Hugh Hefner: Everything You NEVER Wanted To Know About Having Sex With Him


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Once upon a time Hugh Hefner, the creative force behind the world-famous Playboy brand was a semi-attractive man.

You could almost understand why women would be happy to pose nude for him and be one of his numerous girlfriends.

However, Hefner is getting closer to 90, and is long past the age where many women would be curious about his sexual proclivities.

But thanks (or no thanks?) to ex-girlfriend and employee Kendra Wilkinson, women everywhere now have a TMI account on what it's like to be sexually intimate with Hugh Hefner.

According to the Daily Mirror, Kendra spilled the details during an episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

She said of sex with Hugh Hefner, "I was usually very drunk doing those evenings [where we were intimate]."

After rocking Hugh's world, she was rather out of it "until the next day".

Apparently, sex with Hugh Hefner requires a lot of alcohol or weed, and Wilkinson isn't ashamed to admit she relied on a lot of both to get her through those nights.

Rather than romantic or passionate, Kendra described sex with Hugh as a "job".

Clock in, clock out," said Wilkinson. "It’s not like I enjoyed having sex with [Hugh]."

According to the Mirror, this former Hefner girlfriend had no idea that sex was even part of the deal when she agreed to come live at his mansion.

She was "just out of high school" and didn't really know much about Playboy.

If there is any sort of silver lining to this unwanted mental image, it's that according to Wilkinson, the actual sex didn't last long.

"At about the minute mark, I pulled away," said Kendra "and [Hugh] was done."

In addition to being a bit too quick between the sheets, Kendra allegedly painted Hugh Hefner as something of a selfish lover. said that Kendra felt as thou Hugh was "never really there" when she needed him, only showing up "in the middle of the night" for sex.

Not that it matters to many men who idolize Hefner. After all, what's the point of being known as a fantastic lover into old age when you can simply be the ancient man in the smoking jacket that no sane woman would want to picture naked?

As Hugh Hefner demonstrates when it comes to attaching yourself to wealthy older men, standards aren't that high.

But your blood alcohol content probably will be before the night is over.