HP Yahoos Its PCs

    September 29, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A Yahoo-HP co-branded toolbar will be one of the Yahoo brand features appearing on new notebooks and desktops produced by HP.

Holiday shoppers at the HP computer store will give recipients more than a new PC. Yahoo announced its deal with the number two global PC maker would include the Yahoo experience in the form of its toolbar, start page, and default search setting in Internet Explorer 7.

The Yahoo features appearing on that new hardware will depend on region. Machines sold in North America will carry the toolbar and the search engine default set to Yahoo, while those purchased in Europe would arrive with just the Yahoo start page.

“Partnering with a company like HP, that has been a leader in its industry for many years, puts Yahoo! in an excellent position to be able to distribute our most widely adopted offerings, like Yahoo! Search and the new Yahoo! Mail, to an even broader audience across the globe,” said Dan Rosensweig, chief operating officer, Yahoo!

While the toolbar and start page settings will be part of HP PCs immediately, the Internet Explorer 7 search setting will have to wait until Microsoft makes the new browser generally available.

Yahoo has announced a variety of initiatives ever since the company disclosed it would begin a marketing blitz to remind people of its brand. They probably needed the HP deal, as Google already has a deal in place with global PC leader Dell.

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