dw

          Was once told God understands the flesh is weak, but that doesn’t mean He condones it. The 1st
          commandment is to love God with all our heart. If i live in open rebellion, how can I truly say I love Him. Homosexuality is in the same list as murder, gossip, lying(1 Cor.6:9-11). Do we call it hate when we warn against such behavior? Some evil sociopaths do. The Bible says there are those who stand against good(2 Tim, 3) and wander around as truly lost embodied souls. Chaos is their destiny. They hope to drag as many down as they can. We can’t always tell who they are, so those who have a concern for souls will have enough concern to at least warn. The Bible calls that form of love agape. Far above the cheap pseudo-love shown by PC flatters and those bereft of truth.Those who use such events to make a name for themselves. Whether they use the title Rev. or not the Word says they have their reward here and not to count on the hereafter.

          • Papa Jeff

            Very will put, DW

    • Rob

      What an ignorant comment. What hate are you receiving? Don’t be upset just because your opinion repulses the majority of Americans. And cry me a river, boo hoo, you expressed hateful opinions and now people are turning against you… It’s you with the problem, not everyone else.

    • randi

      Uh hum… I would like to point out the movie franchise to be called the ‘Golden Compass’.
      You remember that?
      Well let me tell you. It was a series of movies that were to be made based on the books that were written.
      Except, these books were written by an atheist.
      They got the first movie made, then the christians came unglued.
      They protested and protested until they got the rest of the movies canned.
      Do you see the hypocritical nature that we are talking about now?
      No? Well, that’s your fault.

      • doug

        to be fair, that movie also suffered from a confusing and, at times nonsensical plot

    • Melkie

      The censorship liberal-Gays and feminists- put white trash on tv and then get shocked when they say redneck stuff?

    • Randy

      Jesus was brilliant, enlightened, pacifistic, non-materialistic and politically alienated- the exact opposite of these right wing “Christians” who praise his name and insult his teachings

      • kay

        I think it’s important to say that God is not going to be defeated. The “world” can do all it wants to but it’s just not going to happen. That’s REALLY what all of these conversations is all about.

    • 2eREP

      And was it okay to “bully” the Dixie Chicks for hating on your boy GW? What goes around comes around! Free Speech works both ways; not just for the haters that YOU like.

      • Lynn

        Dixie Chicks weren’t bullied. Their fans liked George W. and stopped buying their music and attending their concerts. Country radio stations listened to their fans and stopped playing the Dixie Chicks music. That is what A&E should have allowed to happen. If the viewers stopped watching the show, then Duck Dynasty should have been cancelled. Censorship is the problem. A small fringe is dictating what the rest of us can watch on TV. It’s the reason Cracker Barrel backed off, they realized the people who eat in their restaurants are the ones watching Duck Dynasty. You wonder who is running that company if they don’t know their customer!!

    • brando

      Wow, Bob, did you even read the above article? No, activist gays don’t hate Christians, but they are tired of being told by those “Christians” that they, (gays), are evil and sinners. Like many, you’re attempting to create a false equivalency where one doesn’t exist, i.e. Christians and gays have an equal amount of power in our society. Christians aren’t beaten to death for being Christian, but gay people are. Christians have been held up for centuries as model citizens, while gays have been held up as deviants and mental deficients. Therefore, gays aren’t “bullying” Christians, they’re simply standing up for themselves; they are refusing to be classified as second class citizens. Maybe you should bone up on the social history of our country, not to mention the real meaning of Christianity.

      • Janice Gore

        @Brando-And I think Christians are tired of being called ignorant, uneducated, redneck bigots if they don’t agree with the gay lifestyle. It’s ironic how many comments there are in which people who are NOT Christians will quote the Bible and tell Christians HOW THEY SHOULD LIVE.

      • Ari1973

        Wow Brando have you ever studied History Christian have been killed and still are being killed for their beliefs. Maybe not on your street, neighborhood, or even country. That doesn’t make it a lie however. Christians and Muslims were fighting in S. Africa a month or two ago. The news report said the bodies piled in the streets as it was too dangerous to collect the dead. Maybe you should know your facts before coming on here and spouting off!!!

      • dw

        I Know many Homosexuals who are brilliant, talented, kind and easier to be around than a lot of heterosexuals. But their lifestyle is still wrong. Nicodemus was a great guy, but without Christ he was lost. Christ told the adulteress to quit sinning. Did He hate her? He told Roman soldiers to quit stealing? Did He hate? Christians should never abuse anyone, but if I want to hold on to a pet sin, the easiest thing to do now is cry abuse. Where do our children learn to abuse abuse for personal gain? The Word says if we see someone astray we are to let them know they are in danger(James 5:20). They may not like it, but.

