Will Hulu Charge For Content in 2010?

Subscription system seems likely

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Recently, at the B&C OnScreen Summit, News Corp’s Deputy Chairman, Chase Carey, revealed that Hulu will begin charging users to view their content in 2010. "It’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online", Carey said.

Would you pay to view shows on Hulu? If so, how much would you be willing to pay? Tell us.


According to Broadcasting & Cable, Carey also said…

“I think a free model is a very difficult way to capture the value of our content. I think what we need to do is deliver that content to consumers in a way where they will appreciate the value… Hulu concurs with that, it needs to evolve to have a meaningful subscription model as part of its business.”

Carey also said that even though the subscription system is likely, some content would probably remain free of charge.

Would you consider paying for a Hulu subscription? Let us know.

Will Hulu Charge For Content in 2010?
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  • http://www.kellycook.info Kelly Cook

    I wouldn’t pay for hulu content. They are taking the whole drug dealer approach: give people a little bit for free and then charge them once they are hooked. I think it is a very bad idea.

    • Guest

      haha, speaking from experience? :)

    • http://www.deanflory.com/ Dean Flory

      Interesting how this comes about just as soon as I get hooked and stock up my queue with hundreds of things to watch.

      I’d say they show enough commercials to cover the costs. Seems like broadcasters can’t seem to stand up to advertisers, wimpy. 2 Impressions per hour-long show is enough to pay many times over what it took to show me the show (servers, bandwidth, staff).

      Hulu will lose a considerable following but they’re basically just getting into the “Cable/Satellite” arena as basically the first to be Web-based (you’ll call up all sorts of others but I’m talking about one that does it right and survives, hulu will likely prevail where others have failed).

      I personally don’t want to pay. I really don’t like commercials, at all, but I certainly don’t want to start paying a subscription PER SHOW. If it were only between 2-5 dollars a month I might consider it, but only without commercials. They’d have to add more current shows and stockpile a bunch of older ones too.

  • http://www.lawritersgroup.com Nicole

    If Hulu included premium content such as Showtime and HBO, I’d pay a monthly fee for it – maybe $40 or so.

    • Guest

      $40???? You’re crazy.

      You can subscribe to HBO and Showtime for about 10 bucks per month via cable or your satellite provider. You don’t make any sense.

  • rewod

    No thanks.

    it’s a decent enough service, but i already pay a fortune for cable/internet. I’d consider that ‘double billing.’

  • Guest

    No. I definitely would not pay for Hulu content.

  • Guest

    I would not pay for Hulu.

    I would start to download stuff via torrents before I would pay for Hulu.

  • Guest

    I agree with the double billing. You don’t pay for radio reception. We didn’t pay for TV broadcast. Why should we pay to watch commercials on our high speed internet or cable service which we pay for? Someone else will come along and do just as good of a job as hulu and then everyone will go to them.

  • huludontbestupid

    if hulu charges, i’d go to abc, nbc & fox websites to watch the shows i like. The main reasons i use hulu is because the ads are less annoying than the other channels.

    i hope they don’t charge, but if they do they will lose most of their viewers and never get them back.

  • http://www.cnx-solutions.com Rich

    I think the key to Hulu achieving its aim will be to keep any charges very low indeed. If you have the volume of users you don’t need exorbitant fees – a nominal low-level charge may well strike a balance for them between not losing too many viewers and achieving some revenue.

    And of course if you are going to charge for something that was once free you need to convince people it’s worth now paying for – which means offering something more. People are unlikely to pay for exactly what they got for free last month. It’s a gamble and a real test of the loyalty of their viewers but obviously they need a sustainable business model if the service is to grow and evolve.

  • http://rewarrior.wordpress.com Sandbagger60

    I’d offer no more than $5.00 a month for unlimited access to the shows they post.
    Heck where else can you get Castle, Chuck and Sons of Anarchy if you miss their airtimes.
    Cable is hurting. Soon they will have to charge ala carte fees.
    The Networks are dying just like the fish-wrappers. RIP.
    The Net rules!!!!!

  • Guest

    Hulu is just digging their own grave. When you start charging people fees people will look elsewhere. Like someone said above soon another site will come along and knock Hulu to its butt. Youtube will be next.

  • Cursor_

    If Hulu charges for content and YouTube still does not…

    Then Hulu is dead.

    End of story


  • Guest

    Yes, I’d pay a fee for hulu, I watch it on my TV, through Playon via the Xbox.

