Hunger Games Theme Park Could Be A Possibility


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The Hunger Games has certainly made its mark as one of the most popular young adult book series to be turned into films, and now it appears that the idea of at a Hunger Games theme park may be on the rise.

With the anticipation of the new film rising, the notion of a theme park should help people get even more excited. The popular series is sure to have one of the most successful sequels, and fans everywhere are likely already getting ready for the upcoming film.

The Hunger Games had an incredible amount of success, and the buzz around the sequel continues to grow, prompting the studio to want even more. Jon Feltheimer, the CEO of Lionsgate said in a statement to analysts on Friday, "We have been approached in two different territories about potential theme park opportunities, which gives you a sense of the cultural impact of this franchise."

The cast is currently working on the promotion of the new film, and Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth will all leave the set of the upcoming films to promote Catching Fire in Europe. Catching Fire is a big production, costing over $130 million to make, under the direction of Francis Lawrence. The films are based on the young adult series by Suzanne Collins.

Feltheimer did not give too many details about the potential Hunger Games them park, but he did say that they are excited about the ideas, and will be actively pursuing them. A them park built around the dystopian settings and characters in the series would look to replicate the success that has been enjoyed by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which is featured at Universal Studios Orlando, and of course centers around the world of Harry Potter.

As E Online mentions, rather than focusing on the magic of Harry Potter, the Hunger Games theme park would likely give fans the opportunity to meet actors dressed as some of their favorite colorful characters, learn some archery like Katniss did, and possibly even learn how to help lead a rebellion against the tyrannical President Snow.

Would you want to go to a Hunger Games theme park? What should it include? Discuss here.

It could also be set up with the 12 different districts and let people tour the area, with the districts being set up the way they are in the books. Of course, these are all speculations, and what will come of the Hunger Games theme park is completely left up to the imaginations of the fans of the books for now. In the meantime, keep an eye out for Catching Fire on November 22.

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