        • http://wbpronews.com Alex Cunningham

          Your the one whose wrong. Your lifestyle isn’t “wrong” unless your breaking the laws.. That’s what America is. Who the hell are you to determine right and wrong when it comes to how you live your life? Just because you’re heterosexual that means you live the “right” life? I’m not gay, and I don’t have many gay friends, but this is 2013, we accept people for who they are if they live within’ the laws of our state our country. The Bible does not teach you to hate homosexuals. There’s not 1 word in the Bible regarding hate for homosexuals. So that’s you’re own prejudice, ignorant opinion. And when you say dumb things like that you shouldn’t be surprised when people say “who the hell are you to judge me”

    • Bobby

      Most people don’t care to continuously read and/or hear about this topic. I know… I know! I am the one reading this article, therefore I’m part of the problem, sorry I disagree. The neo-socialist party (democraps) and tea-party (republicons) are feeding the media monster with divisive propaganda to draw attention away from the “real” issue that is the stale economy and near-future unprecedented taxation. No one “really” cares about some Louisiana rednecks and their obvious beliefs, did we really think these gun toting duck hunters would be accepting of urban norms? What most yappers care about is that these bigots have an audience and that audience is not drinking the “correct” kool-aid.

    • Your’e missing the point

      Gay or straight, people who lick anus are sick… I too am entitled to my opinion…

    • You’re missing the point…

      Gay or straight, people who lick anus are sick… I too am entitled to my opinion…

      • Dj

        jesus was a gay man he hung out with 12 dudes

    • Tammy

      I saw the so called offensive video. It was from his church in 2010 before the show was on tv. Seems like when we have a good family oriented show, everybody wants to take it off. Any Bible believing church believes what he believes. I think the real reason they are after him, is because they say the prayer over their food at the end of every show

      If Hulk was still wrestling, I guess they would be after he for telling kids to say their prayers

      • http://wbpronews.com Alex Cunningham

        Any Bible believing church would call you an ignorant fool. The Bible does not preach hate. If you use the Bible for hate then you are twisting it into your own hateful fantasy book. The Bible says nothing about hating homosexuals. Try reading it before you follow it. If you break down the new and old testament it comes down to this. Treat people how you want to be treated. Love and forgive thy neighbor. Be a good person. Do things for other people. Preach love and forgiveness to anyone who will listen. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “hate people whose lifestyles you don’t agree with” “hate people who are homosexual” So no that is not a belief of Bible. I mean for God’s sake.. Jesus forgave the people who nailed him to the cross.. you think he wants you to hate homosexuals?

    • joel

      Well Bob, I don’t know if gays have more hate than christians but I do have a question for you, Bob… just who are these “christians” of whom you speak. Their savior is not Jesus because they do not follow the teachings of Jesus. I can only surmise that they have a different christ who they worship… a savior of bigotry and hatred because it is not the gays who say they hate christians but these christians – your “christians”. Bob. Phil is the bully. Phil is a bigot. Phil fits the definition of a bigot. He may be educated – as he says- but he is ignorant. Phil has a right up to a point to spew hatred and bigotry but there may be social consequences attached to that right. Ponder that.

    • http://wbpronews.com Alex Cunningham

      Hey, you ignorant fool, There is not 1 single word in the Bible regarding homosexuals or God’s hate for them. So stop hiding behind Jesus, just admit that you’re a prejudice idiot who can’t accept people for who they are, because that’s about as far as it goes. God has nothing to do with it. And if you really followed “Christianity” your first thought would be forgiveness.. not hate.

    • Ginny Roberts

      Very well put!

    • Dave

      It is the same as it ever was. The only difference is now the people that Christians, Catholics, ect… were pushing around are speaking up for themselves and holding the real bullies accountable for their actions.

    • pat

      Most Americans are not opposed to same sex marriage and don’t approve of homophobia.


    • Meg

      Maybe one should follow the ” if you can’t at something nice, don’t say anything at all” rule. Worked just fine for Thumper and falls more in line with the message of Jesus than “burn in hell fag”.

    • Jeff

      Not true! Christians boycotted FORD a few years ago when they advertised to gays and boycotted IKEA a couple years ago for including a gay couple in a commercial. Christians have also been threatening to boycott stores that use the “Happy Holidays” greeting. None of these companies said anything derogatory toward Christians to deserve these boycotts.

    • Cathy

      It IS OK for Christians to say whatever they feel. The point is when you say what you feel, others have the right to say what they feel about what you’ve said. When more people disagree with your opinion and it is going to cost a business money, guess who will lose? You have to be prepared for the consequences of your speech.

    • JohnniE

      Bob, From where do you think the hatred began? Name one person harmed by Gays because they thought he was Christian.

  • Ken

    Phil did not say he hated these people he simply said that the bible teaches him that homosexuality is a sin. He did say he loves all people you can love someone but not accept everything they do. And I think you have it wrong most people do not accept same sex marriage. In every state that has put this to a vote same sex marriage has lost every time. Only the liberal courts have overturned these laws.

    • Harry

      Most Americans are opposed to same sex marriage and just try to ignore it as long as It don’t affect them.

      • Yames

        Most Americans are opposed to same sex marriage? Really? I think you better check your facts and figures again before you post anything else.

