Hulu Launches 2 New Labs Features

    October 9, 2009
    Chris Crum

Hulu has added a couple of new features to Hulu Labs. These are Hulu Desktop for Linux and Hulu Publisher Tools.

In case you are not familiar with Hulu Labs, it is a section of Hulu that provides new products that can be used, but are still in beta. There is a possibility that any of them can have bugs. Hulu Labs is not unlike Google labs in this respect. Products that have been in Hulu Labs include Hulu Desktop, Recommendations, Time-based Browsing, and the Video Panel Designer.

Hulu Desktop After the launch of Hulu Desktop, Hulu says they got a lot of feedback requesting a Linux version, and they have now honored those requests. The Linux version supports Ubuntu and Fedora Linux distributions. Hulu says it will also support input from hundreds of infrared remote controls.

Hulu Publisher Tools are designed for bloggers, site editors, and webmasters. Hulu says they make it easier to browse and discover videos from Hulu as well as other sites, for embedding in articles and blog posts.

"In addition to content featured by the Hulu team, our publishing tool features a comprehensive directory that offers the opportunity to preview videos and copy embed codes from a single page," says Hulu’s Rebecca Harper. "Editors can also create custom playlists for Video Panels that can embed multiple Hulu videos in a single unit."

Hulu Panel

In Hulu Publisher Tools, there is a search bar that lets you find relevant videos pulled by Hulu’s web crawler. You can select multiple clips, copy embed codes, and if the content is from Hulu itself, you can put together a video panel like the one above and embed that on your site/blog.