    If the site was as-is, I’d pay a minimal amount, but yes, if they offered shows from the “Pay” cable stations, such as HBO or Showtime, I’d be willing to pay more. I’d love to be able to watch True Blood again. Or even if they could swing a deal with the CW, I hate not being able to watch their shows on my TV (I’m never able to watch them when they air)

    I’d probably be able to get rid of my cable bill altogether if they could get enough stations on board that I like to watch… I only watch a handful of channels anyway…

    Oh and they seriously need to get some current kids channels on their lineup, nickelodeon, noggin, cartoon channel, my kids watch more TV than I do and currently there are not any current TV shows, Spongebob, Dora, Little Einsteins etc…

  • Guest

    There’s a really easy way to keep Hulu from charging for content….just click on a few of the ads when you watch a show. It’s not that difficult.

  • Joey

    I won’t pay for Hulu. I already click on there ads to help support them. That’s as far as I will go. I will just have to look elsewhere.

  • Ace

    Only if it were commercial free. You have to give customers enough value to dump Cable/Sat.

  • ADam

    Nope. Absolutely not wouldn’t pay a dime.

    • Guest


  • http://ShopTRD.com jtr02a

    IMHO, Hulu should continue to offer what it does now (w/commercials) for FREE. If they have a no-commercial version and, perhaps, some premium content (as seen on HBO/Showtime/Cinemax/etc.). Pandora charges a reasonable annual fee (averages like $3/mo), but offers a free version. I think a mobile client and an HD option would be things people would be potential willing to pay a small fee to enjoy. Keep “FREE” and then offer a “PREMIUM” version with enhanced options. I could see that as a viable and reasonable plan. I do agree, though, that it would be a bad decision to take what they offer for free and simply just start charging.

  • http://www.domainnamessearchlinks.com Timmy J.

    Yes, I would buy if they had premium programing available. But I do use cable TV as well and one would definitly end up having to go.

    Though I do like the convienience of having everything in one spot. TV/computer.

  • Guest

    the only way i would start paying is if they both increase content and allow content to be viewed on my roku. then I might pay $5-7 a month if the increased content is any good.

  • Guest

    The best way to do this would be keep the site the way it is (free w/ commercials) and have a pay for no commercials so the people with money can pay and those who cannot just enjoy it and watch a 10 sec commercial, no big deal. I could see it working that way, but if it were pay only, then I would leave and so would the majority of ppl.

  • Matt

    No, and if they did charge they would need to stop advertising. Are they trying to double dip, either make your money through ads (hulu) or through private membership (netflix).

  • Guest

    Ha – that will be the death of Hulu. With a little searching you can find these movies or shows somewhere already. A couple kids in college could run that website and I see they have over 100 employees. Trim the fat ….. If they start charging, something new will just replace them

  • Guest

    I think $4.99 to $9.99 would be the perfect price. $9.99 would HULU with HBO, Showtime and Cinemax shows like Curb Your enthusiasm, Sopranos, Weeds etc. $4.99 would be for regular Premium HULU TV. No commercials, no expiration of shows, all seasons and episodes available all the time, more top rated and newer movies, 1080p and of course, keep the free version EXACTLY the way it is. You have to give the customer VALUE!!! If you give them more than they expect for a great value then you will gain loyalty. It is your job as a business to work out your margins and develop a strong business model and make money. It is NOT our job to pay more money because you make sorry a** mistakes and don’t know how to run a business. I am sick and tired of paying tons of money for services that i feel like im getting ripped off just because that is the way society is, like cable and cell phone plans. There HAS to be a better way! If HULU wants to be pioneers they have to make it to where competitors don’t even have a chance. If they charge a lot, competitors can charge less and then they go out of business (aka Blockbuster and Hollywood Video compared to Red Box, $1.00 is a great value vs $4) its common business sense. You do this, everyone will be happy.

  • Floyd Lawton

    Why would I pay for content presented on one site which is a link from another web site?

    Still, moving it to a subscription base at $14.99 a month is plain nutty as Rorschach on sugar cookies.

  • wikiBuddha

    I wouldn’t pay for it unless the artist actually were guaranteed their fair share of my investment. Also, if it reflected my vision for cable TV, I might consider as well. I wish cable charged $1 per station. I think this would be an excellent model. Each month or each year or so you could reallocate your available stations. You can also provide feedback as to why you do or don’t want a particular station. This way, stations can stop serving crap and wondering why people aren’t happy.

    I got some insight into the situation from a sales rep from my cable company that they pander to the demands of the corporate broadcasters. I didn’t get the full details, but it sounds like they may have floated the idea before, but for some reason, the broadcasters threatened to up the charges to the cable company if they went to such a model… Hmmm…

    It’s really too bad that our government represents the corporations and not the people any more. I pray the tables turn in my lifetime.

    ~Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

  • Guest

    I will not pay a dime, as soon as there is a price I am gone. Let them get there funding from advertisers like everybody else.

  • Guest

    I WOULDNT PAY SH!T FOR HULU BECAUSE I CAN WATCH MY SHOWS IN OTHER PLACES. they will realize its a big mistake because no one wants to pay to watch tv on their computer when they could easily search it on google

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