      • bruce

        It’s interesting to note that most Americans, by EVERY recent poll, are in favor of allowing gays to marry. And, on this website, the ones agreeing with your incorrect comment outnumber those disagreeing by at least 5 – 1 as I post this. I would guess that most of the people posting here are DD fans and don’t want to hear (or to know) that the rest of the world isn’t like them and doesn’t agree with their opinions and doesn’t really like what the Robertsons think. The fact is that DD is minor-league stuff and the casual bigotry the Robertson patriarch is pushing is material the rest of the world got over a long time ago. I didn’t LIVE in the south, but I visited for extended periods of time, and I will tell the small-brained Mr. Robertson that any black who said a cross word about whites in the presence of a white might well pay for it in blood. And not just his, either. And if Robertson doesn’t understand that yet, he hasn’t gotten a bit smarter.

    • Janet Dial

      This isn’t a matter of whose opinion is right or wrong, nor of free speech. Simply a matter of economics. As the article states, Phil can say whatever he wants — and A&E can then act according to what is in the network’s best interest. We’ll see how it works out.

    • http://wbpronews.com Alex Cunningham


    • Cathy

      Ken – I think YOU have it wrong. Massachusetts voted that same sex marriage is OK. I actually think a few states have voted it in

  • JJ Birdwell

    Freedom of speech has been hijacked by radical left wing groups such as Glaad, etc. Whenever anyone publicly expresses their traditional views, the lefties are well coordinated to come at us with their charges of bigotry, racism, intolerance, etc. They target our speech by threatening to boycott advertisers on the programs we watch and the programs who dare to express a differing view from their own. The mainstream media refuses to accept that there can be legitimate differing opinions, for fear of themselves being called bigots, and targeted by these groups. Conservatives need to form their own groups, and turn to the same tried and true techniques used by these groups to go after the people, groups and networks who deny our constitutional right to free speech, and deny us the right to speek our minds. There are many more of us than there are of them. We just need to assert ourselves.

    • Merlin

      I don’t need a bible to tell me that having sex with an anus is disgusting. If you like it have at it. Just don’t demand that I approve or want any thing to do with it. It sounds like you are demanding that everyone approve of something they find disgusting.

    • dw

      Return not insult for insult, but overcome evil with good. Prayer and kindness can do alot in certain situations. Only God can truly soften a hardened heart. But if that heart has been given over(Romans 1)it will yield the fruit it chose.

  • David

    The ‘haters’ here are on your side of the aisle Ms. Toni. They HATE heteronormavity. And ‘hetero’ is NORMAL, according to Mother Nature. ‘Hetero’ is fecund, unlike ‘homo’, which is sterile. Mother prefers fecundity. And gentlemen prefer vaginas.

    • Yames

      “Hetero is fecund?” Why do people like you make it sound “fecal?”

      • David

        ‘fecund’ and ‘fecal’ are OBVIOUSLY different words. English not your first language?

    • John

      This too, is viciously false. Homosexual relationships have been commonplace not only throughout history, but are also found in all types of relationships throughout the animal kingdom.

      Terrible, terrible job being right, good sir.

      • Surveyor

        Actually, you are incorrect about homosexuality being common in the animal kingdom. I’m a biologist, and animals use what we would consider “sexual” acts in a wide variety of ways that have absolutely nothing to do with sexual gratification, procreation, or anything else we engage in sex for. Unlike humans, animals will breed/have sex due to scent stimulation and many other factors. That is how horse breeders get stallions to have sex with a pipe in order to gather semen. The apparatus looks nothing like a mare, but the scent overtakes the stallion, and his breeding instinct kicks in. Seemingly sexual acts are also used as a form of domination over subordinate members. Female Bili apes will dominate other females and then rub their vulva on them in order to show dominance. When a new male hippo takes over, he will bite the tail off the fallen leader (keeps him from marking his territory) and will mount him in a show of dominance. Those are just a few of thousands of reasons animals use seemingly sexual acts for very non-sexual purposes.

      • David

        Nobody said homosexual relationships haven’t been found throughout history. What was said is that by the standards of biology they are not normal. They are deviations and outliers.

        Good job of being terribly right, you mean.

  • John

    I think the author has misjudged Americans here. People are outraged over the bigotryj(hate & intolerance) displayed TOWARDS Mr. Robertson, his religion, his redneck lifestyle, and his supporters.

    If anyone actually read his quotes, he explained (albeit graphically) his beliefs that homosexuality is a sin, but ALSO explained that he loves all people, and that it is not his place to judge people, that is God’s job.

    In the meantime, others denigrate Phil Robertson and religion in general. They call him names, make fun of his rural redneck lifestyle and make fun of his show. Thats what makes the rest of us mad. And when you consider that their show, one of the most popular shows around, is also one of the few wholesome and clean shows on television, it makes it all the worse.

  • Debbie Lamb

    Phil Robertson only quoted what the Bible states. Its too bad that all these liberals are so quick to react to anything that they don’t like, whether they have facts or not. I am a Christian, and I will remain a Christian until the day I die. Homosexuality is wrong socially, religiously, and morally and I am sick and tired of having it shoved down my throat. Where are Phil’s rights, and my rights to say what we think? Everybody else does. Why are we not allowed to quote the Bible? This country was founded on Christianity, and its time that Christians take this country back. Our own President has stated that this country is no longer a Christian nation, and he should be ashamed of himself.

