Human Resources Management Schools

    August 16, 2006

Human Resources Management Schools, colleges, and universities provide programs of study in diverse areas of human resources management.

Responsibilities can vary widely for human resources management departments.

Human Resources Management Schools prepare students for HR departments in large corporations that are responsible for developing and managing programs and policies, and for directing, coordinating, and managing company operations. Human Resources Management Schools also prepare students for supervising activities of employment, job analysis, position classifications, training and development, employee relations, as well as compensation, benefits, and pensions. Students might also be prepared for smaller companies with HR departments that expect human resources management to be limited to activities of employment and placement, hiring and separation, and supervision of workers.

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management (BSM) prepares students with theory and practical knowledge for business administration and human resources and midlevel management. Bachelor level students in Human Resources Management Schools will study recruitment, selection, team dynamics, compensation, benefits, records management, etc. Human resources management bachelor degree programs will concentrate on developing a broad understanding of relationships between human resources and productivity. Students may choose to specialize in areas of recruiting, training, relations, employee benefits, and others.

Master of Science (MS) and MBA/HRM programs provide classes in management theory, techniques, and business practices. Programs for specializations in human resource management schools aim to develop expertise for strategic planning and that strengthens skills for defining and assessing problems, as well as concepts and skills for managerial and supervisory tools applicable to public and private sectors of businesses and non-profits.

Post graduate certificates and PhD degrees in human resources management specializations are also possible.

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