Hughes Network Systems Announces Satellite-based VPN

    September 14, 2004

Hughes Network Systems introduced a satellite-based virtual private network (VPN) acceleration technology.

Based on the IPsec standard, DIRECWAY VPN Accelerator enables enterprises and government agencies to implement uniformly efficient and secure, wide area broadband networks, reaching teleworker employees at any location, urban or rural.

There are approximately 24 million teleworkers in both the private and public sectors throughout the United States today. In order to satisfy the remote networking demands unleashed by this fast growing trend, organizations are increasingly moving from conventional leased lines or frame relay technology to broadband satellite-based solutions.

DIRECWAY’s continent-wide service now offers an advanced VPN acceleration technology to connect teleworkers located at branch offices or homes, anywhere, to their private intranets. DIRECWAY VPN Accelerator has been designed to interoperate seamlessly with industry standard Nortel IPsec VPN solutions, and in later releases, with Check Point and Cisco systems. It enables the implementation of uniformly secure and responsive VPNs, eliminating the latency constraints of prior satellite-based VPNs.

“DIRECWAY VPN Accelerator allows organizations to expand the use of satellites to all teleworkers, wherever they are located, without the geographic limitations of DSL or cable. DIRECWAY service is available today, everywhere in the U.S., from a single national provider, Hughes Network Systems,” explained Emil Regard, HNS vice president of North America strategic marketing. “Enterprises and government organizations alike can now unlock the benefits of an efficient and connected force of teleworkers in a truly universal network.”

According to the International Telework Association and Council, teleworking has grown by over 40 percent since 2001. The study also finds that 42 percent of employees telecommute from home at least one day per week and 22 percent of employees work from home daily. Growth in teleworking is higher in the government than in the private sector, having nearly doubled since 2001. Currently, the U.S. Congress is trying to increase the number of government employees who have the option to telework.

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