    • Yames

      How do people with such closed, hate-encrusted minds go about their daily lives, always passing judgement after judgement on anything “out of your warm sphere of existence.” You clearly have had no spiritual awakening as a result of reading your “Bible”. There is a bigger message in the Bible than being judgmental, and as long as people like yourself, God’s lost little lambs can freely spout hateful and divisive opinions, you will remain farther from the truth of what The Bible is really all about.

      • Gypsy

        You give people a computer and who knows what will come out of their mouths. What I read on here are a bunch of C- history students who don’t know anything about the founding fathers. One lady said Lincoln was one of the founding fathers! this country was not founding as a Christian theocracy. “The 1796 Treaty with Tripoli states that the United States was “not in any sense founded on the Christian religion” (see the image on the right). This was not an idle statement meant to satisfy muslims– they believed it and meant it. This treaty was written under the presidency of George Washington and signed under the presidency of John Adams.” Learn your history people. You sound completely ignorant.

      • http://yames James

        you cant keep walking knee deep in S—t ad not start stinking

    • Yolo

      Are you serious? This country WAS NOT founded on Christianity! Maybe if we were a theocracy, bu we are a democracy. This country is full of different religions and to go out and say that this is a Christian nation is just a statement of ignorance.

      • Jackson

        Hey Yolo, guess who said this. “One cannot possibly expect to lead a country properly without the God of the Bible.”
        I’ll give you a hint, it was the first president of the U.S.
        Does that change your mind?

        • Shadow

          George Washington also owned slaves throughout his life.
          He’s not exactly a great example of moral character, like many of our past Presidents and Statesmen.

      • CONNI

        George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were two of the many foundiong fathers that were Christian and read their Bibles. The Bible was one of the main books used in our school system. Now that it is not being used the GUN has taken over our schools.

        • bern

          Conni.. Linclon a founding father really !! please take a 5th grade history course.

      • Ono Meia

        Kido, the United States is Republic. Thinking we are democratic not a republic in incorrect. Go do your research from books not just the internet things happened prior to the internet that have not made it to this wonderful tech-o-world we have access to that has not made it to the internet. North America was first populated in the Northern shores on freedom of religion protesters you could call the first pilgrims protesters as they were trying to find a place to practice religion of their choose and had been to find a new location to practice their religious views. Why do you think we had such a time forming our county,not because we were in agreement but what to we were as states then citizens agreeing about. When our views are narrowed down and we think we are being free thinkers, open thinkers, accepting we are then what we started out not to be. Think about it.

      • D. Masters

        @GYPSY…The United States of America WAS founded on Christianity. The “GOVERNMENT” maybe wasn’t, but this country WAS. It WAS founded on Judeo Christian Principles. I just went and read the 1796 Treaty with Tripoli and this is what it says…THE GOVERNMENT wasn’t founded on Christianity.

        @YOLO…This country isn’t a democracy, it is a “Republic”, that is why the Pledge of Allegiance that we were taught to recite years ago in starting school and still recited today at baseball games, etc…states, “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and UNTO THE “REPUBLIC”, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      • D. Masters

        @GYPSY…The United States of America WAS founded on Christianity. The “GOVERNMENT” maybe wasn’t, but this country WAS. It WAS founded on Judeo Christian Principles. I just went and read the 1796 Treaty with Tripoli and this is what it says…THE GOVERNMENT wasn’t founded on Christianity.

        @YOLO…This country isn’t a democracy, it is a “Republic”, that is why the Pledge of Allegiance that we were taught to recite years ago in starting school and still recited today at baseball games, etc…states, “I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and UNTO THE “REPUBLIC”, for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  • Anita Harvey

    Faith my faith is in God and the truth is what should matter. The word of God will stand when this world passes away. This world now makes wrong to be right and right to be wrong, and when you stand up for God he’s pushed aside. REPENT – Gen 1:27-28, Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13, These scriptures clearly inform you that God says that people of the same gender are not suppose to be together sexually and it’s many more. Many go to church and say they love God but they still want to live any kind of way. If you really love him the bible says to keep his commandments. It doesn’t matter if your rich, and no one owes anyone an apology for the true word of God. The word of God says not to add anything to or take anything from his word or you will be cursed. Ask God to come in and change you to be what he has called you to be.
    God bless

    • Larry


    • Danielle

      I really hope you don’t consider yourself a Christian, since none of the passages you’re quoting have anything to do with Jesus. Try this one: Matthew 5:10 – “Blessed are those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” It sure sounds to me like you are on the persecuting side of this coin if you are judging anyone but yourself. Only god can judge which means YOU CAN’T.

      • Lynn

        Danielle, you just judged me by saying I can’t judge. Think about it.

