Hubble Not In the Budget

    February 7, 2005

Washington proposed a 2.5% increase to NASA’s budget, but this is not enough to keep the Hubble Space Telescope alive.

There isn’t enough money in the budget to send any means of maintenance to extend Hubble’s lifetime.

According to a Reuters article,

“The U.S. space agency’s total budget would rise 2.4 percent over 2005 to about $16.5 billion, but only $93 million would be spent on Hubble, with $75 million of that aimed at bringing the observatory down to Earth safely, NASA’s comptroller said.

While NASA’s budget is only a tiny slice of the overall $2.5 trillion requested for the entire government by the White House for fiscal 2006, it is likely to get close scrutiny in Congress and from the 15 nations that are partners with the United States in the International Space Station.”

“Hubble is a spacecraft that is dying,” said Comptroller Steve Isakowitz. “We have decided that the risks associated with the Hubble servicing at this time don’t merit going forward.”

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