Hulu Improves Search Feature

Adds Shortcuts, Search Operators for More Useful Searching

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Hulu announced some improvements to its search functionality today. For one, they have added some shortcuts to the autocomplete feature.

Previously, the autocomplete suggestions would just take a user to the regular search results, but now, the shortcuts offer other options like going straight to the latest episode (for current shows), or the show page (for all shows).

Hulu search shortcuts

Hulu has also introduced a series of search operators like:

– show
– season
– episode
– type
– date
– site
– people
– title

Use the search operators just like you would with Google. Put a colon after the operator then a space and your query. For example, "people: charlie day" will bring up some episodes of "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" starring Charlie Day (actually it brings up some other stuff with the word "day" in it as well, but you get the point).

A nice addition to the search operators fuctionality is that you can use more than one together. Hulu explains:

If you employ multiple search operators, we’ll treat it as an "AND" and try to satisfy all of the operators. For example, let’s say you’d like to watch every pilot episode for every TV show on our site. You could type the following search query:

season:1 episode:1 type:episode

For more information on searching with Hulu, they have posted a search tips page that can be found with a link next to the search box at the bottom of Hulu. You can also read Hulu’s post about the subject for more details.

Hulu Improves Search Feature
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  • Valerie

    I appreciate the attempt at ‘Search functionality’ on the HULU site. The fact is, that I really want to like HULU and have been spending more time on the site, however the site navigation is TERRIBLE from a new user experience.

    Quite frankly, the navigation is over thought and not intuitive. Upon several interactions with the site, I have determined part of the issue is the organization of the content. For example, just searching for an episode of a show is ridiculously time consuming as you must wade through clips, recently added, most popular, highest rated…

    Similar to Crackle, I would suggest creating separate channels of the navigation as: TV, Movies, Web (aka Collections), Channels – then create sub-navigation: Full Length, Clips, Trailers.

    HULU could be such an improved destination site not only with more full length content, but with sensible user friendly navigation as well.

  • http://smartvm.com/ rack mount monitor

    I like the improvement in ‘search functionality’ on the HULU. But there is problem in navigation and search result. I checked and found that its search speed is very slow and not giving relevant result. Its user interface is not user friendly.

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