Hulu Adds New Options to the Queue

    December 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

Popular online video destination Hulu has added a new default view for the user’s queue. The new view groups all videos within the queue by show. In the past, users could only sort everything by show by clicking on the title and information column.

"As we’ve added more content and as users’ queues have grown in size, grouping by show as a default was a logical update," says Eugene Wei VP, Product at Hulu.

With the new layout, there are two display options. One of them is a vertical text list of videos for each show, and the other shows them more visually with thumbnails, horizontally. You can see both displays below.

Hulu Queue - Vertical List View

Hulu Queue - Thumbnail View

Both views contain a link that says "Play All," which will allow users to simply play the videos in order from oldest to most recently aired. "As before, clicking on any video within a show in your queue will activate continuous play, but in this new ‘group by show’ view, we’ll only play through all the videos from that particular show," notes Wei.

In addition to the new display options for the queue, Hulu has made it easier to add entire seasons of shows. On show pages, there is now a link that says "+ all". Clicking this will have a whole season of a how queued up for you.

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