Hulk Hogan Sounds Off on War Machine, Christy Mack, and Ronda Rousey

    August 31, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Most of what comes from Hulk Hogan nowadays is intended to reaffirm his relevance in the world of professional wrestling. whether he is challenging Brock Lesnar, talking smack about The Rock, or sizing up against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hogan’s comments are usually par for the course smack talking.

But recently Hogan made an off-hand comment that speaks more to headlines. It was nothing political or socially conscious, but he has a healthy number of people agreeing with him.

Hogan was asked, “What do you think about a guy like War Machine that puts his hands on a woman? What do you feel about that?”

At first, Hogan shied away from the topic. After all, this is real world stuff, not choreographed moves.

“Aw, man. No comment about that, bro.”

The man pushed further.

“Do you advocate guys that do that?”

“That’s not a good situation at all. It’s not cool at all, brother.”

“We’re supposed to love and cherish ‘em, right?” the man asked.

“Are you kiddin’ me? Of course, brother.”

“So what do you say to guys who get physical and can’t handle their relationship?”

“He’s lucky it wasn’t Ronda Rousey; he could’ve been in trouble.”

Christy Mack has had to face trash talking from fans of War Machine who claim her injuries aren’t that bad. As for War Machine, he was extradited to Vegas to face charges stemming from the beating he allegedly gave Mack.

  • James Sunderland

    War Machine is a sweet Mexican boy who was lured into the fast lifestyle by that harlot! He did the right thing,praise Jesus!

    • Michael Massey

      You need a lobotomy . Oh wait a minute, you need a brain for that, since you don’t have one, nevermind

      • James Sunderland

        You young fool,don’t you realize God hath wrought his vengeance upon the wicked and the scornful? Reckoning is at hand,and the naysayers shall lie grinding their teeth in the tormention of eternal wastrelness.

        • Michael Massey

          Uh huh . Read Matthew 5:22 then rethink your first 3 words . As for the rest of your ridiculous post , I suggest you read John 8:1-11 . IF you believe God , you believe in Jesus Christ, if you believe in Christ, you know exactly what those 2 verses are and mean, if not , READ them . then you will KNOW that War Machine was 100% in the wrong, God will not honor what he did for the Son will not honor what he did . Your comments are ridiculous , spiteful and hateful . Using God as an excuse to be vile and to be hateful is not Christ like , it is man like .

          • James Sunderland

            No sir you are mistaken.The misbegotten ones drink from the well of ignorance yet again,that harlot should have been beaten HARDER.She is a strumpet of Satan and courtesan of his minions.You defend her because you probably partake of her filthy movies and run to church on Sundays! HEATHEN!

          • Michael Massey

            A ” strumpet of satan ” ?? And you are not ?? Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery , YOU decide the woman needs to be beaten. Jesus came to forgive , YOU condemn. Jesus is the Son of God and knew no sin, YOU are a man , a sinner . I follow Jesus , you follow ??? I know it isn’t God

          • James Sunderland

            You defend this vile harlot when you know in your heart I am right? Amazing the power you give Satan over your own life!

          • Michael Massey

            Hmmm , ” You defend this vile harlot when you know in your heart I am right ” . That is where you are wrong. I KNOW you are not right. Post the scripture where JESUS CHRIST tells US to kill, maim or torture . You can look until He returns , but you will never find that Scripture . ALL judgment has been given to Jesus Christ, not you, me or anybody else, you , “war machine” or anybody has the right to hurt, maim or kill because of what others say is sin. YOU are not the final judge. Your discernment is way off, you seek only self , nothing else . You are a Pharisee, a hypocrite and a liar . Prove by Scripture that Jesus Christ gave you the right to kill sinners , otherwise, be gone demon, go back to hell from whence you came

        • Biff Tannen

          Well, War Machine is part of the wicked and scornful, so God will be laying the smackdown on him, according to you, JS

          • James Sunderland

            No sir.Chrissy Mack is the filthy Jezebel who got her comeuppance!War Machine was just her boyfriend who was deceived by her!

    • gordie

      Wow James Sunderland you are a khunt! He changed his name to war machine! What does that day about him?? And he was also a porn star. So how is he any different from her ya stupid khunt bitch :)

      • James Sunderland

        ANOTHER Heathen loser! I have my Bible in one hand and my clenched fist in the other! I AM NOT SCARED of you young punks!
        The LORD is my shepherd,do your best little boy,I’ll make a man out you with the beatdown I layeth upon THEE!

    • Vicious Nature

      I hope someone does to you what he did to her… in front of your “god” or better yet, by your “god” Preach all you want… you might as well beat yourself to death with that bible because that’s all it’s good for in your hands. Now don’t you have a family to oppress and more hatred to spew at dead service members funerals or something…

      • James Sunderland

        You have a vicious nature. No wonder, I will pray for you and your vileness.You are lucky I don’t do the same to you over the internet. Punk.

  • Big Ben not Big Mosque

    War Machine is taking 8 nigga cocks up the anus right now!

  • Pippyskipy

    Austin 3:16 Rules foverever

    • Guest

      Austin rules the planet, but Hulkamania is the universe that holds that planet.
      No comparison.

    • QBS

      True, but not quite as big, or as much as Hulkamania.