Hugh Hefner Dressed As Robin Thicke For Halloween

    October 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Hugh Hefner may be getting on in years, but that doesn’t mean he’s ill-informed about pop culture. The Playboy founder chose an infamous recent MTV moment to channel into a Halloween costume, and his wife, Crystal Harris, got into the act as well.

Hefner, who rarely gets out of his silk pajamas, chose a black-and-white striped pair and coupled it with a golden microphone to emulate Robin Thicke, while Harris rocked a super short nude dress, mini buns, and a foam finger. The duo made a very interesting Robin and Miley, to say the least.

Other stars chose Miley Cyrus as their Halloween inspiration, as well; Joan Rivers picked a different interpretation, while Paris Hilton went all out with the bodysuit and glittery foam hand.

Cyrus has spoken a few times about the infamous performance, saying she knew it was a little outrageous but didn’t think it would blow up the way it did.

“I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out so many times,” she said. “You’re thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn’t even think about it ’cause that’s just me…How many times have we seen this play out in pop music? Madonna’s done it, Britney’s done it. Every VMA performance… anyone that performs, that’s what you’re looking for. You’re wanting to make history.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • John

    But they are not leaving the house, so who cares? NIce yacht cap, captain! Wooo wooo!

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    Trash = trash.

    • Mark Alpern

      OK kats why do you call a man that oozes class from every pore of his epidermis (OMG did he REALLY just say epidermis???) Treah? Just curious.

  • Albert Clerc

    Through the influence of his hedonistic philosophy he is responsible for more deaths than Hitler, more victims of sexually transmitted disease, more rapes, more cases of sexual abuse than any other one man in the world.

    • Wow? Really?

      People make choices. Do you really think people don’t like sex in this world? Really? Look around you and grow up. People need to be more responsible for their own choices and stop blaming everything on someone else. If you want to be blatantly honest: 1) People love sex 2)Lots of people have sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that is what leads to all the things you listed above. Have you ever been to a high school or college party? Girls literally choose to get drunk and have sex all he time. Half the rape cases in college are completely bogus and are just girls regretting their own poor decisions. Also, if this country had a healthier attitude towards sex and stopped making it so taboo, things would be a lot better and a lot safer. We are in a collective delusion in this country about what is really going on. Everyone is a victim and no one has to be held responsible for their own poor decisions.

  • Mark Alpern

    Heff…. every mans hero! Party on brother!