Hulu CEO Shares 2009 Stats

    December 30, 2009

Hulu had a good 2009, and to celebrate the end of it, the company’s CEO, Jason Kilar, has decided to share some stats.  Here’s a quick hint as to just how successful his organization was: to describe Hulu’s growth, the word "double" often doesn’t cut it.

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In a post on the Hulu Blog, Kilar started off by relaying some data from comScore.  It seems that "[m]onthly users of Hulu . . . grew to over 43 million, a 95 percent increase over this time last year."  Also, "[m]onthly streams . . . grew to 924 million, a 307 percent increase from this time last year."

Of course, these trends weren’t without their causes and effects.  Kilar noted that Hulu’s content library has gotten bigger, offering 14,000 hours of content now versus 5,600 hours one year ago.  And while Hulu was in touch with just 166 advertisers at the end of 2008, it’s now doing business with 408 of them.

Then here are some facts about what specific videos people watched.  SNL, Family Guy, The Office, The Simpsons, and Naruto Shippuden were the most popular shows, and SNL‘s "Motherlover" sketch and Family Guy’s "Stew-Roids" installment were the most popular clip and full episode.  Meanwhile, the live stream of Barack Obama’s inauguration was the most-embedded video.

Anyway, Kilar concluded, "On behalf of the Hulu team, thank you for joining us in the adventure that was 2009 and we look forward to even greater heights in 2010."

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