Hugh Hefner Privately Supporting Kendra Wilkinson

    July 10, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner is privately supporting Kendra Wilkinson in light of hubby Hank Baskett’s recent cheating scandal. No, Hef isn’t financially supporting Kendra, but is offering a shoulder to cry on, a pair of ears for listening, and access to the Playboy mansion to his former girlfriend and Playboy bunny. The 88-year-old is married to another of his former bunnies–28-year-old Crystal Harris. It’s unknown what Harris thinks of Hugh’s generosity.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett made news recently when a scandal about him cheating with a transsexual model named Ava Sabrina London hit the media.

“He told her to come to the Playboy Mansion any time. He’s been supportive and hates that Kendra is going through this,” a source says of Hugh Hefner.

Hank Baskett is a former NFL star. He and Kendra Wilkinson have two children together– a son named Hank IV, who is four, and a daughter named Alijah, who is just seven weeks old. He reportedly cheated on Kendra when she was eight months pregnant with their baby girl.

A prior source claims Kendra was inconsolable when she learned her husband had cheated, and has moved a few of her close girlfriends into her L.A. mansion to stay with her for a while. She was recently spotted out and about sans her wedding ring as well.

“She will never get over this. They are 100 per cent done,” the source says.

Hugh Hefner dated Kendra Wilkinson at a time when he was also dating Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt. The bizarre situation became fodder for the reality show The Girls Next Door.

While it’s nice that Hugh Hefner has reached out to Kendra and offered to help in any way he can, it might be healthier for this young mother of two to seek solace from her girlfriends instead. There can’t be a lot of good come from relying on an ex-lover–even if he is 88 years old.

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  • HLain

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    • Amy

      Exactly! Did she expect that she’d attract a “normal” guy?

  • harry

    oRemember when he took in and “supported and comforted” Jessica Hahn after the Baker scandal.He offered her more than money.He also gave her..well lets just say they had sex as Hahn later said.Who cares.Hefner is a total sleazy pathetic old pimp.He can have his money and fame.But he will give an account to God the day he dies on leading millions into sin and his smut breaking up who knows how many marriages.I wouldnt want all his money and riches for anything if it meant spending eternity in hell.I do hope he repents but each passing day and year this is more and more unlikely as his heart his more and more hardened and consience seared.I pity him for his fate

    • brian199511

      Who’s God will he give an account to? Yours?

  • dallenberg1

    And everyone’s shocked that the marriage turned out this way because…….?

  • dallenberg1

    When will we end the stereotypes??!

  • goggles

    Kudos to Hef for doing the right thing – I mean he knows how bad it is
    when women have cheated on him. I wonder, though, do you think that the
    story of Hank cheating is a fabrication? I mean, why else watch their
    show as there is no drama anymore and she has baby #2?

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  • Leegh

    The assumption would be that if a man is married to a beautiful woman (such as Kendra) that they would be less likely to cheat, than if they are married to an average (plain-Jane) woman; but it is my opinion that the average looking women get the best men. It is usually the jerks that approach the beauties, while the decent guys are too intimidated. Very often you hear of men cheating on their beautiful wives, and what I have stated could be an explanation in some of the cheating situations.

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  • Melissa Henderson

    Say what you will about Hef, but he seems very sweet and loyal to his past girlfriends and wives. Most ex-husbands wouldn’t pee on their ex-wife if they were on fire, but Hef is a stand-up guy in that aspect.

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