HTC Pulls Out Of Brazil, Terminates Plans For HTC One Line


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I have a HTC phone and I like it well enough. It's a good Android phone and has served me well. It seems that Brazil doesn't have as many fans.

A representative from HTC has confirmed to AndroidPIT that the company is shutting down their operations in Brazil. This isn't one of those strategies where HTC hopes to recoup their losses and try again at a later date. HTC is completely dismantling their Brazilian business and will be moving out of the country for good.

Why such a drastic turn of events for what's looking like a great market for smartphones? According to HTC, their phones just aren't selling in Brazil. They analyzed the sales numbers and found that it wasn't worth their time or money.

Unfortunately, HTC pulling out of the country has apparently killed all plans of releasing the HTC One line of smartphones in the country. That leaves Brazilians unable to purchase the beloved HTC One X that has already garnered plenty of five-star reviews.

It's highly unlikely that this move will have any effect on their international markets as HTC is still a major player in the US Android scene. It is somewhat worrisome for other markets like Brazil though. Will HTC pull out of similar markets like in the Middle East and Southeast Asia? We've reached out to HTC and will update if we hear back.

Fortunately, consumers who already own an HTC phone in Brazil will be able to receive support in the form of replacement and repairs. The company doesn't mention how long that will last though. When a tech company pulls out of a market or discontinues a product, service on said product only lasts for so long. HTC customers in Brazil may just want to switch over to a new phone.

UPDATE: HTC has provided us with the following statement:

After careful analysis of our lines of business, HTC is closing our office in Brazil. We will continue after-sales support for our products so this should not result in a change in service for current customers. This decision does not have an impact on HTC's business outside of Brazil.