HP Unveils New Hybrid Tablet/Notebook


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HP has recently shifted its business to focus more on its enterprise software and security offerings but the company still has its foot firmly planted in the PC hardware business. HP is now neck-and-neck with Lenovo for the title of largest notebook brand.

HP today unveiled two new notebooks, one of which is the type of tablet/notebook hybrid devices that have proved popular with manufacturers over the past year and at this year's CES. With the consumer market for PCs now turning to tablets, HP is aiming its new notebooks toward the business community.

The HP Pro x2 410 is HP's latest 2-in-1 tablet/notebook. The device features an 11.6" screen that can detach and be used as a tablet. Though HP did not state the resolution of this tablet/screen, the company has referred to it as HD. The tablet/screen also sports cameras on both its front and back sides.

The HP 350 G1 is the first in a line of products that HP is calling " budget-friendly" business notebooks. The device is not a hybrid tablet/notebook is being positioned as "affordable" for the small business market. Though low in price, the 350 G1 has the option to add-on features such as a fingerprint scanner or a higher performance Intel processor and AMD graphics processor.

HP is now selling both the Pro x2 410 and the 350 G1 in the U.S. The company estimates that the notebooks will sell for $899 and $399, respectively.