  • Ted

    This editorial misses the whole point!!! It is only a smoke screen designed to disguise the truth. A & E wants us to believe that Homosexuality is “healthy and normal and acceptable behavior in today’s complicated society.” Phil Robertson never mentions the word hate! What he says is: he does not understand homosexuals. And for this, he is suspended? He is not being suspended because he is expressing an unpopular belief. He is being suspended because he is expressing a popular belief. He is not a bigot. The editorial states “Bigotry, when it falls outside of social mores, is often seen also as bad for business. This is why when ratings and advertising dollars are threatened by unaccepted forms of bigotry, the unpopular bigots tend to go out the window right along with their opinions. This is about money for the powers that be, not Robertson and not the people that support him……..” And that is not why 1.7 million people will boycott A & E. I do not want a television network telling me how to think or how not to think. Their beliefs are their beliefs. We are not protesting the treatment of bigots! We are protesting the suppression of the truth!!! If A & E can attack Phil Robertson for his beliefs, they can attack me for expressing the truth on Facebook!! Readers of this editorial are not fooled!!! All we want is the truth!!! Let people express it and let the readers and listeners decide what the truth is…not A & E……Thank you!!!

  • http://yahoo george charland

    our country has gone to hell. We have the government controlling our every move anyway, it doesn’t matter what statement a person makes or says.These days we can’t fart without them stepping in and try to tax us on air pollution. I thought we lived in America not Russia!!!! we all need to take back our country and take care of our own and stop being in every ones business and being the big baby sitter!!!!! we need to get rid of corrupt government who steal from us and lie to us every chance they get. we have so much more important crap to worry about then some guys remarks!!!! get it together people

  • joel

    The premis of shows like these is bigoted . Honey boo boo, Duck Dynasty moonshiners ect. The producers and directors are trying to make the shows all about how stupid and ugly white southerners are. They really need to look in the mirror , They make a show about how crazy and ignorant they think these type of people are but when it goes a little to far and hurts profits they start acting like they are champions of tolerance and reason. HYPOCRITES!

    • mike

      when you learn to spell we will consider your opinion

  • http://www.webpronews.com William Allen

    As a Vietnam Veteran I fought for Freedom Of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

    • corbin douthitt

      Bless you for your service. I doubt you served to promote socialism in this country either..I know I didn’t serve for a Government that has abandoned the Constitution.

    • bruce

      Look: I also served 1966-1968 (Korea) as a draftee. And this has nothing at ALL to do with either freedom you mentioned. It has a lot to do with Robertson being pretty stupid.

  • http://yahoo zappo777

    I stand with Phil He is Right On!!As far as “BIGOT” goes—The Gays are the Bigots due to the Fact they act like they are bigger than GOD. They have a mis-perception of who they are– a creation of God–Creator knows better than HIS creation!!

    • Bobby

      I stand against you You Are dumb ASs! U spell like a mor-on and god HATES you zappo777!!!?!!!!!

      • JERI

        God is a proper noun, and He hates no one. He loves everyone, it is sin that He doesn’t love. That’s why He hung on a cross to forgive all that commit sin and ask God to forgive them.

  • Smartr N U

    When did it become “hateful” to answer honestly when asked an opinion question? I’ll bet if you asked most people how they felt about homosexuality they would say similar things. Clearly the “I stand with Phil” campaign is an opportunity for people to commisurate with Mr Robertson. He refuses to accept that a LGBT lifestyle is mainstream or normal – so do most people. He also said that as a Christian he shouldn’t judge but leave that up to God. Doesn’t seem liek a very hateful person to me.

    • Noneya

      It’s not hateful to honestly answer an opinion question. It is hateful if you chose to answer the question in an insulting and crude way.


      Example Question: How do you feel about homosexuality?

      Answer 1: I am a Christian. According to the Bible the act of homosexuality is a sin, but the Bible also teaches us that we are not to judge one another and to hate the sin but not the sinner.

      Answer 2: It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.

      Which one would you choose if Jesus were standing there right in front of you?

      Would you honestly go in to a rant about vaginas and anuses?


      Lastly, you don’t have to accept that the LGBT lifestyle is mainstream or normal. No one is making you. Just go about your life and stop obsessing about it. People are dying all over the world, for crying out loud. Try to do something to help humanity instead of looking for something to complain and rant about. As evident by the comments on this board alone, no ones freedom of speech is being violated. Acting like it has, is a slap in the face to those in other parts of the world who truly have no voice.

      • Keith DeWeese

        Noneya, thank you for bringing some sense to this forum; and, thank you for expressing your views with compassion. If Phil truly “loves” the sinner, then he should use words that are loving, and he should act in a loving way. Haven’t seen any of that yet.

        • Noneya

          Thank you Keith.

      • jwa

        WRONG Noneya! It’s clear that you DO have to accept and support the LGBT lifestyle. GLAAD’s whole attitude is obviously “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

        Phil stated his views, and his reasons for them, without calling for any negative action toward gays, yet they went to his employer and sponsors demanding he be punished.

