Hudson Plane Crash & Obama Show Social Media Legitimacy

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I’ve seen at least two stories today that remind us why social media can be a legitimate venue for good information. If you haven’t been able to grasp the concept yet, perhaps this will help.

First of all, Twitter has been exploding with Tweets about a plane crash in the Hudson River, and best I can tell, Twitterers on the scene were first to report on this (photos and all). I checked various big name news sources for info about the plane crash after seeing a Tweet about it, and could not find any info. It’s all there now of course.

Twiiter Hudson Plane Crash

The second example comes from a CNN piece, which discusses President Obama’s "two-way" strategies of staying connected on the web with Americans (not that this is exactly news).

Obama YouTube Channel

"Obama has invented an alternative media model," says CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider. "In the old model, the president talks to the people on television [and] the people talk back in polls. In the new model, communication is online, and two-way."

Some people still don’t get why social media is important to news and real events. These things illustrate it pretty well.

Hudson Plane Crash & Obama Show Social Media Legitimacy
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  • http://tweetip.me tweetip

    1st Tweets Timeline/Chart ~ USAirways commuter plane crash in Hudson River… http://tweetip.us/lkuiu

    • Guest

      I never thought of how twitter could be used in such a way to report on somethin before the major networks even get wind of it.
      Maybe they should think about monitoring the tweets to get the info first hehe.

    • Guest

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kySl-ZHz1AI Jane Jiang

    I just heard the news from BBC world service from original audio that President Obama said “No matter where you are” which is relevant to this subject. in my understanding, I think he wants to talk to more than Americans, but people from all over the world that is one of reasons he stays connected on the web. He will be the most powerful man on this planet to make this world “flat” indeed.

    JJ from CN

    • Chris Crum

      Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have said “Americans” only.

  • http://www.friendfeed.com/ewing2001 ewing2001

    http://krunchd.com/hudsonplane [mega sources]
    [extensive web2.0 response dynamics analysis] etc…

  • http://www.vipdistinct.com Lifestyle Management

    It’s going to be interesting to see how much Social Media and the Web he uses after he takes office.

    • Chris Crum


  • http://www.wholesale-dropship.biz Mr Wholesale Dropship

    I’ve seen at least two stories today that remind us why social media can be a legitimate venue for good information. If you haven’t been able to grasp the concept yet, perhaps this will help.

    • Guest

      Strident use of Usury & Taxation …. builds nations !

      Over-Use Destroys.

      Grasp Thy Sabre, Neighbour.

  • http://job-job-job-job.blogspot.com JOB

    This article realy shows us how important is the social media
    thanks cris , i love your articles i am regular reader for you.
    Keep it up
    i have a list of my websites which i want to shair on social media network

    Can any social media get me great traffic to my website

  • http://www.beautifullme.com Beautifull sexy girl

    This man is great ,
    he is roking person,
    and he is so much tech savy that he knows how to reach millions of americans with single klike
    great Obama

    • Guest

      He is nothing but a common Chicago thug! I don’t understand what kind of idiot would vote him in. Once I saw all your spelling errors, I now understand, the uneducated.

  • http://www.tronline.blogspot.com/ Nedguy

    If you want un-informed commentary and news on an air incident… goto the mainstream media.

    If you want informed assessments, goto the pprune.org forum.


  • Chris 54

    No, I only take Social Media as Entertainment, Not News. Most is nothing more then a giant “party line”. (for those remember the days when you shared a phone line with other people)

  • Chris 54

    Did everyone need to know about the Hudson plane crash right at that exact moment? Does it matter to someone in Florida? Are you any better off, knowing about it? Does it change your life? Or are you just spending time sucking in gigabytes of information that has little or no value, and slowly starts to take up all your time.

    • Guest

      Outstanding comment, Chris!

      To others of you, though…

      It was a plane crash. It was a “cool” crash landing, and it’s great that everyone survived, but it was just a plane crash nonetheless.

      It didn’t change the world. It didn’t require our constant attention. We don’t have to donate money or blood or make any sacrifices because of it. And none of us who weren’t on the scene had any impact whatsoever on the outcome.

      On the other hand, if you were at work and were obsessing about the crash rather than actually being productive, I guess you aren’t worried about being let go because you aren’t as valuable to your company as someone who actually chooses to do their job.

      In this economic climate, however, that might not be the wisest decision you ever made.

  • Guest

    In this day in age the social media and the web is the best way to reach the public. Like it or not, It’s here to stay. Any smart person can see this and use it to their full advantage.

    I use it for free advertising.



  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/melpol Guest

    The miracle on the Hudson is a tribute to secular competence. It is the story of a pilot that had no time to pray for supernatural forces to come to his aid. If he did he would be dead as quickly as others who depended on prayer. But I would recommend prayer if you are not in a rush to save your life.

  • john

    Plane crash YES, Obama NO

  • http://www.tel038.com.tw ??

    I have a list of my websites which i want to shair on social media network

  • http://www.rickhendershot.com RickH

    What exactly do people who “believe in” social media have to prove? That we all should care about their addiction to “sharing”?

    Regarding Obama, the last time I looked he was following about 150,000 tweeters. I’m sure that will result in a very meaningful two way exchange.

  • Reinhold

    The United States was instituted to protect the freedom of ALL Americans, not just those who have given the President an email address or Twitter screen name. Also, “We the people of the United States” have elected a United States President, not a King Of The World or President of The Social-Media Club of Gaia. As President his only role is to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, not to suck up to foreign powers or promote special interests. It’s all right there in that old-fashioned document called “The Constitution“. Try reading it someday. It’s really quite good.

  • http://xerces.com/ dalaixerces

    For a long time, I scoffed at “web 2.0″ sites and the entire social networking thing….but with the advent of Twitter in particular, I believe that inter-site communication and the socialnets have come of age.

    Particularly given what happened with the Hudson River crash, it’s clear that these sites have nothing to prove. The value is clearly there for everyone from the most superficial personal blogger to the most serious professional IMO.


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