Hulu Plus Launches for Ten Bucks a Month

Will Hulu Attract Users to Its Paid Service?

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We’ve known for quite some time that Hulu was working on a paid service, and the time has finally come. Hulu launched Hulu Plus today. It’s both ad-supported AND requires a subscription. Hulu says this is revolutionary.

Here are some details to know about Hulu Plus:

1. It’s available on select Samsung Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. This requires you to download a Hulu Plus app from the Samsung app store.

2. It’s available on the iPad. You can access it via Wi-fi or 3G.

3. It’s available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and third-generation iPod Touch. Again, you can stream over 3G or Wi-Fi.

4. Subscribers will be able to stream all native HD content in 720p high definition.

5. It costs $9.99 a month.

Note: It’s available for Mac/PC as well

Hulu Plus - Pay for Hulu

"These are the devices shipping with Hulu Plus today," says Hulu CEO Jason Kilar. "But this is just the first step in our mission to bring you TV wherever you are. We are already hard at work on porting Hulu Plus to other devices and platforms, with PlayStation 3 coming soon. But that’s a story for another day."

It should be very interesting to see how many people are willing to pay $9.99 a month for Hulu plus, especially since much of what is offered is also available through Netflix’s streaming service, which is available for free along with Netflix’s one-disc-at-a-time plan for $8.99 a month (without ads).

By the way, you have to be invited to use Hulu Plus right now.

Hulu Plus Launches for Ten Bucks a Month
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  • http://decentsms.com sms

    its good to know..! :)

  • Guest

    That is going to be a tuff sell if that is all there offering for $10.00 per month. Like the author stated, the things they are offering are already available on Netfiix, or in other places. I watch Hulu a good bit as I port it to my television (fired cable company 1.5 yrs ago) and I cannot see any value in this.

  • Guest

    Seems silly to exclude PCs.

    • Chris Crum

      It’s available on Macs and PCs. I just figured that was a given.

  • Guest

    Unless u got grandfathered into the unlimited data plan from at&t, u will go through the 2gb limit pretty quick streaming movies on an ipad or iphone.

  • Jim W.

    Yeah, remember that free Hulu sold itself as an “evil plot to take over the world.” Now, they want to take me over and dare charge me for the privilege? They are just as bad as the government.

  • http://www.americanpatrol.com HOMELAND INSECURITY

    We need to embrace the future…NOW!

    Hulu Plus needs more Latin Programming. Just look at all the new potential customers coming here – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

    • Guest

      Yeah, that’s just what we need — more programming for illegals!

  • Guest

    IF I wanted to pay a monthly fee plus have to watch ads, I’d just keep satellite/cable. What’s the value in this? With a DVR & satellite, I pay more per month, but I can skip the bloody ads.

    Don’t these content providers realize that they can’t have our time, AND our money, anymore?

  • Guest

    Netflix has a huge library of movies for streaming plus DVDs by mail. I’m very satisfied with my subscription and, unless Netflix changes rules or raises their prices, I’ll stay with them.

  • Everywantstoberich

    I Have Netflix which doesn’t have freaking ads. why would I pay $10 a month to watch shows with ads in them when I can do it with out ads online. That is some greedy-ness. I understand wanting for profit but really HULU? As for streaming for phones almost nobody can watch a full show/movie on 3G anyway (At&t is a piece of junk!). Its already almost $100 a month for phone users and you wanna charge the another $10 a month for ads? Not cool Hulu. I have everything Hulu offers, not just for free, but without ads and commercials. I pay enough for satellite and internet and phone (on my!). The only thing netflix needs to work on is getting all the movies available for streaming, the whole dvd thing is annoying.

  • Guest

    They’ll have a hard time competing against Netflix….until Hulu is the beneficiary of being a subsidiary of the NBC/Fox umbrella and those networks start squeezing out Netflix in favor of their own Hulu service.

  • Guest

    I disagree with this author. Current Fox and NBC shows are not available on Netflix.
    However, current Fox and NBC shows are available on AIR for free, so yes $9.99 is right out.

  • Sarah

    I bought a fancy new Sony HDTV a year ago when I moved to SF. Immediately I called Comcast, but they were playing games with offers (IE I didn’t qualify for the Web site price, but I could pay double and get less etc etc). So my TV sat in the corner for a month, only used for DVDs and Wii. Then, I had a random idea one day. I went to Radio Shack and picked up an antenna. I thought “gee, maybe I’ll get a channel or two”. Plugged it in and started the scanner. Nada. “Oh well, it was only $12….wait. There’s one channel. Two, five, seven, twenty-two…” Next thing I knew, I had 71 channels, all the major networks (three in HD). No snow, perfect digital pictures, only occasional sound hiccups (similar to satellite TV).

    And guess what, its FREE!!! After a year of it, I’ve saved enough to pay for that fancy TV.

    Add in Netflix streaming through my TV, and I’m good. Better than good, I’m great. And Comcast got stuck with my lowly internet business. Heck, I was prepared to pay Comcast $100/month. Now they get $24, and I get all the TV I ever needed over the airwaves.


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