        They are thugs and bullies who will do their utmost to ruin the life and career of anyone who speaks against them. They are extremists who have no respect for religion, morality or free speech and will tolerate no view but their own. They represent a group that totals well under five percent of our population, but insist that they are “mainstream”. Christianity, by contrast, includes 75-80% of the population of the US.

        GLAAD is the group that must be brought to heel, not Christians. GLAAD must understand that their lifestyle contradicts the Bible, a book revered by an overwhelming MAJORITY of this country. Like Phil Robertson, I do not advocate violence or discrimination against gays but, in a democracy, a tiny minority does not deserve such power to vilify the views of the majority.

        • Noneya

          If someone goes to your boss demanding that you be punished for something that you did, the decision is left up to your boss as to whether or not your actions warrant that. If your boss does punish you at another organization’s request, but they did so unjustly, then you have a right to pursue action against your boss.

          GLADD does not own A&E. GLADD can not FORCE A&E to do anything. If A&E said no, then GLADD or whoever had a right to impose other means of making their voice heard (as long as it is legal). No one is asking Christians to “heel”, but freedom of speech works both ways.
          Even if the majority does hold a particular view that does not nullify the views of the minority.

  • Bobby

    Hey check out my new website, it’s called iamaracisthillbilly.com!

  • http://yahoo roger

    Hey Toni…..you classify PR’s words as HATE is a typical liberal- Hollywood and GLADD response. Which category do you fit?

  • http://yahoo.com Nancy McGowan

    I beleive in the freedom of speech. This country was built on freedom of religion. The problem today is there is no freedom of relgion or freedom of speech. If A&E takes off Duck Dynasty than I have the right not to watch their channel anymore. You can’t take that right away from me. Phil is a great man in what he beleives and I stand behind him 100%. It is the only clean program on TV to watch.

  • mik

    you all get a frickin life,Theres alot more important things in life than a guy who is a racist.

    • Harry

      He is not a racist.

    • Mark

      Mik, You say Phil is a racist!,which race are you refering too?. Homosexuality is not a race, its a lifestyle which some members of other races chooses to live!. Just trying to help you out buddy!.

  • http://yahoo roger

    GLADD isn’t striving for EQUALITY…..what they DEMAND is special preferential treatment which Hollywood and the liberal media enforces.

  • Janice Gore

    Bigotry and hate. It seems those two words have been regurgitated a lot lately. Bigot: A person who is intolerant of another’s creed, BELIEFS or OPINIONS. Phil Robertson stated honestly in an interview what his OPINIONS were based on his BELIEF in The Holy Bible. The gay community then set out to destroy him. Ironically T.V. personalities such as Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris have been free to express their values without reprisal, yet Phil was suspended, so who’s the true bigots and haters?

    • Rob

      Probably because Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris don’t discriminate against anyone. What exactly have they even said that was offensive or are you just another typical conservative idiot speaking without actually knowing.

      • Janice Gore

        @Rob-Please read my comment again and tell me what you don’t understand. Also, you should read what Phil said as in he loved the sinner but hated the sin. He never said he hated anybody. He never said attack gays, etc..He just expressed HIS BELIEF based on the Bible. Your comment,”Typical conservative idiot.” Now who’s showing hate?

  • Troy

    Toni, I realize that your Delaware surroundings don’t give you much insight into “fly over” country. The fact that you don’t get it, explains so much.
    Please pick up a book on journalism and read it so that you don’t write any more embarrassments in the future.

  • Lorraine

    The fact of the matter is that the majority of the people are against same sex marriage. It’s the Liberal legislators who push for passage of such “rights.” It’s to the point where the decent, moral people who take the stance of the Bible and God on immoral issues such as homosexuality and abortion, simply give up and don’t bother voting.

    So, what SHOULD have been said is that “one can’t express a POPULAR viewpoint that is offensive to Liberal OFFENDERS” or they will risk ramifications.

    Bottom line: Nothing this man said was incorrect. I don’t care if Jesse Jackson was offended – I’m offended by all of the blacks in jail. What has Jackson done about THAT?

    It seems that if one speaks the truth that is interpreted as being disparaging to minorities or gays, the speaker is automatically branded a “bigot.” That’s crap.

  • corbin douthitt

    Sounds like starry-eyed Liberalism to me, Toni. Mr. Robertson didn’t just give an opinion he paraphrased the Holy Bible. Whenever social mores are at conflict with scripture- the Left gets all upset and makes excuses and deflects the real point in order to keep the agenda moving. No amount of blather can make Homosexuality ‘normal’. They may ‘feel’ that they cannot be other wise, but it is a choice to LIVE a homosexual lifestyle. They may desire to be normal, but passing laws or making Homosexuality socially acceptable still doesn’t make it normal- or right or anything less than a sin.

    As for his comments about the black people he worked WITH- that was certainly the impression he was given by these people’s actions and words. They may not be indicative of their TRUE feelings or even the feelings of the majority of black people that lived during Jim Crow times. To denigrate him for SAYING what he did, is the true make of the bigot and racist- as well as the mind of the Liberal.

    • Rob

      yeah, being a slave owner was also considered the norm…

      Things change, evolve or suffer.

