Hulu Traffic Surpasses the Networks for First Time

    July 29, 2009
    Chris Crum

Compete is pointing to some interesting data, and suggesting that Hulu’s "evil plot to take over the world" might just be working. The popular video site has surpassed NBC, FOX and ABC’s websites in traffic for the first time. And that was last month.

"The networks’ traffic declined during the summer rerun season, but Hulu seems relatively unaffected," notes Compete’s Seth Madison.

Compete Hulu Stats

Compete also put together another interesting graph based on its search analytics reports. This one shows the percent of overall search traffic driven by term categories.

Compete Hulu Stats

The network name category includes any term that has the name of the network in it (like "nbc tv" or "hulu video"). The show name category is any search term that refers to the name of a show, and the free content category refers to any search term that contains the word "free".

Some stats from Compete:

– Over half (56%) of Hulu’s search traffic in June was driven by branded searches for Hulu’s name

– only 17% of Fox’s traffic and 14% of NBC’s search traffic were driven by searches for the networks’ names

– 43% and 34% of NBC and Fox’s search traffic, respectively, came from terms relating to show names 

Hulu’s got a long way to go before it reaches YouTube-like proportions, but is clearly gaining some steam with good branding, which is leading it right over the networks that provide its own content.