Hulu Gossip: Subscription Service Might Debut Next Week

PlayStation tie-in rumored, too

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Speculation about Hulu’s subscription service is beginning to feel never-ending; inaccurate rumors concerning the date of its arrival and other details have been circulating for far too long.  But one new report indicates that a beta test of the subscription service might finally begin next week, and another hints that a deal with PlayStation is in the making.

HuluLet’s start with the first tale.  Peter Kafka reported, "The video web site is finalizing its plans to launch its subscription service, and people familiar with the company say a beta test of ‘Hulu Plus’ could launch as early as next week."

Something like 10,000 volunteers would then be able to pay $9.95 a month to see more shows and access Hulu with more devices (like the iPad), according to Kafka.

Also, according to Andy Fixmer and Cliff Edwards, people might get the chance to access it using the PlayStation 3.  The pair wrote, "Sony Corp. is close to an agreement to carry a paid TV service from Hulu LLC, operator of the second-largest video website, on its PlayStation 3 game console, two people with knowledge of the talks said. . . .  The partnership could be announced as soon as next week . . ."

So, one way or another, it looks like a substantial Hulu-related development may soon occur.

If not, well, losing everyone’s interest is at least one strategy Hulu can use to ensure expectations are low when it makes a move.

Hulu Gossip: Subscription Service Might Debut Next Week
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  • http://www.tv-converter-boxes.com/ TV Guy

    I’ve been watching Hulu for quite some time now but recently, they’ve really stepped up the rate and length of ads running on all of their shows.

    I’m not fond of this and have been looking for other sources to watch TV.

    I’m not an idiot and know that for a company to offer a service like this, there has to be a way to pay for it and I was fine with it’s initial model. But this higher level of advertising is too much. In addition, you are forced to watch two ads even before the show starts so even if you decide you don’t want to watch a program, or you realized you already saw that episode, you’re already plugged with the ad.

    Now the rumors are that Hulu will create a subscription service. POOOOOO!!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with all these companies wanting you to set up monthly payments. I’m being subscribed and contracted to death. I’m sick of all these ongoing bills. The insurance industry hit upon this model years ago and now, slowly, every other company is climbing onto the band wagon.

    Having already decided to move away from Hulu, this news of their subscription service just cements my decision.

    Time to invest in a good DVR and go back to free over-the-air broadcasts to satisfy my TV needs and yet skip the ads.

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