  • James

    It’s not bigotry in danger, it’s the First Amendment that is. Like it or not, Phil has the right to say it.

  • Mike

    White America is fed up with being the reason for everything wrong in the lives of minorities.

    NEWS FLASH…You pushed us to far…what you have been seeing and hearing from white America amounts to this…
    Just go away and let us bring America back to what she was. The home of hard working Americans that do not think…
    “what will my country do for me” instead of
    “what can I do for my country”

  • Sulanda

    So we are now saying that God is a bigot? It seems to me that the gay rights agenda has become more precious then the Word of God, which was written by the direction of the Holy Spirit through chosen human beings. And the Word of God is Jesus (Yeshua) in the flesh! We who are the body of the Christ(HaMashiach) on earth are the ones who are being attacked by this group, who are trying to claim that they are not a minority,but a force to be reckoned with. They are (with the help of highly paid lawyers)forcing our kindergarten, pre-kindergarden, and up children, without their parents consent to forcably be taught that homosexuality without substantiated proof IS NORMAL. Why can we not have the freedom our forefathers fought and died for us to have be protected by every group who has the cash to fight us? Let’s face it we do not all agree on everything, it is our God given right to have free-will. What we really need is better protection for homosexuals against harassment and physical attacks, we need to learn to get along with each other and respect the options of others not fight to have those we do not agree with silenced!

  • lrsen

    It seams that the freedom to express one’s opinion only works one way for liberals, their way!! Why can we not express what ever views we have and if you don’t care for those views don’t listen. Or in the case of phill robertson change the channel!! I don’t think that is so hard

  • http://theinformedconservative.weebly.com Chris

    Anyone classifying Phil Robertson’s comments as hate speech is either illiterate or intellectually dishonest. I won’t venture a guess regarding the author of this trite garbage.

  • http://webpronews.com cyndee

    Don’t presume to tell me why I signed the petition. I am tired of people proclaiming to “speak” for the majority of Americans. These groups very often DO NOT. This is wrong and it disingenuous (sp?) – stop trying to make everyone think the same. Just because you say something very loudly (crowding out anyone else’s way of thinking) and over and over again, does not make it true. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs even when they fly directly in opposition to your own.

  • Jay

    I would simply like to remind the readers that tolerance is not acceptance. You can tolerate a lot in life but most often you don’t have to accept it. I tolerate the law that says a man can be with a man or woman a woman but I do NOT accept that it is moral, righteous, or natural. It simply isn’t. God told this but even if He hadn’t, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that men and women fit together and were created to be together.

  • Ronnie

    Its amazing how you have changed Gods words to Phil’s opinions, you say “Even if Duck Dynasty appeals to an audience that is fine with discriminatory behavior and opinions.” Most of their audience is fine with the word of God, the rest just like watching everyday people who live a good life.

  • Dave P Lockwood

    Bigotry on display is from the Media and LGBT community. Funny how they want everyone to be tolerant of their views, but will not give equal consideration to those who do not share their views. Typical liberalism on display. The majority have been pushed far enough in their direction – time for the pendulum to swing back the other way.

    • MickeyT

      You’re on the wrong side of history stranger. You have the right to your opinion, but the gays and liberals are fighting for civil rights/equality these days. What blacks and women had to do a few decades ago…What was said was NOT hate speech it was his opinion, plain and simple while quoting the Bible. That’s not ok to do when you are a public figure. A&E owns him and they need to do right for their brand and their audience as a business. Let’s quote the Bible to bring back slavery or rape. C’mon. Most of the Bible is incompatible with contemporary society. Civilization evolves. The conservative side will always resist any change. The Bible will go on and so will Christianity. Everyone should worry about themselves. No need to worry about saving other’s souls. Worry about yourself. Homosexuality being “accepted” does not affect you. Christians might be the majority of the country, but media is based in more progressive metropolitan areas. These are places where tolerance flourishes. There are plenty of billionaire conservative Christians. You should start your own major tv networks and have your own shows on there. Everything in this country runs as a majority rules. We will never co-mingle or agree, so we should just have our own programming options that cater to select audiences. Entertainment is moving towards an individual preference already with streaming services and on-demand. This country is about freedom and pursuit of happiness for all. No one is hating on Christians. We should hate any hate. “Love thy neighbor” – JC

  • Fedup


  • Fedup


    • JERI

      I pray for you. If you aren’t a born again believer and haven’t ask God to forgive you for your sins. Judgment Day will be a bad day for you.

  • lab13

    poor little rich bigot…lol. yes please lets start a petition for another dumb cause…GTFOH

  • Steven Manson

    So….you can not like the Gay lifestyle and it’s Bigotry.

    But if Gays don’t like the Christian Lifestyle it’s not?

    Bigotry is Bigotry period!! And those of you just throwing it out there should REALLY look up the definition.

  • http://yahoo.com Tom

    Leave it to Toni Matthews-El to spread her hate.

