Hulu Plus Now Available On More Devices

By: Josh Wolford - March 22, 2012

Starting today, you can access Hulu Plus on three more devices, which brings the total number of devices that offer Hulu’s streaming content to just over two dozen.

From the Hulu blog:

I’m pleased to announce that Hulu Plus is available on select Toshiba 2012 Blu-ray players, Sharp 2012 TVs and Best Buy’s Dynex Blu-ray players. Earlier this year, we also launched Hulu Plus on Netgear’s NeoTV 200 Media Player and branded set-top boxes from Magnavox and Funai.

Along with these new options, as far as TVs/ Blu-Ray players go, you can watch Hulu Plus on select models from Samsung , Vizio, Sony, LG, Haier and Panasonic.

Hulu has been available as an app on the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 for some time now, but just launched on the Nintendo Wii on February 16th. When they made that announcement, Hulu also said that Hulu Plus would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS “some time later in 2012.” Hulu’s devices page still list the 3DS capabilities as “coming soon.”

Hulu looks to have as good of a 2012 as they had last year. In 2011, Hulu grew 60% from 2010, raking in about $420 million in revenue. In January, Hulu announced that Hulu Plus had amassed 1.5 million subscribers, making a point to say that their climb to 1.5 million was faster than other subscription-based video services. In 2011, Hulu Plus’ content offerings grew 105%.

In 2012, Hulu will invest $500 million in new content. Couple this with expansion to more devices, they look to chip out their place in a landscape that already has a lot of streaming options – and those are only going to grow.

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  • Justin

    Hopefully they will add a lot more shows to watch on a device besides a computer. 70% of the good shows you have to watch on a computer.

  • hope swanson

    i purchase hulu plus an come to discover that you can only watch hulu plus on a computer i also have netflix and im more happier there only cause you can watch it on kidle fire which hulu plus have resrictions imma cance my service with hulu plus sorry but you need to update your servce to better serve your customer.