Hurricane Katrina Evacuation Podcast

    September 25, 2005

While Neville and I spoke with Charles Pizzo, who has been living in Texas since evacuating his now-condemned home in New Orleans …

… our colleague Steve Lubetkin has produced a podcast with John Deveney, another IABC stalwart who had to leave his home and business as Hurricane Katrina approached.

Produced in cooperation with PRSA, the podcast features Deveney talking with Steve Lubetkin about his experience and providing “advice for public relations practitioners reevaluating their own firms’ crisis communications preparedness.”

Deveney is now back in New Orleans-his home is in the quarter, one of the highest parts of the city and least affected by flooding-and working with the New Orleans Travel and Tourism Bureau where he is coordinating media relations from the Bureau’s crisis operations center.

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