  • http://IStandwithPhilPetition david

    I love those people who holler bigotry, if don’t agree with them or
    condone what they do. Sorry that I agree with Phil for speaking the truth. You must be one of those people who have trouble with the truth, just like a lot of other people today.

  • nunya

    The problem is that not enough Christians stick together anymore. You’re suppose to be ONE but you ain’t. You’re Babtist or this or that and you think only your doctrine is right. Well, that’s not what christianity if all about. Take up the sword don’t be a denomination but be a Godlike creature. All for God and ONE for HIM. Support Phil, down with gays. I don’t mean fight or hate them but do not condone them because this is the 21st century or something. The good book says it’s WRONG to be GAY so Phil said it too. Therefore Phil is RIGHTeous and correct. He didn’t do anything wrong but deliver the WORDS of GOD.

  • Antonio Reis

    Quote: “American citizens are still free to hold opinions that are unpopular.

    However, you cannot hold an unpopular opinion and be unprepared to see consequences for that opinion or actions that back it up.”

    These may be true in general but don’t apply in this case because:
    1- The opinion is not unpopular. For men, the majority has a believe that a vagina has more to offer than anuses. This has nothing to do with hate towards homosexual males.

    2- The man has a remembering of the mood of black people when he worked in the cotton fields and in his opinion it was more positive than that of today.

    We can discus the moods and get different opinions but there is no “KKK” relations in the opinion.

    The author is providing an opinion not related to the events.

  • wayne

    Nowhere..do I see the ablolutely viscious, rage, utter hatrid that I see in these left wing nutjobs…..and no.the douchbag “jounalist” that wrote this is wrong…Palin and Jindal are spot on.

  • Jim

    While the author wants to equate GLAAD’s attack on Robertson with racism, the fact is that he wasn’t advocating segregation or violence. He was talking about his religious view of sin. These snide little neo-Nazi types who want to force him to conform have more in common with their segregationist (yes, the segregationists were mostly Democrats) forefathers and need to be resisted.

    And, if Twitter is blocking access to the petition website, then they are also behaving like bigots.

  • Rebecca

    First of all I am NOT as you put it neither willfully ignorant or just out-and-out uninformed. And I don’t appreciate you calling millions of Americans willfully ignorant or just out-and-out uninformed for doing something they believe in.

  • Sam

    In this article it says “Most Americans are not opposed to same sex marriage and don’t approve of homophobia.” If most Americans are not opposed, then why is it still illegal in the majority of the states? We voted on it in North Carolina, as have most states.

  • Jean

    Very bias article. The problem that happens nowadays in the age of polarized media, is that people who aligned themselves with a position, either conservative or liberal, are always trying to equate who stand in the opposite side with something far more radical than what they’re really saying. For example if a liberal say something relating to health care, he/she is automatically branded as a socialist, or in this case a conservative makes a comment about gays, he’s automatically labeled as a bigot, hateful person. In reality there’s a huge grey area, I personally have friends who are gay and I don’t wish them anything bad, but I still believe being gay is a dysfunctional behavior.

  • Peter Lines

    Since when and by whose decision is telling the truth hate speech? The haters are those who try to bully people who know the truth into staying quiet. It’s not hate to tell the truth! Long live the ducks!

  • Surveyor

    This is not about bigotry or promoting hate or hate speech. This is about having the right to have and express a belief or opinion that is completely different, even opposed to another point of view without being labeled as bigots, haters, being engaged in hate speech, or have groups try to get you fired, have sponsors drop you, etc., over your beliefs. America has room for many different beliefs systems. We do not have to agree with one another in order to live next to each other or tolerate each other.

    I like the quote by Evelyn Beatrice Hall from her 1906 book The Friends of Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. THAT is what the foundations of this country were built on! And THAT is what is missing today. Instead of getting offended everytime someone says something that we don’t agree with, why don’t we cherish and promote the rights of others? Why make everyone believe what you believe? If what you believe is so good, those who are lost will come see what makes you so happy anyway. We don’t need everyone to be salt in our big melting pot of beliefs and culture. We need salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, a little creole – celebrate what we are instead of making everyone conform and crying foul when someone thinks you’re wrong and voices it.

  • http://webpronews.com AE

    Will someone please tell me what “the right side of history” is? This article stinks!

    • Rebecca

      What it amounts to is every article writer cant stand it they all just have to write something about the Phil controversy. And this guy is just one of many.

  • Rebecca

    I just want to say one thing He without SIN cast the First STONE !

  • Sheila

    It seems Toni writes her articles based on media opinion instead of doing research. GLAAD made the comments and started screaming about bigotry, however, since they didn’t bother to listen to what Phil actually said, nor have they even bothered to do so they are still clueless. He said he didn’t understand why a man would choose and anus over a vagina, he went onto list those things listed in the Bible that those that commit adultery, steal, lie, cheat and are drunks will not inherit the Kingdom of God, and he went on to say that he loves humanity and it is Gods place to judge.
    So Toni, next time you go to write a piece of journalism for the masses get your facts straight. We are fed up with the news media lying and misrepresenting facts.

  • Melin

    The dumbing-down of America at its’ finest.

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